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Paraphrasing Tools for Students - Best Ones to Use

Doing homework is tedious, especially if there are so many of them. Utilizing tools that can save you time and energy is smart. For example, you can use paraphrasing tools for assignments that tell you to write an essay. You can also use these tools for writing your thesis or research paper. These tools allow you to save so much time, enabling you to balance your personal and school lives. But what are the best paraphrasing tools for students?

In this article, we will list the 5 best paraphrase tools for students. The pros and cons of each tool will be explored, and the performance will be reviewed. Continue reading to be well-informed about this topic.

paraphrasing tools for students

Importance of Knowing the Best Paraphrasing Tool for Students

Using paraphrasing tools is a huge time-saver. Suppose your assignments have piled up and you have so many things to do. You don't have to rewrite articles yourself. Instead, you just load them into these computer programs, press a few buttons, and you're good to go. Compared to paraphrasing the articles yourself, it is a lot quicker since computers can read much faster than you. You don’t need to read articles or think of other ways to express the same meaning with different wording. The software program does that for you.

It has another effect besides saving time. Paraphrasing has a lot of thinking involved. How do you express the same message without using the same words in the original paragraph? That is just one of the questions you will be asking. Paraphrasing tools eliminate this. Having said that, it becomes much less stressful. When you are loaded with schoolwork, it has a huge impact on your well-being.

For sure, that made you want to find a reliable paraphrasing tool even more. We got you. Here are the five best paraphrasing tools for students.

Top Paraphrase Tool for Students

Here are the paraphrasing tools you should check out.

1. Wondershare PDFelement

paraphrasing tools for students
G2 Review A G2 review says that Wondershare PDFelement's user-friendliness is a huge plus. They even said they'd recommend it to their sixth-graders because of how easy it is to use.
Price Starts at $29.99 per quarter

●PDFelement's Rewrite tool utilizes OpenAI technology.

●It is very easy to use.

Cons ●The free trial ends after 14 days.

Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor, a renowned PDF solution, now offers a Rewrite feature. And oh boy, is it amazing. OpenAI's ChatGPT powers this tool. Thus, you can rest assured its outputs have correct grammar, correct sentence structures, and coherence. Because PDFelement also functions as a PDF editor, it is twice as valuable as other tools.

How To Use PDFelement as a Paraphrasing Tool

Step 1 Launch Wondershare PDFelement and open an article.

Step 2 Select the text to paraphrase.

Step 3 Click the Lumi PDF AI robot button.

paraphrasing tools for students

Step 4 Select Rewrite.

Step 5 Check the input box if the text is already there. If not, paste it. If it is there already, click Rewrite.

paraphrasing tools for students

Step 6 Read Lumi's output to review. If you are satisfied with what you see, click either Copy Response or Replace Original Text.

paraphrasing tools for students

To see a detailed explanation of the paraphrasing process using PDFelement, see the video below:


G2 Review A G2 user review says that HiPDF is a complete instrument. They are talking about how feature-rich, high-performance, and user-friendly this online tool is.
Price Starts at $5.99 per month

●HiPDF's paraphrasing tool is AI-based.

●The paraphrasing tool also enables learning.

Cons ●You can only paraphrase in the free version 50 times.

HiPDF is a great option, regardless of your budget. The free version gives you 50 questions, which you can use to paraphrase with the Chat with PDF feature. And because it is an AI-powered tool, the output will have high-quality writing.

What makes HiPDF so valuable for students is it enables learning. Besides having the program paraphrase for you, you can ask it questions. You can make the program explain something about the topic that you can't fully grasp. However, please note that when you do this, it consumes a question "token." Meaning you can use HiPDF for paraphrasing one less time.

How To Use HiPDF as a Paraphrasing Tool

Step 1 Open a web browser and go to the HiPDF website.

Step 2 Click AI Tools > Chat with PDF.

paraphrasing tools for students

Step 3 Upload a PDF by clicking Choose File. You can also click the small cloud icon and select a cloud storage system to upload the PDF from. Alternatively, drag and drop the file into the interface.

paraphrasing tools for students

Step 4 Click Analyze.

paraphrasing tools for students

Step 5 Scroll down a little to find the textbox where you can type a message.

Step 6 Type a question similar to "Can you paraphrase this: Paste the sentence here."

paraphrasing tools for students

Step 7 Review the output. Paste it into your file if you are satisfied with it.

paraphrasing tools for students


paraphrasing tools for students
Price $37

●It allows you to set words that should not be changed.

●Ref-N-Write is an advanced academic paraphrasing too.

●Ref-N-Write is a Microsoft Word add-on.


●The free trial lasts only 15 days.

●The online version is limited to a few lines only.

Ref-N-Write is specifically designed for students and researchers. Thus, you can rest assured it is reliable. If you don't want to pay, don't worry. You can use the online tool. However, please note that it is limited to a few lines. One sentence at a time is the limit, according to our testing. Paraphrasing is word-level, meaning it changes words with their synonyms.

Overall, Ref-N-Write is nothing extraordinary. But it gets the job done, and that is all that matters.

4.Writing Services

paraphrasing tools for students
Price Free

●The paraphrasing tool is free.

●You can set the % of words you can change.

●It allows post-paraphrasing editing.


●The maximum character count is 6,500.

●It paraphrases by swapping words with their synonyms without consideration for context.

Writing Services is an online service where you can pay people to write articles or essays for you. If you prefer doing your homework yourself (which we highly encourage), the website also offers a free paraphrasing tool.

The tool allows you to adjust the volume of the words that get changed. After paraphrasing, it allows you to select the highlighted words from its output. You can then replace the word with the synonym of your choosing.

As expected from a free tool, this one is not the greatest. But it is still better than a lot of other tools available on the internet.


paraphrasing tools for students
Price Free

●IvyPanda's paraphrasing tool for students is 100% free.

●You can set how much of the original text gets changed by the paraphraser.

●You can tell the program whether or not to change words with capital letters.


●There is a character-count limit set to 5,500.

●IvyPanda paraphrases by replacing words with their synonyms.

IvyPanda, similar to Writing Services, links you with an academic expert who will help you with your schoolwork. The similarities extend beyond that. IvyPanda also offers a free online paraphrasing tool for students.

The paraphrasing tool is good. Like the other tools, it changes words with their synonyms. However, that means the quality could suffer because of incoherence, poor sentence structures, or grammar errors. So, you must edit the output this paraphraser generates.


There are many paraphrasing tools for students. The thing is that not all of these are safe and reliable. So researching is important to identify which are the good tools. But why gamble when you have an easy answer?

Wondershare PDFelement is an established PDF solution that now has paraphrasing capabilities. AI powers the Rewrite feature. This puts it above other tools because PDFelement does not only replace words with their synonyms. It actually writes a different sentence or paragraph with the same meaning. And if you want an online version of that, HiPDF is the way to go.

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