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Bank statements are important for keeping track of your money. They show what goes in and out of your account. This helps you understand your spending and saving. It's useful for budgeting and spotting any mistakes. Before, you had to wait for these statements to come in the mail. Now, it's easier. You can get them online anytime.

This guide will show you how to get bank statements online. It's a great way to stay updated with your finances. We'll walk you through each step. This way, you can easily check your bank activity whenever needed. Let's get started on how to find and download your online bank statement.

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    1. How To Get Bank Statement From SBI Online
    2. How To Get a Bank Statement From Chase Bank
    3. How To Get Monzo Bank Statement
    4. How To Get a Bank Statement From Wells Fargo
    5. How To Get a Bank Statement From Bank of America
    6. How To Get Car Loan Statement From Axis Bank
    7. How To Get Bank Statement From Chime Bank
  1. Part 4. How To Organize Received Bank Statements Using PDFelement
  2. Conclusion

Part 1. How To Get Your Current Bank Statement Online

Getting your current bank statement online is simple. It's all about logging into your bank account on the internet. Once you're in, you can see your recent banking activities. This guide will show you each step to do this easily and quickly. Let's begin.

General Process of Online Bank Statement Requests

Online bank statements are very handy. They let you see your bank details without waiting for mail. This is good for many reasons. First, it's fast. You can see your statement right away. No need to wait for it to come in the post. Second, it's good for the environment. Less paper is used, which helps our planet.

Another big reason is keeping track of money. Online statements help you see what you spend and what you save. This is great for planning your budget. It also helps to catch any mistakes. You can spot something fast and talk to your bank if something looks wrong.

Also, online statements are good for safety. Paper statements can get lost or taken. But online ones are locked in your bank's secure website. You just need your password to see them.

Lastly, if you need your statement for something important, like a loan, it's easy to get it online. You can download it and print it if you need a paper copy.

So, online bank statements are about speed, saving trees, tracking money, being safe, and getting what you need fast.

Specific Instructions for Major Banks

Getting your bank statement online can differ a bit from bank to bank. Here, we'll review how to do it for some major banks. This will help you no matter where you bank.

1. How To Get Bank Statement From SBI Online

sbi online

For SBI, first log in to your SBI net banking account. Then, click on 'Account Statements.' You can choose the period for the statement. After that, click on 'View'. Your statement will appear. You can download it, too.

2. How To Get a Bank Statement From Chase Bank

chase bank

With Chase, log into your Chase account online. Go to ‘Main Menu,’ then ‘Statements & Documents.’ Choose your account and the statement period. You can view, download, or print your statement.

3. How To Get Monzo Bank Statement


In Monzo, open your app. Tap on ‘Account’ under your Monzo card. Then, tap ‘Statement history.’ Pick the one you need. You can get it by email or download it directly.

4. How To Get a Bank Statement From Wells Fargo

wells fargo

For Wells Fargo, sign into your online banking. Click on ‘Accounts’. Then, ‘Statements & Documents’. Select the account and date for the statement. Your statement will be ready to view or download.

5. How To Get a Bank Statement From Bank of America

bank of america

At Bank of America, log in online. Go to ‘Accounts’ and then ‘Statements & Documents.’ Choose your account and the statement you need. You can view and save your statement here.

6. How To Get Car Loan Statement From Axis Bank

axis bank

Log in to your Axis Bank internet banking for Axis Bank car loan statements. Go to ‘Loans’. Select your car loan account. Then, click on ‘Statement’. You can see and download your loan statement.

7. How To Get Bank Statement From Chime Bank

chime bank

With Chime, log into your Chime account online or on the app. Go to ‘Statements’. Choose the monthly statement you want. You can download it for your records.

Each bank has its steps, but they're all about logging in, choosing your account, and finding your statement. It's simple: once you do it a few times. This guide will help you start.

Part 2. How To Get Old Bank Statements

Sometimes, you might need old bank statements for taxes or to check past payments. You might need them for a loan application, too. Here's how to get statements from up to 10 years ago.

First, log into your online bank account. Look for a section like 'Statements,' 'Documents,' or 'History.' Here, you can often find old statements. Select the year and month you need. Then, you can view or download the statement.

If you can't find old statements online, call your bank. Ask them how to get older statements. They might ask you to fill out a form. Or, they might do it over the phone.

Remember, some banks charge fees for old statements. Especially if they're really old or if you want them mailed. It's good to ask about this first. Also, it might take a few days to get these statements. So, plan if you need them for something important.

Getting old statements is usually easy. Just log in, search, and download. If you need help, your bank can guide you.

Part 3. Accessing Bank Statements From Closed Accounts

Getting statements from a closed account needs a bit more work. Here's what to do.

First, know that online access might not work. For closed accounts, you often need to talk to the bank directly. Start by calling your bank's customer service. Tell them you need statements from a closed account. They'll guide you on what to do next.

The bank might ask for some details. Like your account number and the dates for the statements you need. Be ready with this info. They may also ask why you need these statements. This is just to help them find the right ones.

Banks might sometimes have rules about how far back you can get statements. They might also charge a fee, especially for older statements or if you want them mailed.

Remember, it can take time to get these statements. Sometimes a few days, or even longer. So, if you need them by a certain date, ask early.

If you're not getting help, try going to your bank's branch. Talking to someone in person can sometimes make things easier. They can help you fill out forms and tell you what to expect.

Part 4. How To Organize Received Bank Statements Using PDFelement


PDFelement is a tool for managing PDF files. It's great for organizing bank statements. Here's how it can help:

  • Editing and Combining PDFs: Change or add to your PDF bank statements.
  • Converting Formats: Turn your statements into other file types, like Excel or Word.
  • Annotating Documents: Add notes or highlight important parts of your statement.
  • Organizing Pages: Rearrange or delete pages in your PDF statements.

Using PDFelement is simple. First, open your bank statement in PDFelement. If you have many statements, you can combine them into one file. This makes it easier to find what you need.

You can also change the format of your statements. Maybe you want them in Excel to work on your budget. PDFelement can convert them for you.

If you need to mark something important, use the annotation feature. You can highlight or write notes on your statement.

Lastly, organizing pages is handy. Say you only want certain months in one file. With PDFelement, you can pick just those pages and save them together.

So, PDFelement is a powerful tool. It makes dealing with your bank statements easy and organized. Whether combining, editing, or converting, it's got you covered.

Organizing Bank Statements Using PDFelement

PDFelement is a tool for managing PDF files. It's great for organizing bank statements. Here's how it can help:

1. Combining Multiple Bank Statements

Combining bank statements into one file can save time and help you stay organized. Here's how to do it with PDFelement:

Step 1.Open PDFelement on your computer.

Step 2.Click the "Combine" button on the Home window.

pdfelement combine

Step 3.Drag and drop your PDF bank statements into the pop-up window. You can also add files in different formats, like Word or Excel.

add pdf documents

Step 4. In the combine window, choose the pages you want to merge. For example, type '1-3' in the Page Range to combine the first three pages of one document with another.

arrange pdf pages

Step 5.Click 'Preview' to see how the combined file looks.

preview combined pdfs

Step 6. If you're happy with the preview, click 'Apply'. This combines your files into one PDF.

Remember, PDFelement doesn't just combine PDFs. It can also merge different types of files into a single PDF. This makes managing your financial documents easier and more efficient.

2. Compressing Files for Easy Storage

Compressing your PDF bank statements makes them take up less space. Here's how to do it with PDFelement:

Step 1.Open PDFelement on your computer.

Step 2. On the homepage, you'll find two options to compress PDFs. Choose the 'Compress PDF' button or use the compression tool under the 'Tool' section.

pdfelement compress feature

Step 3. After selecting your PDF, choose the level of compression. You can decide how much you want to reduce the file size.

compression level

Step 4. Once you've compressed the file, check its new size. PDFelement shows you how much the size is reduced.

Step 5. Use the preview feature to see the quality of the compressed PDF. If you're unhappy with the quality, you can always revert to the original size.

pdfelement compress preview

PDFelement not only compresses PDFs but also offers editing and converting tools. You can add text and graphics and secure your documents. It's a complete tool for managing your PDFs, making storing and sharing your bank statements easier.

3. Printing Bank Statements

Printing your bank statements is simple with PDFelement. Here's a quick guide:

Step 1. Open your bank statement in PDFelement.

Step 2. Check the statement on your screen. Make sure it's the right one you want to print.

Step 3. Go to the 'File' menu at the top of the page. Click on it.

pdfelement print option

Step 4. In the menu, find and click on 'Print'. This opens the print settings.

Step 5. Choose your printer from the list. Make sure your printer is connected and ready.

Step 6. Set up your print options. Choose things like how many copies you want or if you need double-sided printing.

Step 7. Once you're ready, click the 'Print' button. Your bank statement will start printing.

print pdf option

That's it! Printing with PDFelement is easy. You can quickly get a paper copy of your statement whenever needed.


Managing your bank statements is straightforward with the right tools. From accessing current and old statements to organizing and printing them, tools like PDFelement simplify the process. Whether combining, compressing, or printing, these steps ensure your financial documents are well-organized and easily accessible, helping you maintain better control and clarity over your finances.

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