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What’s a Great Alternative to TLDR This?

TLDR This is a reliable online text summarizer tool. You can use the web app or the Google Chrome extension. The features it offers to its users make it a very attractive option. But it is not the only option. Plenty of tools out there work like TLDR This. And some of them are just as good.

In this article, we will introduce you to two amazing TLDR This alternatives. These are robust tools with all the features you would need. So you can't go wrong with them.

TLDR This Overview

TLDR This can help you turn long articles into bite-sized content. It reduces your workload and protects you from information overload. As such, many students, professionals, and researchers love this tool.

tldr this

Ease of Use

One of the best things about TLDR This is how easy it is to use. You can copy-paste the content you want to summarize to import it into the program. Alternatively, you can use a URL if the article is already on the internet.

Summarization Modes

TLDR This offers two amazing summarization modes. The first one is Key Sentences. It picks the key sentences from the passage and enumerates them on a bullet list. The second mode is AI (human-like) Summary. It writes a paragraph that effectively summarizes the content.

Please note, however, that you need to register to access the AI Summary mode. Furthermore, you only have 10 free human-like summaries. And they don't refresh every day. Once you have consumed them all, you need to subscribe to access this mode again.

Summary Length

TLDR This also allows you to set how long the summary would be. Though admittedly, it does not offer as much control as other tools. It lets you pick one of the two options for summary length: Short/Concise or Detailed/Section-wise. The tool determines how many sentences or words it needs to summarize the content.


TLDR This is a web app, meaning you can access it from anywhere and on any platform. But that's not all. TLDR This is also available as a Google Chrome extension. But please take note that it does not work on all web pages; there are ones it can't summarize.

Keyword Extraction

TLDR This has a keyword extraction feature. If you check this checkbox, it, TLDR This will list all of the important keywords found in the content.

Pricing: Starts at $4 per month.


TLDR This article summarizer is very easy to use.

It offers different summarization modes.

TLDR This extracts keywords.

It is available as TLDR Chrome extension.


It gives you only 10 AI Summaries for free.

Even the paid version does not offer unlimited AI summaries.

TLDR This does not let you set the number of words or sentences to use in the summary.

How to Summarize Text Using TLDR This

Follow these instructions to summarize text using the TLDR summarizer:

Step 1 Open a web browser and go to TLDR This summarizer web page.

Step 2 Import the text to summarize. You can paste the URL into the Enter Article URL text box or paste the text into the Paste Article Text textbox.

summarize text with tldr

Step 3 Select a summarization mode. Keep in mind that if you want to use the AI (human-like) Summary mode, your first step should be to sign up and log in.

Step 4 Select from Short/Concise and Detailed/Sectioned to set your desired summary length.

Step 5 Optionally, tick Display Important Keywords.


TLDR summarizer

How To Summarize A Webpage Using TLDR This Google Extension

Here's how to use the TLDR This Google Chrome extension:

Step 1 Launch Google Chrome.

Step 2 Go to the TLDR extension page. Click Add to Chrome > Add extension.

TLDR this chrome extension

Step 3 Go to the webpage that you want to summarize.

Step 4 Click the Extensions (jigsaw) button at the top right of the Chrome window.

Step 5 Select TLDR This - Free automatic text summary tool.

Step 6 Wait for the summarization to finish.

TLDR this chrome extension

The Best TLDR This Alternatives

As mentioned above, TLDR This is great, but it is not irreplaceable. If you want to, you can use other tools and achieve the same results. Of course, that depends on what tool you use in its place. You must find one that is just as good.

Good news! Here are not just one but two amazing alternatives to TLDR. Find out more about them in the next sections.

Wondershare PDFelement

Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is a known name in document management. It is one of the top PDF solutions available. This tool now offers a new feature called Lumi. Lumi is a PDF AI robot that analyzes and processes text. With this new feature, PDFelement is now capable of summarizing text.

TLDR this chrome extension

PDFelement's summarizing tool can certainly match TLDR This. Like TLDR This summarizer, PDFelement's summarizer tool can extract important keywords. But not only that. PDFelement can also extract the key points.

How to Summarize an Article Using Wondershare PDFelement:

Here's how to use PDFelement's summary tool:

Step 1 Download PDFelement from the official website. Install it according to the instructions. Launch it afterward.

Step 2 Click Lumi PDF AI robot at the bottom right of the PDFelement screen. Alternatively, open a document with PDFelement > select the content to summarize > select Lumi PDF AI robot from the floating toolbar.

TLDR summarizer alternative

Step 3 Click Summarize.

Step 4 Select the Browse folder option and import the document you want to summarize. Alternatively, switch to the Content tab and paste the text you want to summarize.

Step 5 Click Analysis.

Step 6 Review the summary. Click Copy Response if you are satisfied.

TLDR summarizer alternative

7.Paste the summary to your file and edit as needed.


PDFelement does not require an internet connection.

Lumi is powered by ChatGPT.

Extracts keywords and key points.

The summary tool is built into a document editor.


There are no options for setting the desired summary length.

PDFelement offers only one summarization mode.


What if you don't have enough storage space in your device? That could be the reason why TLDR This is your first choice for a text summarizer tool. In that case, here is another fantastic alternative: HiPDF.

HiPDF is an online tool that provides users with dozens and dozens of useful and free document tools. While HiPDF is not a writing tool per se, it also offers an amazing text summarizer. That makes it your best online alternative to TLDR This.

How to Summarize PDFs Using HiPDF

Here's a guide on how to use this tool to summarize text:

Step 1 Launch any web browser and visit the HiPDF website.

Step 2 Click More Tools > To all PDF and image tools >>.

Step 3 Click Chat with PDF.

Step 4 Upload the PDF you want to summarize. You can click Choose File or drag and drop the file to the HiPDF window to upload it from your computer. Or you can click the cloud button to import from a cloud storage system.

TLDR this summarizer alternative online

Step 5 Click Analysis. HiPDF will analyze and summarize the content.

Step 6 Review the summary. Copy and paste it to your file and edit as needed.

TLDR this summarizer alternative online

You can use HiPDF's summary tool for free.

It extracts keywords and key points.

The Chat with PDF featured is powered by ChatGPT.

HiPDF writes a human-like summary plus lists the key points in a bullet list in one go.


HiPDF is inaccessible when you don't have an internet connection.

You need to convert the document to PDF first.

The free version has a page limit of 20 pages.

TLDR This Compared to its Best Alternatives

Extracts Keywords
Different Summarization Modes
Needs Internet
TLDR This Starts at $4 per month Yes Yes Yes
Wondershare PDFelement Starts at $29.99 per quarter Yes No No
HiPDF Free Yes No Yes


TLDR This has great alternatives, namely, Wonderful PDFelement and HiPDF. Both offer an intuitive interface, a robust summarizer powered by AI, and other handy features. They compress long articles into short summaries, plus they extract the keywords and key sentences and list them.

Because PDFelement and HiPDF offer other tools, they are very cost-effective. You can even use HiPDF completely for free! So indeed, these two article summarizers are must-try tools. You will be thoroughly impressed with what they can do.

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