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Top 7 Wordtune Alternatives

Summarizing articles is one of students', professors', and writers' most repetitive tasks. The thing is that it also takes a lot of time. Fortunately, there are tools like Wordtune that allow you to automate text summarizing. While this tool is a great one, in some scenarios, you may want to try a Wordtune alternative.

You may be thinking, "Where can you find a good program that works like Wordtune?" Don't worry; we got that covered. In this article, you'll find 7 great alternatives to Wordtune.

What Is Wordtune?

what is wordtune

Wordtune is an AI writing tool. It offers many features, like paraphrasing and summarizing. You can use this online tool for free, but you can unlock more capabilities by upgrading to the premium versions. Specifically, the paid plans give you unlimited processing, while the free plan has daily limits.

Since that is the main difference, Wordtune's free and paid versions are on the same level of robustness. Thus, it is one of the most reliable free AI-writing tools out there.

Pricing: Wordtune's paid plan costs $24.99/ month billed monthly or $9.99/month billed yearly.


Wordtune's summarizer accepts three types of input: PDF, link, and text.

Wordtune allows you to jot down notes.

The tool is free to use.

You can re-summarize in one click.


Wordtune summaries are key points listed in a bullet list. It does not offer human-like summaries.

The free version allows you to summarize only 10 times a day.

Best Alternatives to Wordtune

Suppose you ran out of your daily free Wordtune summaries. Or you're simply looking for other summarization tools. Here are your best options.

1. Wondershare PDFelement

wordtune alternative

G2 Ratings: A user posted a G2 review, saying that PDFelement is an excellent tool. They are saying the program makes work easier. Thus, they are satisfied with the results of this software.

Pricing: $79.99 per year


PDFelement's summary tool writes compelling summaries.

It extracts the key points and keywords from the text.

The PDF AI robot, Lumi, who is responsible for text summarization, is powered by ChatGPT.


PDFelement's free trial lasts only 14 days. After that, it becomes a PDF reader only unless you subscribe.

You can't adjust the length of the summary.

Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is one of the best Wordtune summarization tool alternatives. It's great because PDFelement is a desktop application. So you don't need an internet connection to use it. Besides that, PDFelement's summarization tool is also powerful. It writes a summary, then lists the key points and keywords. Because ChatGPT powers this summary tool, you know you can trust the output it produces.

2. HiPDF

online wordtune alternative

G2 Ratings: A very satisfied user wrote a review on G2. She says that HiPDF is a helpful online tool, and she has always needed its services. They loved how safe it is to use the program and how effective it is as a tool.

Pricing: Starts at $5.99 per month


Free to use

Writes a summary that makes sense.

Enumerates the key points and keywords.

Allows for more learning, thanks to the feature that lets you "ask the PDF" some relevant questions.


The free version has a page limit of 20.

HiPDF is one of the best Wordtune alternatives since they are almost the same. Like Wordtune, HiPDF is a free online tool that is also available as a Google extension. Furthermore, HiPDF's summary tool also selects the key points in the PDF and puts them on a bullet list. On top of that, HiPDF's summary tool writes a one-paragraph summary of the article.

3. SummarizeBot

wordtune similar app

G2 Ratings: A G2 reviewer says they love this tool because it can detect the mood in the text.

Pricing: SummarizeBot API costs $179/month


Extracts keywords and key fragments.

Allows you to adjust the length of the generated summary.

It can automatically summarize the latest news.


It is very pricey.

The free trial lasts only 14 days.

SummarizeBot is an advanced tool that you can use to summarize text. You don't even have to have the link for the latest news to summarize it. You can just type "latest" or "news" + the subject. SummarizeBot will fetch the latest news for that subject and summarize it.

Of course, SummarizeBot can also function the same way other summarizers do. Enter the text to summarize, and it will do the magic for you.


websites like wordtune

G2 Ratings: Not available.

Pricing: Free


SMMRY is 100% free.

SMMRY accepts text, files, or URLs as input.

This tool allows you to specify how many sentences to use in the summary.

SMMRY offers filters that let you exclude certain things from the summary.


SMMRY does not write human-like summaries.

If you are looking for a completely free alternative to the Wordtune summary tool, here's the tool for you. What's so likable about this tool is the lack of word limit. Additionally, it lets you specify how long you want the article to be. You can set how many sentences to use in the summary. Please note that these sentences will be put in a bullet list structure. SMMRY can't summarize text into a paragraph.

5. TextTeaser

alternative to wordtune

G2 Ratings: Not available.

Pricing: Free


TextTeaser is easy to use because it is a browser extension.



You can't click anywhere else because you'll interrupt the summarization process.

TextTeaser is a Google Chrome extension that summarizes the current webpage. That said, its "one-click" procedure offers you convenience.

However, please be aware that this summary tool requires you to stay on the web page that you want to summarize. Otherwise, you'll interrupt the summarization process.

6. SummarizeThis

wordtune alternative free

G2 Ratings: Not available.

Pricing: Free


SummarizeThis is fast and easy to use.

SummarizeThis is 100% free.

This tool writes human-like summaries.


SummarizeThis does not let you set the summary length.

It does not extract the keywords and the key sentences.

SummarizeThis has a clean interface and user-friendliness, making it an attractive alternative to Wordtune. Aside from that, this is a free tool that writes human-like summaries. Unlike other tools, SummarizeThis does not put the key sentences into bullet points. Instead, it writes a short paragraph based on them. That makes SummarizeThis a fantastic free summarization tool.

7. Text Compactor

wordtune free alternative

G2 Ratings: Not available.

Pricing: Free


TextCompactor is a free tool.

You can adjust the summary length, even after summarizing the text.


Text Compactor selects the key sentences and considers the summary. It changes the wording only a little.

Text Compactor is a good free Wordtune alternative. What we like about it is how it lets you adjust the summary size. Even after the summarization, you can move the slider to instantly change the summary length.

However, please remember that Text Compactor uses most of the original text's wording. So depending on what the summary is for, you may have to rephrase it.

How To Choose a Text Summary Tool

What factors should you consider when looking for a Wordtune alternative? Of course, it should be at least on par with Wordtune. The tool should be able to capture the article's main idea and convey that in a summary that makes sense.

Remember that Wordtune is also a free tool that's easy to use. Therefore, the pricing and user-friendliness of the alternative are also important factors.

The tools listed above passed this set of criteria. So rest assured that you can't go wrong with any of them.


Wordtune is a fantastic text summarizer. But that does not mean it is the only tool worthy of attention. Wondershare PDFelement, for example, is a tool that you should check. It is an offline PDF solution that recently received a big upgrade in the form of Lumi, the PDF AI robot. Lumi lets you summarize text and extract its key points and key sentences.

HiPDF is also an excellent alternative. The "Chat with PDF" feature does not simply summarize text. You can also use it to expand the topic and know more. That makes it a super useful tool for researchers and learners. You should try these tools out.

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