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Two Must-Try Powerful Alternatives to Tools4noobs Text Summarizer

Text summarization is a long process. You need to read the text. Next, you have to identify the main idea. After that, you need to extract the key points in the passage. Finally, you need to write a summary based on those things. Well, that's in the past. You can now use tools like Tools4noobs to do it 10 times quicker.

If Tools4noobs isn't to your liking, don't worry. There are other text summary tools that you can use in its place. In this article, we will introduce you to two powerful Tools4noobs alternatives.

A Close Look at Tools4Noobs

Tools4noobs is a free online text summarizer. Don't be deceived by its price tag - or lack thereof. Just because Tools4noobs is free, you may think it isn't on par with premium tools. You'd be surprised. This free tool can match or even outperform some paid text summarizers. It offers a set of handy features that make it special.


Accepts Different Types of Input

Tools4noobs accepts URLs or text as input. After its last redesign, when it started using Twitter Bootstrap, Tools4noobs also became able to accept text in UTF-8 formats.

Let's You Set the Summary Length

Another great thing about Tools4noobs is its feature that lets you set the summary length. You can set the summary to be 70% of the original text's length. Alternatively, you can use line count (the number of sentences) to set the length.

That is not all. Tools4noobs also allows you to set the minimum sentence length. You can adjust the settings so no sentence will have lower than 50 characters. Of course, you can change the value to whatever you want. Also, please know that Tools4noobs allows you to do the same for words.

Sentence Relevance

Tools4noobs summarizes text using sentences arranged in a numbered list. There's a checkbox that says, "Show sentence relevance." What this does is it puts a number next to the sentences in the summary. It is a grade that signifies how important that sentence is to express the main idea.

Best Words

Identifying keywords is also important when making a summary. Tools4noobs has a feature that extracts them, called Best Words. It lists the words that are frequently mentioned in the passage. Articles like 'a', 'an', and 'the,' as well as conjunctions, are excluded from the selection.

Keyword highlighting is also a feature. It rewrites the sentences with the main keyword being written in a font size much larger than the rest of the words.

How to Use Tools4noobs Text Summarizer

Step 1 Open any web browser. Go to Tools4noob's Summarizer page. Keep in mind that you can use your phone to use Tools4noobs. The website is optimized for any device.

Step 2 Paste the URL of the article you want to summarize. You can also paste the article itself into the tool. Because Tools4noobs supports text in UTF-8 formats, you can use it on text that is not English. For instance, you can summarize Chinese websites.

Step 3 Set your preferred summary length.

Step 4 Tick the checkboxes of the other options you want to use.

Step 5 Click Summarize it!

Step 6 Review the summary. Copy, paste, and edit it as needed.

tools4noobs alternative

Tools4noobs is a 100% free online summarization tool.

It lets you set how much of the original text will be cut.

Tools4noobs shows you the best words and sentence relevance.

It supports different types of text and also accepts URLs.


Tools4noobs can't write humanlike summaries.

The summarizer interface can be improved.

It does not accept files as inputs.

Wondershare PDFelement: The Best Offline Alternative to Tools4Noobs

If you are looking for an offline alternative to Tools4noobs, here it is. Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is the program that you need. It is a powerful desktop PDF software that is now capable of summarizing text.

tools4noobs alternative

The summarizer of PDFelement uses ChatGPT technology to analyze text and generate summaries. And if you are keeping up with the news, you know ChatGPT is popular because of its accuracy.

One feature PDFelement has that the previous tool doesn't is the abstract writer. It generates a short paragraph summarizing the text on top of the extracted key sentences and keywords.

How to Summarize Text Using PDFelement

Step 1 Open a PDF with PDFelement.

Step 2 Open Lumi PDF AI robot. To do so, either click the button on the bottom right of the interface or the floating toolbar.

Step 3 Click Summarize.

Step 4 Select the PDF to summarize in the File tab. Alternatively, go to the Content tab and paste the text to summarize.

Step 5 Click Analysis.

Step 6 Read and review the output. Click Copy Response > paste it into your file > edit as needed.

tols4noobs summarize tool

PDFelement uses AI to write humanlike summaries.

PDFelement extracts keywords and key points.

Because PDFelement is a PDF editor that can also convert files, it makes text summarization so much easier.


The summary feature is only available on Windows versions 9.5.0 and up.

PDFelement is not a free tool.

HiPDF: The Best Online Alternative to Tools4Noobs

HiPDF is another alternative to Tools4noobs. Like Tools4noobs, it is a free online tool. And like PDFelement, ChatGPT powers HiPDF's text summarizer. It's the best of both worlds.

HiPDF also extracts the keywords and key points from the text. These help make it easier for you to understand what the article is about. And the learning does not stop there. One advantage of HiPDF over others is it lets you "chat" with the PDF. This feature allows you to ask questions so you can clarify confusing details. It ensures that the summary makes sense and is not straying away from the original text's point.

How to Summarize Text Using HiPDF's Chat with PDF Feature

Step 1 Open your most-preferred web browser. Go to HiPDF and navigate to the Chat with PDF tool.

Step 2 Click Choose File or drag and drop the PDF to upload the PDF you want to summarize from your computer. Or click the Cloud button and select from the cloud storage systems integrated with HiPDF. Your options are Wondershare Cloud, Dropbox, OneDrive, or Box.

Step 3 Click Analyze.

online tols4noobs alternative

Step 4 Read and review the summary HiPDF will generate.

Step 5 If there is vagueness, ask your PDF questions to clarify.

Step 6 Copy the response and paste them into your file.


HiPDF can clarify any vagueness in the summary that it wrote by answering your questions.

HiPDF is a free online tool.

The summary tool is powered by a powerful AI.


It only accepts PDFs as input.

You can't set the summary length.


Here are some FAQs related to text summarizers.

1. How does a text summarizer work?

A text summarizer uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to summarize the text. By relying on these technologies, text summarizers extract the most important parts of the text. It does it while preserving the meaning of the text.

2. What are the benefits of using a text summarizer?

Efficiency and productivity are the biggest benefits of using text summarizers. They cut down your workload by a lot, and they help you quickly grasp what an article is about. Thus, you can dedicate your time to other tasks.

3. Can text summarizers be used for any type of text?

You can use text summarizers for different text types, including news articles, research papers, blog posts, and more. But please note that the effectiveness will depend on the quality and complexity of the input text. The technology the program uses also affects its performance when summarizing text of different types.

4. Can text summarizers be used for academic research?

You can use text summarizers for academic research. It allows you to quickly identify the relevant information in a research paper. Furthermore, it allows you to quickly assess the text's usefulness. However, please exercise caution, as these tools can still miss some necessary details.

5. Are there any limitations to text summarizers?

Yes. They become less and less reliable as the text becomes more complex or technical. Unfortunately, in these cases, reading and summarizing yourself is a better option.


Text summarizers make students, researchers, and writers' lives so much easier. They speed up the summarization process, freeing ample amounts of time you can allocate elsewhere. Tools4noobs is one of your best choices since it is an advanced free tool. And should you rather use other tools, you have two other great options.

The offline tool Wondershare PDFelement and the online tool HiPDF are both amazing text summarizers. They summarize the content using a short paragraph. And then, they extract and list key points and keywords. Powered by ChatGPT, both tools' summaries make sense. Try them, and you may find the solution to all your summarizing problems.

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