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Wordtune Paraphrasing Tool Examined: Review and Best Alternatives

Paraphrasing is one key step in writing. It can make your sentences longer. Furthermore, researchers use other research papers to complete their study. However, because of plagiarism laws, you can't use the exact same words used by others on their paper. Paraphrasing solves this problem. With this technique, you can convey the same idea with different wording. Wordtune paraphrasing tool is a software program that lets you do it easily.

But how good is Wordtune? And what other tools function like it? In this article, we will discuss these topics.

Wordtune Review

Wordtune is an online writing tool with cool features that can help you write amazing articles or essays. One of the services it offers is paraphrasing. This tool can rewrite your sentences and paragraphs without changing the meaning.

wordtune paraphrasing tool

Key Features

Here are the features that make Wordtune an attractive paraphrasing tool:

●Wordtune offers many ways to rewrite a sentence. You can pick one that best suits your style.

●Wordtune allows you to set the tone for the writing. It can either be casual or formal.

●This program can rephrase text by sentences or by paragraphs.

●Wordtune paraphrasing tool is available as a Google Chrome extension.

●It also offers Shorten and Expand features, which can help with paraphrasing.


Because Wordtune allows you to set the formality level, you can use it for personal, academic, or professional writing.

You can use Wordtune for free.

The ability to summarize specific sentences or whole paragraphs offers flexibility.

Wordtune offers other writing tools within the same interface as the paraphraser.


The free version can only paraphrase by specific sentences. The paragraph paraphrasing mode is only available in the Premium version.

The free version offers only 10 rewrites a day. Because the paragraph mode is unavailable, it means you can only paraphrase 10 sentences.

This tool requires you to register an account.


Wordtune is a popular writing tool; it is easy to see why. Its other features are impressive, but we're not here for that. We're here for the paraphrasing function. So let's focus on it.

What we like about it is how many suggestions it gives. In our testing, Wordtune gave us 11 ways to rewrite one sentence. This is great because it ensures the rewritten sentence will not feel out of place. You can select one that matches the style of the rest of the sentences in the text.

However, if you plan on using Wordtune for essays, articles, or book chapters, you need to remember one thing. There's a 10 rewrites daily limit for the free version. You can unlock unlimited rewrites by upgrading to the Premium version. But since Wordtune is a powerful and reliable paraphrasing tool, it is worth it.

How To Use Wordtune Paraphrasing Tool

Step 1 Open your preferred web browser and visit Wordtune's website.

Step 2 Scroll down and click Get started for free.

Step 3 Register or log into your account.

Step 4 Start writing. Alternatively, paste the text you want to summarize into the interface.

wordtune paraphrasing

Step 5 Click Rewrite. If you are using the Premium version and you want to paraphrase a whole paragraph in one go, click Sentence > Paragraph.

paraphrasing tool wordtune

Step 6 Optionally, select the tone of formality. Click either Casual or Formal.

Step 7 Select a paraphrased version of the sentence or paragraph from the many choices Wordtune provides.

Step 8 Copy the paraphrased version and paste it into your file or document.

Wordtune’s Best Alternatives [Online and Offline]

Wordtune is a fantastic tool. We have established that. But it is not for everyone. For one reason or another, you may want to try another tool. Fortunately, there are other paraphrasing tools that can equal Wordtune. Below is an introduction to the best offline and online ones.

Wondershare PDFelement

Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is a desktop PDF solution that has recently become Wordtune's best offline alternative. It now has Lumi, a ChatGPT-powered PDF AI robot. Lumi can paraphrase, summarize, expand, proofread, or explain PDFs and text.

wordtune paraphrasing alternative

PDFelement is an offline tool. And offline tools are more stable than their online counterparts.

PDFelement accepts text and PDFs as the input.

This program allows you to paraphrase within the file you are editing, thus streamlining the workflow.

PDFelement has a Replace original text function, which streamlines the process even more.


The PDFelement free trial lasts only 14 days.

Lumi is only available in the PDFelement for Windows Version 9.5.0 and above only.

How To Use Wondershare PDFelement's Rewrite Tool

Step 1 Download Wondershare PDFelement from the official website. Install the program according to the instructions. Launch the program.

Step 2 Click the Lumi PDF AI Robot button at the bottom right of the PDFelement window.

Step 3 Select Rewrite. Paste the content that you want to paraphrase into the content box.

wordtune paraphrasing alternative

Step 4 Click Rewrite. Review the paraphrased version in the output box.

Step 5 Click Copy Response and paste it into your file.

Step 6 If you have the PDF containing the content open in PDFelement and you accessed Lumi from it, click Replace original text. It will automatically replace the content in the PDF with the paraphrased version.


Suppose you want to stick with online paraphrasing tools. In that case, HiPDF is your best option. It is a web-based PDF solution with plenty of helpful utility tools.

Chat with PDF is HiPDF's newest feature. It utilizes the power of artificial intelligence to accomplish different tasks. You can use this feature to paraphrase text. The best thing is that HiPDF's paraphrasing tool is easy to use. If you already know how to use AI chatbots like ChatGPT, the learning curve is basically nonexistent.


HiPDF is a free online tool, just like Wordtune.

HiPDF uses advanced AI to paraphrase text.

The free version of this tool can paraphrase sentences or paragraphs.


The free version of HiPDF's ChatGPT has a limit of 50 questions in total. Meaning you can use it to paraphrase only 50 times before needing to upgrade to the Premium version.

How To Use HiPDF To Paraphrase Text

Step 1 Launch your preferred web browser and open HiPDF's website.

Step 2 Click More Tools > To all PDF and image tools.

Step 3 Select Chat with PDF. Upload any PDF.

Step 4 Click Analyze. Wait for the analysis to finish.

Step 5 Message the PDF as you would message AI chatbots. For example: "Please paraphrase the paragraph: [insert the paragraph here].

Step 6 Copy the output and paste it into your document.

online wordtune paraphrasing tool
Wondershare PDFelement
G2 Score 4.5/5 Stars 5/5 Stars 4.3/5 Stars
Pricing Starts at $29.99 per quarter Starts at $5.99 per month Starts at $9.99 per month (billed annually)
Best Feature The Replace original text feature offers a streamlined workflow. HiPDF can paraphrase sentences or paragraphs for free. Wordtune paraphrases the content so many times, giving you plenty of options.


These are some of the questions people ask regarding paraphrasing:

1. What is a Paraphrasing Tool?

A paraphrasing tool or a paraphraser is a software program that uses artificial intelligence to analyze text and sentences. Their purpose is to rewrite the text using different words and compositions without changing the meaning. Usually, a paraphrasing tool is an online tool, but offline ones are not unheard of.

2. Can Paraphrasing Tools Completely Replace Manual Paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing tools can provide alternative versions of a text. However, that is not enough to fully replace manual paraphrasing. These tools can't understand context. As a result, they may produce awkward phrasing if you rely solely on them.

3. Is Using Paraphrasing Tools Ethical?

It depends on how you use them. As long as you use the paraphrasing tools appropriately and in accordance with ethical guidelines, you should be good. Acknowledging the original author of the text you used as a reference also helps.


Paraphrasing is an essential step in writing, especially in academic writing, where you'll use others' works as references. Tools like Wordtune help you by suggesting different ways to rewrite a paragraph or sentence. It reduces the amount of thinking that you have to do.

Suppose you want to try another paraphrasing tool. Wondershare PDFelement and HiPDF are both amazing alternatives. PDFelement is an offline tool, meaning you can use it to paraphrase text even if you don't have an internet connection. Meanwhile, HiPDF is a free online utility tool. It can paraphrase sentences or paragraphs using artificial intelligence. Try them and see for yourself why they are the best alternatives to Wordtune paraphrasing tools.

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