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10 Best Quillbot Alternatives You Need To Know

Quillbot is one of the best online paraphrasing tools used by myriads of people across the globe. It lets you paraphrase your documents online using different modes for better productivity. However, Quillbot is not without flaws. There are many circumstances in which the nature of work demands a tool that gives efficiency within your budget.

This is where the Quillbot alternative comes into play. Finding the best alternative to Quillbot is not an easy task. With the internet furnished with many Quillbot-like websites, it is easy to get confused, especially if you are a newbie. Fortunately, this article takes you through a complete guide on the best Quillbot alternatives you need to know.

There are many Quillbot alternatives, yet getting the suitable ones can be hectic. Fortunately, we have made your work easier with our top pick Quillbot alternatives.

HiPDF Chat With PDF

quillbot alternative online

HiPDF easily becomes one of the finest online Quillbot alternatives. Thanks to the amazing collection of features and AI prowess that makes it ideal for research, business, and education. HiPDF transforms how you interact and talk to your reports, papers, and textbooks using the Chat with PDF tool.

The chat with PDF feature powered by ChatGTP revolutionizes PDF automation and analysis. This tool gives an effortless and efficient platform to analyze and extract key information from documents.

HiPDF is extremely fast and accurate. When you upload your PDF file, it is analyzed quickly, and key information is extracted effortlessly. You can then chat with the PDF in the subsequent chatbox to receive desired answers, check grammar, or rewrite texts according to your preferences.

G2 Ratings: 5 out of 5 stars from 24 reviews

Pricing: It offers a free version; It offers a premium version that goes for $3.33 per month.


It allows users to upload PDFs from local computers and cloud storage directly.

It summarizes long paragraphs and extracts key information with speed.

Users can chat directly with their analyzed document. Hence they can rewrite and check grammar.

It is easy to use.


The free version is only limited to 50 chats per month.


quillbot alternative for windows

Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is undoubtedly the best offline Quillbot alternative used by millions of people worldwide. If you are looking for the finest offline AI-powered document summarizer, then PDFelement is the best choice. This tool is designed to seamlessly transform how you interact with your PDF files conversationally, irrespective of type and size.

This is possible with PDFelement’s AI assistant called Lumi AI Robot. This AI feature powered by ChatGTP effortlessly and efficiently analyzes PDF content, comprehends it, and summarizes it into key points. The beauty of this tool is that you don’t need to open a separate tab. You summarize the file directly or paste the target content and trigger the summary.

Lumi AI Robot goes beyond just content summary. You can perform other functions like rewriting, proofreading, explaining, chatting with PDF, and detecting AI content. Having all these features on a single platform is super amazing.

Irrespective of the size and complexity of the PDF file, PDFelement will seamlessly process your file. When the output is ready, you can copy or replace the original. Furthermore, you can leverage other standard PDF features of PDFelement to fine-tune your document and impress your clients with ease.

G2 Ratings: 4.5 out of 5 stars from 539 reviews.

Pricing: It has a free trial version; The premium version goes for $79.9 per annum.


It is super-fast.

It is easy to use.

It offers more functions, including summarizing, proofreading, explaining, rewriting, and chatting with PDF.

It offers a free trial version and an affordable premium version.

It can handle image-based documents. Thanks to the OCR feature.


The free trial version can only try 5,000 tokens for the Lumi PDF AI robot feature.

Paraphrasing Tool

websites like quillbot

As the name suggests, Paraphrasing Tool is a powerful online Quillibot alternative tool for paraphrasing content. It is an AI-powered paraphrasing tool that supports audio, online text, and image paraphrasing. This tool is available across many platforms, including Mozilla, Chrome extension, and Microsoft Edge.

With this tool, you make your text clearer and more straightforward, rephrase quotes and assertions, enhance content clarity, and prevent plagiarism in writing. It supports up to eight different paraphrasing modes and gives a good platform.

G2 Ratings: Not yet rated.

Pricing: Other features are free. However, the premium features are available at $5 per month.


It offers up to eight different paraphrasing modes.

It supports speech, text, and image paraphrasing.

Users can integrate with their favourite browsers.


It is majorly a paraphrasing tool. It doesn’t offer other document analysis functions.

Some of the paraphrasing modes are only available in the pricey premium version.


alternative to quillbot

Paraphrasing.io is a free yet useful online paraphraser tool used by droves of users. This tool is designed to simplify your writing process by adjusting its structure and making the content unique and error-free.

First, you select the desired language, then paste or upload the content you want to paraphrase. There are several paraphrasing modes available on the platform. Choose a mode that meets your needs, then run the tool to paraphrase your content.

G2 Ratings: Not yet rated.

Pricing: The ad-free premium version goes for $3.90 per month; It also has a free limited version.


It offers several paraphrasing modes that improve the quality of the output.

It is easy to use. Thanks to the no-brainer and straightforward interface.

It is free.

It supports several languages. You simply choose the desired language.


It is limited to paraphrasing.

Better features are available with the premium version.

It cannot handle image-based documents.


quillbot alternative free

Jasper.AI is one of the best Quillbot alternatives you ought to know. This ai-powered platform helps users to streamline their workflows and build AI-powered businesses seamlessly. Jasper leverages AI to write content that meets your brand needs 10x faster. You can use it to write amazing blogs, captions, love letters, art, images, sales emails, SEO, Facebook ads, and web content.

G2 Ratings: 4.5 out of 5 stars from 1,204 reviews.

Pricing: It has a free demo version; The premium starter package goes for $40 per month.


It is fast.

It allows users to write all types of content to meet their needs easily.

It provides a free demo version.

It offers over 50 templates.

It supports over 25 different languages.


It focuses on writing content. Other document analysis features are not incorporated.

The premium version is expensive and not suitable for individual use.


alternative for quillbot

Grammarly is not new to millions of people across the globe because it has been their first resort paraphrasing and grammar checker tool. This tool leverages generative AI to seamlessly paraphrase essays, emails, articles and other documents.

Grammarly paraphrases even the most complex sentences with a single click. Users can customize the length and formality of paraphrases to make the points more eloquent. While it can effortlessly create paraphrases, Grammarly can let you polish your ideas, remove plagiarisms, and quickly move through citations. This gives you time to focus on important ideas and better communication.

G2 Ratings: 4.5 out of 5 stars from 1,240 reviews.

Pricing: It has a free version; The premium package goes for $25 per month per seat.


It is fast.

It offers more than paraphrasing. Users can check grammar, and plagiarism, and generate citations.

It is easy to use.

Users can add browser extensions or app extensions for convenience.


The free version lacks advanced features for efficiency.

The premium version is expensive.


free quillbot alternative

Scribbr is a free paraphrasing tool that allows users to rephrase their sentences and paragraphs instantly. It uses AI to paraphrase content, and users don’t have to sign in. With this tool, you can check grammar and rephrase individual sentences to create unique captions.

Users can upload a document or paste the target content for paraphrasing. You can rephrase longer passages of up to 125 words per input. This tool is a perfect paraphrasing assistant under various circumstances, including brainstorming, professional communication, academic writing, and social media.

G2 Ratings: 4 out of 5 stars from 24 reviews.

Pricing: It is free.


It offers standard and fluency modes.

Users don’t have to sign in to use the tool.

It allows users to choose from a variety of styles.

Users can decide the number of synonyms to use.


It lacks several advanced document analysis features. It is majorly a proofreading and citation tool.

It doesn’t have the auto-citation generation feature.

It does not support bulk document checking.


sites similar to quillbot

Editpad is another great Quillbot alternative worth giving a try. This paraphrasing tool transforms how you rephrase sentences, essays, articles, and paragraphs. It gives you plagiarism-free content and lets you alter the article structure without changing the context.

G2 Ratings: 3 out of 5 stars from 5 reviews.

Pricing: It offers a free version; It has several premium packages, from the cheapest at $9 per week to $199 per year.


It supports over 17 different languages.

It offers a free useful version.

It provides up to four different AI paraphrasing modes.

It has an easy to use interface.


The free version is limited, while the premium versions are pricey.

It cannot handle image-based documents.

There is no support for batch paraphrasing.

Ref N Write

websites similar to quillbot

Ref N Write is a powerful Quillbot alternative specially designed for academic writing. Besides rephrasing, this tool can work as a grammar checker and correction tool. This tool is easy to use. You just paste the target text in the text box, then run the paraphrase command.

G2 Ratings: Not available.

Pricing: Free.


It does more than paraphrase. Users can reword, rewrite, cite, and check for plagiarism.

It is easy to use.

Users can define their word choices.


It doesn’t have many features.


quillbot free alternative

WordAI is a good Quillbot alternative that easily improves writing quality. This tool can provide over 1000 rewrites of an original document, giving you multiple variations. Its ability to humanize content allows it to circumvent AI detectors with ease.

G2 Ratings: 4 out of 5 stars from 17 reviews.

Pricing: It provides a three-day free trial version; The premium version goes for $57 per month.


It supports bulk rewrite

Users can add article rewriting via API to any workflow.

It supports HTML content. Users can view and edit rewrites in HTML.

It is easy to use.


The free version is only available for three days.

The premium version is expensive.


As you have seen above, you can pick from plenty of top-notch Quillbot alternatives. However, it is worth noting that not all these tools have the same prowess. Some tools are better than others and are suitable under different circumstances. Therefore, choose a tool that best meets your needs.

While this is true, it is also evident that others are simply all-in-one and suit every circumstance and document. PDFelement is one of them, and you cannot underestimate its capabilities. If you need to work offline, then PDFelement is a suitable Quillibot alternative. Download Wondershare PDFelement and take your document analysis to another level.

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