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Most of the marketing agencies take advantage of brochures to educate the target audience about the use case of newly launched products. Using this marketing tool, business owners can increase brand awareness to improve lead generation and, ultimately, sales. Many offline and offline AI brochure generators are available to help businesses deliver product information to the audience.

With the help of these tools, you can create AI brochures with information about the brand and its products. Throughout this article, we will discuss different AI brochure creators to help young entrepreneurs make free marketing material for their products.

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    1. Wondershare PDFelement
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  1. Why Choose an AI Brochure Maker?

Part 1. Top 5 AI Brochure Makers

As mentioned, brochures act as a perfect marketing medium to help businesses connect with their target audience for brand awareness. Using multiple brochure AI generators, you can create visual content to deliver information related to your products or services. Let's discuss different AI brochure-making tools and their workings to help you choose the best one for your marketing needs.

1. Wondershare PDFelement

Free Plan: 14-day Trial

Wondershare PDFelement provides a perfect offline option for users to create marketing brochures with the help of all the available templates. Upon accessing its “Template Mall” window, you can download your desired template and edit it directly on this AI brochure maker. After accessing the downloaded template in the editing window, you can generate marketing content in the AI sidebar.

pdfelement brochure ai maker templates

Once the content is generated, users get the chance to enter this marketing text in the template using the “Edit” feature. While working with this feature, you can also replace or add new images to the template to improve the visuals further.

Businesses can also translate the brochure content into multiple languages to make the AI brochure understandable for a global audience. In addition, this AI-powered brochure-making tool allows you to print the newly created brochures directly with its extensive features. The following steps will help you understand how to make use of all these features to create brochures in PDFelement:

Step1Access the Template Mall in PDFelement

Once you have downloaded PDFelement AI brochure creator, launch it on your device to start the brochure-generating process. Now, hit the “Plus” icon beside the “Open File” button to access the file creation drop-down menu. From here, press the “PDF Template” option to enter the “Template Mall” window to select the best one to create a brochure. 

access the pdf template mall
Step2Download the Brochure Template for Brochure Creation

On this new window, switch to the “Business” tab to reveal several templates for product promotion. Now, hover over your desired template and click the “Preview and Download” button to access a new window. Moving forward, hit the “Edit Now” button to open this template in PDFelement.

select brochure template for editing
Step3Generate Marketing Content to Use in Brochure

After opening the template with this brochure maker AI tool, click on the “AI” icon on the right toolbar to reveal the AI sidebar window. Now, switch to the “Chat with AI” tab and write a prompt in the text box to generate content for the brochure. In addition, you can prompt the translation of marketing content into different languages for a global reach.

generate marketing content for brochure
Step4Perform OCR and Add Marketing Content to the Template

Upon generating marketing content, press the “Perform OCR” button on the banner at the top of your screen to make the template editable. Now, click on the “Edit” tab and choose the “Add Text” feature to insert marketing content. Following that, hit anywhere on the screen and simply copy-paste the content into the newly added text box.

add the generated text
Step5Add Images in the Template

After adding text with the PDFelement AI pamphlet generator, press the “Add Image” button to insert images into the PDF template. Now, drag and drop the image at your desired location to improve the visuals of your brochure. Afterward, crop or rotate the image as needed to fit the image on the template.

insert image to the brochure template
Step6Print the AI-Generated Brochure with PDFelement

Once you are done making all the changes to the brochure, tap the “Print” icon to access a new screen with the printing settings. Here, choose the desired printer from the “Printer” drop-down menu and select your desired page size from the “Print Settings.”. Moving forward, optimize the “Size” settings under the “Print Mode” before hitting the “Print” button.

print ai brochure with pdfelement

2. Storydoc

Free Plan: 14-day Trial

Using Storydoc innovative AI brochure creator, you can create engaging digital marketing content that will help you fascinate customers. You simply need to enter the details of your brand and leave the rest to the AI to perform its magic. Once the tool creates an AI brochure from your chosen template, you can take it to a built-in editor to apply the desired layout and contextual changes.

storydoc brochure ai creator

Storydoc also offers AI assistance to its users to guide them through the editing process and help them create a perfect marketing brochure. Let's analyze the steps you need to follow to generate free brochures to aid in your marketing efforts.


Upon accessing the AI brochure maker tool page on Storydoc, hit the “Make My Brochure” button to reach the creation page. On this new screen, hit the “Show More” drop-down icon and choose the “Brochure” option. Moving forward, again, click on the “Brochure” option to proceed to the next step.

enter the brochure creation page

Now, follow the on-screen instructions to fill in information about your brand and industry. Once all the information is selected, choose the required design from all the available templates to make your brochure visually pleasing. Finally, you can access the created design within the editor to apply the required changes to the brochure.

finalize the brochure creation settings

3. Visme

Free Plan: Available (Basic Features)

With the help of this free brochure maker AI, users can choose from visually stunning templates to present their products in front of the target audience. You also get the option to start creating your brochure from scratch with its simple drag-and-drop feature. Most importantly, you can start a conversation with Visme AI Designer Chatbot to command it to create innovative brochures.

visme ai brochure creator

After creating a brochure using AI capabilities, you can take the generated output to an advanced editor to optimize the final look further. We recommend you follow these simple instructions to create a stunning brochure with the free Visme plan.


Upon logging into Visme's official website, you will reach its dashboard, which contains several options for AI visual creation. From here, click on the “Printables” tab and pick the “Trifold Brochure” option to reveal a list of templates. Afterward, press the “Generate with AI Designer” button to make an engaging brochure with the power of AI.

acces generate with ai designer feature

Once you reach a new Visme AI Designer screen, write your prompt in the text box to tell AI about your design. You can proceed to have a detailed conversation with AI to get the design you want. Finally, preview the template design you like and press the “Use this Style” button to let AI create a brochure for you.

Afterward, users can click the “Edit this Design” button to optimize the marketing information and design according to their brand image.

chat with ai to create design

4. Easy-Peasy.AI

Free Plan: Available (Only 3,000 words & 5 AI images per month)

Businesses looking to create innovative product brochure content for their potential customers can utilize this efficient tool. Using its advanced AI-powered models, users just have to enter their product details to let AI generate engaging marketing content for them. Moreover, Easy-Peasy.AIAI brochure generator has the ability to create marketing content in over 40 languages for global reach.

easy-peasy ai brochure creator

Other than that, marketers get the chance to set the tone of the brochure content to determine how they want to engage with the target audience. You can follow the steps explained below to create an AI brochure using this tool without any problem.


Start the process by accessing the “Product Brochure” tool page on the Easy-Peasy.AI official website. Now, press the “Get Started for Free” button and log into this website to access the tool. Once you reach the brochure creation page, type the name of your product and its details in the “Product Name” and “Product Details,” respectively.

write details about your product

Moving forward, write about the tone you want to maintain in the product brochure. Next, access the “Language” drop-down menu to select the language in which you want your marketing content. Finally, choose the number of outputs and hit the “Generate” button to get an AI-generated brochure to market your product.

choose tone and language for brochure

5. Narrato

Free Plan: 7-day Trial

Narrato lets you transform your marketing ideas into perfectly-created brochure content with the power of AI. Using this AI brochure maker, users get to create up to 10 pages of brochure content within a few seconds. After getting the main first copy of the content for your marketing brochures, you can freely edit or enhance the content with the help of its AI writer.

narrato ai brochure maker

Moreover, this free brochure maker AI allows you to set the mood and vibe of the brochure to match your brand image and marketed product. If you also want to create brochure content using this AI tool, simply follow the steps explained below.


Upon logging into the Narrato official website, you can access its workspace to start creating AI brochures for your product. Now, tap the “AI Content Assistance” tab and scroll down to click on the “Brochure” option to access a new window.

enter ai brochure making window

On the new “Brochure” window, type the number of pages you want for your brochure. Then, fill out the “Purpose” and “Content Notes and Details” text boxes to let AI know about your marketing ideas. Finally, select the desired content style from the “Tone/Brand Voice” drop-down menu and click the “Generate” button to successfully create brochure content.

write product details to create brochure

Part 2. Why Choose an AI Brochure Maker?

AI has revolutionized the way marketers generate brochures to interact with the target audience for product promotion. Now, you don't have to start from scratch and brainstorm ideas to create visually engaging designs for marketing brochures. Many AI tools are available in the market to help you generate marketing content and templates for a quicker process.

We have already discussed the functionality and workings of the top 5 AI brochure generators to give you an idea about their application. Let's further discuss the need for these AI tools to streamline the process of brochure creation.

  1. Save Time and Efforts: Using the brochure maker AI tool, users can automate a lot of the design and content creation process. Doing so will help them save a significant amount of time compared to creating a brochure from scratch. All of this further frees up time to let them focus on other important marketing tasks.
  2. Boost Creativity: With the help of AI tools present in the market, you can easily overcome creative blocks by generating ideas for layouts and content. With the generative capabilities of AI tools, business owners without professional editing skills can create eye-catching brochures.
  3. Easy Customization: Other than utilizing AI for generative purposes, some of these tools have AI assistants to help you customize the design to fit your brand. While using the editing tool, you can typically choose from a variety of fonts, colors, and graphics.
  4. Improved Marketing Content: Most AI brochure creators have the capability to generate marketing content to use in brochures. With their AI-powered content generator, users can create engaging content in different tones to compel the target audience to buy their product.


Upon reading this article, you are now capable of generating AI brochures to market your product without any help. All these online brochure creators will help you make innovative marketing content even if you have no professional expertise. However, if you want to utilize an offline AI brochure maker to avoid any privacy concerns, Wondershare PDFelement is your best bet.

With the help of its vast brochure template AI library, you can download and edit any design according to your marketing needs. Also, this tool has an AI-powered content creator to help you generate content to paste into these templates.

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