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MB to KB Converter for PDF: How to Reduce PDF File Size

How can I convert 1MB PDF to 100KB? How to convert several MB PDF files to 200KB, 500KB? For many people, dealing with a PDF's hefty size is the file format's most annoying aspect. The only thing more frustrating than an email that won't send because of a massive PDF attachment is a massively sized PDF downloaded from the internet.

To what extent can a PDF be reduced in size? Many say that converting PDF MBs to KBs shrinks your file massively. While this varies widely from PDF to PDF and the content included within, you should pay special attention to a few basic PDF generation choices. A few tweaks here and there will go a long way toward reducing the size of your file by megabytes. To make the process easier, you should use an MB to KB converter for PDF

convert PDF mb to kb

Comparison of The Best PDF MB To KB Converter

Supported OS
Conversion Rate
File Size
Adobe Acrobat Windows, Mac Takes 4-5 seconds 90% 100MB
PDFelement Windows, Mac, Linux Takes 2-3 seconds 95% 500MB
HiPDF Web-Based Online tool Takes 3-4 seconds 90% 20MB
PDF Expert Web-Based Online tool Takes around 10 seconds 80% 25MB
iLovePDF Web-Based Online tool Takes around 7-9 seconds 85% 15MB
BigPDF Web-Based Online tool Depends on the PDF file size 75% 20MB
UPDF Windows, Mac Takes 5-6 seconds 85% 100MB

Best MB To KB PDF Converter Without Losing Quality

Converting file sizes is common with digital media such as images and videos. One common conversion is from megabytes to kilobytes.

However, it is important to note that while the file size can decrease, the image or video quality should not be affected. In this section, we will discuss converting MB to KB without losing quality using some of the best tools on the market for this purpose.

Wondershare PDFelement - PDF MB To KB Converter for Large Files

Supported OS: Windows, Mac, Linux

Maximum file size: 500MB

PDFelement is software that allows users to generate, edit, and compress PDF files. It does contain a function that enables users to compress PDF files, which can lower the file size from megabytes (MB) to kilobytes (KB) without sacrificing the quality of the original document.

The precise technique for compression and the available settings may change depending on the version of PDFelement you are using. In general, it should be able to compress the file size with only a minor loss in quality.

Here are the steps to compress your PDFs from mb to kb:

Step 1 Launch PDFelement on your computer after the installation is complete. If you want to upload your file, click "Open PDF" from the bottom left menu.

Note: There are two ways to compress PDFs using PDFelement.

Step 2 In the first method, you can choose the option "Compress" from the homepage, open the PDF file, and compress it.

pdf mb to kb converter

Step 3 Another approach is to compress the PDF using the option accessible in the tool section. Go to the Tools tab, click Compress, and choose the desired quality. Click Apply to finish the process.

pdf mb to kb convert

Step 4 You can Preview how much the program has decreased the size of your PDF document after compressing it.

Note: You may examine the compressed PDF document at the compression quality rate you specified using the PDFelement preview tool. If you do not like the quality, you can reverse it to the original form.


Multiple compression features are available

Lossless quality of compression

OCR feature to help you


No limitations while compressing PDFs

Best For: PDFelement is the one-and-only option since it contains every PDF editor imaginable in one convenient package. PDFelement allows you to export PDFs as Excel spreadsheets, PNG images, Publisher papers, Visio diagrams, GIF animations, and a wide variety of other file types.

Adobe Acrobat - MB To KB Converter for PDF Quality

Supported OS: Windows, Mac

Maximum file size: 100MB

PDF Optimizer is a tool that can be found inside the Adobe Acrobat program, which can be installed on your computer if you already have Adobe Acrobat. This is one of the most effective and straightforward methods for reducing the size of a PDF file. There can be instances when you desire greater control over which aspects of your document are degraded in quality or eliminated.

Under these conditions, the PDF optimizer tool is the best option for you to choose. It is a good idea to audit a file's space utilization before attempting to optimize it. This will allow you to determine which components, such as fonts, photos, and so on, are using the most data.

Here's the method to use this mb to kb converter:

Step 1: Open the Optimize PDF tool to minimize the size of your PDF file. This tab is available in the Tools menu.

Step 2 Click the Tools tab in the upper left corner, scroll down until you find the Optimize PDF tool, and choose Open from the drop-down menu.

Step 3 Select the Local Magazine Spring.pdf example file you downloaded or another PDF document you wish to compress in the Open dialog box and click Open.

Step 4 Select Reduce File Size from the top menu.

pdf compressor mb to kb

Step 5 Choose file version compatibility from the drop-down menu choices in the Reduce File Size dialog box that appears. Keep the default value of Retain existing for the example file. Then press the OK button.

Note: Keep the same file name in the Save As dialog box to replace the original PDF with the optimized PDF, or choose a different name or location for your compressed file.


Variety of options to compress files

Doesn't take too long to compress

Intuitive interface


A bit of a complex process

Best For: Adobe Acrobat is ideal for those looking to use the software for professional usage and not just for small tasks.

UPDF - Lightweight MB to KB PDF Converter

Supported OS: Windows, Mac

Maximum file size: 100MB

UPDF allows you to compress PDF files to various other formats on Windows. If you utilize UPDF, compressing PDF files to other formats, such as Word, Excel, or CVS, is very straightforward. Check to ensure that the most recent version of UPDF has been downloaded and installed on your Windows computer.

How to compress PDFs using the mb to kb converter:

Step 1 Launch UPDF and open the PDF file you want to edit.

Step 2 Then click the "Save as Other" button on the right and choose the "Reduce File Size" option from the drop-down menu that appears.

reduce the file size mb to kb

Note: There are now four choices available, and if you want to lower the size of your PDF file, you may choose one.

Step 3 Click the "Save As" option to save it.

Tip: In addition to this option, you may choose to reduce the size of PDF pages by cropping them or use UPDF to compress the pictures included inside PDF files.

compress mb to kb pdf

Easy to use

Number of compression options

Clean UI


Takes a bit longer to process

Best For UPDF is a sophisticated PDF program that allows you to browse, annotate, and organize PDF files. It also has a great user interface and humorous design elements.

PDF Expert - MB to KB PDF Converter for Mac

Supported OS: Mac and iOS

Maximum file size: 25MB

PDF Expert is a software for editing and managing PDF files that are widely used on Mac and iOS devices. The steps required to compress a PDF file from MB to KB using PDF Expert can vary based on the version you are working with, but the following is a rough outline of those stages:

Step 1 Launch PDF Expert and choose "File" from the menu that appears.

Step 2 Choose Reduce File Size.

Step 3 Select the appropriate compression quality for the compressed file. PDF Expert even displays the file's estimated reduced size.

Step 4 To reduce the size of your PDF, click Save. You may also save it as a new file and distribute the compressed copy right away.

pdf resize mb to kb

Note: It is important to keep in mind that compressing a PDF file an excessive amount might result in a loss of quality. Because of this, it is advised that you try several compression levels to determine which one works best for your requirements.


Easy to work with

Allows for decent file compression

A decent number of formats to compress to


Only available on Mac and IOS

Best For: Compressing your PDF files and allowing you to edit and modify editable PDF work papers like a true professional.

Best MB To KB PDF Converter Online Free

To convert MB PDF to 100kb, 50kb or smaller, you can also use online PDF MB To KB converter. They are free to use and more accessiable.

iLovePDF - MB to KB Converter Online for PDF

Supported OS: Web-Based

Maximum file size: 15MB

The results of compressing files using any of iLovePDF's PDF MB to KB Converter are guaranteed to be of the highest possible quality. Therefore, it boils down to a matter of personal taste as to whether you compress your PDF files online or on your local computer.

People in offices like the online web tool since they can be accessed quickly and with little effort. On the other hand, iLovePDF Desktop is the way to go if you would rather avoid submitting files to the internet and instead work on your documents locally on your Mac or Windows computer.

Step 1 Launch the iLovePDF tool and click on the Compress PDF tab.

Step 2 Choose to upload the files that you wish to compress or drag and drop them from your device, Google Drive account, or Dropbox folder into the box.

Step 3 Pick one of the three different levels of compression—Extreme, Recommended, or Less.

compress pdf mb to kb

Step 4 Click the button labeled "Compress PDF."

Note: You have the option of downloading your improved PDF or saving it back to the cloud.


Easy to use

Handles decent sized PDFs

Speedy process


Limited file size for uploading

Best For: Every person who works with a significant number of files regularly should be required to have a dependable tool that can compress PDF files to documents compatible with Office.

BigPDF - PDF MB to KB Converter Online

Supported OS: Web-Based Online tool

Maximum file size: 20MB

Online PDF compression is now simplified with the help of this handy tool. You can use this program to minimize the size of selected PDF files. This program lets you quickly compress a PDF and provide a download link.

This program makes it simple to minimize the size of PDF files. You can reduce the size of a PDF to anything you'd like with the help of this program. It would help to choose a PDF whose size you want to shrink. Selecting PDFs on this tool will cause the program to automatically reduce the file size of those PDFs before displaying a download option.

Step 1 Visit BigPDF Compression tool from your browser.

Step 2 Click on SELECT PDF to import the desired file.

mb to kb converter pdf

Step 3 PDF can be compressed online using a simple slider.

Step 4 Finally, after using the compress PDF tool, you can download the resulting compressed PDF by clicking on DOWNLOAD ZIP option.

convert mb to kb pdf

Many tools on offer

Decent for basic compressions

Easy to use


Limited compression capabilities

Best For: for those looking to compress a medium-sized PDF into a Word document to reduce the file size.

HiPDF - Fast PDF Compressor from MB to KB

Supported OS: Web-based tool

Maximum file size: 20MB

HiPDF is a PDF MB to KB compressor and a comprehensive PDF management and editing application that can be accessed online quickly. You can also use HiPDF to compress PDF files from MB to KB and compress Word and Excel documents to PDF format.

PDF compression tools, compression from PDF to pictures and vice versa, and PDF splitting, editing, and merging capabilities are all included in the PDF to Doc online application. You can also use HiPDF to compress documents from PDF to PPT or vice versa, lock and unlock PDF files, and trim PDF files without difficulty, all without leaving the comfort of your home.

Follow the steps below to compress PDF from mb to kb:

Step 1 Go to HiPDF.com and look for the option to Choose File from the interface.

convert mb to kb pdf

Step 2 After the document has been uploaded, you must choose the desired quality and click the "Compress" button.

Step 3 After completing the compression, you can easily save the document on your computer by inputting the verification code number.


Web-based tool

No need to download it

Easy steps to compress the file


Sometimes PDF uploading becomes a problem

Best For: for those looking to quickly compress their PDFs into Word files and save large storage on their devices.

People Also Ask

1. Why is My PDF so Large?

The embedding and subsetting of one or more typefaces inside a PDF file might make it far larger than necessary. Adding even a single typeface to a PDF document can occasionally result in a much larger file size. Second, visuals are another potential source of the problem.

2. What are the benefits of having smaller PDFs?

A smaller file size can even enhance the speed of the document and minimize the burden it places on your device in some circumstances, such as when readers are reading a PDF in a web browser.

3. How to make sure your PDFs are the right size?

Check the file size before and after making any changes or converting it. A PDF compressing tool is available for your use. You can eliminate aspects that aren't essential if you optimize the photos and visuals.


When dealing with digital material like pictures and movies, one of the most typical tasks is converting the size of the files, notably from gigabytes (MB) to kilobytes (KB). During the conversion process, checking and double-checking that neither the picture nor the video loses any of its original pristine quality is essential.

Utilizing a PDF compression tool, optimizing photos and graphics, deleting extraneous parts, and performing quality assurance checks on the file before sharing or publishing are some of the many methods available to achieve this goal. PDFelement, HiPDF, and other programs of a similar kind can compress PDF files while preserving their original level of quality.