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7 Best Tools To Check If AI Wrote An Essay: Features, Pros, Cons, & Pricing.

AI tools are changing how we generate content with the likes of ChatGPT now making it easy to create essays faster. Frankly, you might now read an article online or a student essay and you are pretty much unable to tell whether a human or an AI wrote it. Well, AI now does a pretty good job in making human-like content generation easy but it can also pose issues pertaining to plagiarism and authenticity, particularly with student essays.

This is one reason you might want to know whether a human really took the time to generate the essays you are reading. Luckily, there are tools that can help you distinguish between AI-generated content and essays written by humans. We will review the best AI essay detector tools, including the pros and cons of each tool and the prices:

Best Tools To Detect AI Writing

Just like there are AI tools to generate content, there are also some nice tools to help you check if an essay was written by AI. Here are some of the best tools you can use:


ai essay detector

The first tool on our list is the Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor, a powerful PDF editing tool with some excellent features for handling PDF workflows, including an AI essay detector. PDFelement has integrated an AI robot known as Lumi that you can use to help you analyze content and determine whether an AI wrote it.

Here are a few other functions that Lumi in the PDFelement can help you handle:

●Summarize key points in a PDF.

●Explain PDF

●Proofread your document and eliminate errors

●Rewrite or paraphrase your document

●Interact with Lumi using the Chat with PDF feature

Here is a quick summary of all you need to know about the PDFelement ai essay checker:

G2 Rating

●Pro (Individuals)- $79.99 per license per year

●Pro (Individuals) one-time purchase- $129.99 per license

●Pro Team- $109 per license per year

●Pro Team one-time purchase - $139 per license


●The platform is super easy to use

●The detector works fast to determine whether an AI-generated the content.

●You can easily see which content is AI-generated because it is highlighted in bright colors.


●Once you deplete your free tokens, you will have to purchase tokens to keep using the AI feature.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use the PDFelement to check if essay was written by AI:

Step 1. Install and launch the PDFelement software on your device if you haven't already.

Step 2. Head to the "File" tab and add the PDF you want to analyze from your internal storage.

Step 3. Click the "AI-Written Detect" window. Alternatively, you can go to the "Content" box and paste the content you want to analyze.

ai essay detector

Step 4. Select "Detect" to start the process. You can check the responses in the chatbox where Lumi highlights the phrases likely generated by an AI.

ai essay detector


ai essay detector

The other top essay AI checker you can use for PDF and text files is the HiPDF, a tool powered by GPTzero. You can use this online tool to review your content's authenticity and instantly get accurate feedback within a few clicks. It is an online essay check with a keen eye for file security.

In fact, any file you upload to check on the HIPDF platform is deleted within 60 minutes of being processed.

One of the features used by the HiPDF essay AI checker is what’s known as the perplexity score. Here is how it works: after the platform is done working on your content, it will deliver results that will help you determine the level of authenticity of your essay content.

A high perplexity score means your content is likely written by a human. On the flipside, a low perplexity score means your essay is likely AI-generated.

Here is a quick summary on HiPDF best features, pros and cons:

G2 Rating
Pricing Ensure you reach out to the sales team to obtain pricing information.

●The platform ensures all your documents are safe.

●It is accurate and extremely fast.


●You will need to upgrade to to access premium features

Using HiPDF to check whether an essay or article is generated is easy. Here is a guide:

Step 1. Go to the HiPDF AI detector tool online. Click "Text," and copy and paste the content you want to analyze.

ai essay detector

Step 2. Click "File" to upload the document you want to analyze from your internal storage.

ai essay detector

Step 3. Click "Get Results," and HiPDF online tool will begin analyzing your content and determining whether an AI-generated it.

ai essay detector

Step 4. Once the process is done, you will get the perplexity score of the content.

3.Copyleaks AI Content Detector

ai essay detector

Copyleaks is a popular plagiarism detector tool with an AI detector for essays with up to 99% detection accuracy. This tool also allows LMS and API integration. You can add the checker into your business workflows (into your own apps)or check your student essays from your favorite LMS platform.

Another perk of using Copyleaks is that it offers a free Chrome extension that lets you detect AI-written content anytime you are browsing the Internet. Copyleaks is very good at detecting AI-generated text across models like ChaptGPT, GPT-4, and Jasper.

In fact, Copyleaks will usually upgrade the detector for the new tech. everytime a new language model of AI comes up.

Here is a quick summary of Copyleaks features, pros, cons and pricing:

G2 Rating
Pricing Obtain a custom quote for the sales team.

●The platform works with impeccable speed.

●It can detect the smallest hint of plagiarism.

●It compares your work with various essays online for an accurate result.


●It might provide wrong suggestions, like treating song titles as plagiarism.

4.IvyPanda GPT Essay Checker

ai essay detector

Another AI essay detector that uses the "fight fire with fire" approach is the IvyPanda GPT essay checker. It is still at the Beta testing phase but the essay checker does a nice job, plus it is pretty easy to use. You simply need to copy and paste the text, the online platform will analyze the essay for you.

Ivy Panda uses a color-coding system to make it easier for you to spot words or phrases that are not likely written by a human being. Words highlighted in red and orange are most likely AI-generated, while those in green and blue are from a human source.

Even though it is not mandatory, you might want to add a topic or description to your essay to help with the context. Once the AI reads the title, it will be in a better position to understand the text's main theme so it can make a more accurate analysis.

Here is a summary of the Ivy Panda Essay AI checker:

G2 Rating
Pricing Free

●The platform is easy to use.

●It contains visual elements that help you understand the results.


●There is a 4500-word limit.

5.Smodin GPT Essay Checker

So far, we have seen essay checkers that can detect AI-generated content in English. Perhaps you have an essay in another language and want to determine whether a human wrote it. Well, the Smodin GPT essay checker is a multilingual platform with great accuracy:

ai essay detector

Professionals, students, and writers alike can use this platform to check for digital manipulation of content and ascertain everything is authentic. Smodin can detect text generated by various AI models like ChatGPT and Bard, so you don't have to worry about it being outsmarted.

You can use two tolerance modes with this essay checker, Lenient and Strict. As the name suggests, the Lenient mode is less stringent and can detect up to 85% of all AI-generated content. On the other hand, the Strict mode is not so lax and will detect up to 95% of AI-generated content.

Even though results might differ from one language to the next, you can still trust the essay checker to do a fantastic job.

Here is summary of the Smodin GPT Essay Checker tool features and pricing:

G2 Rating

●Limited- Free plan

●Essentials- $10 per month

●Productive- $29 per month


●The advanced NLP technology provides helpful suggestions.

●The platform supports multiple languages.

●It integrates with multiple tools like plagiarism checkers.


●The free plan lacks enticing features.


ai essay detector

Like all the other tools we have discussed, ZeroGPT will let you know in seconds whether the essay you are reading is generated from a human brain or a robust AI model like Jasper, ChatGPT, and Google Bard. What sets ZeroGPT apart is its use of advanced deep learning algorithms to analyze text.

The developers trained this tool on reputable papers credible sources written by humans to demonstrate what human content should look like.

Well, once the platform analyzes your content, you will receive a gauge with percentages detailing how much of the text is plagiarized. You will also get feedback in one of the following options:

●Your text is human-written.

●Your text is AI/GPT generated.

●Most of your text is AI/GPT generated.

●Your text contains mixed signals, with some text generated by AI/GPT.

●Your text is most likely human-generated.

Here is a quick summary of the ZeroGPT tool:

G2 Rating
Pricing Free

●The platform is highly accurate.

●It is easy to use.

●You don't need to pay a subscription fee to use it.


●It might falsely flag human content as inaccurate or plagiarized.

7.Writer AI Content Detector

ai essay detector

Last but not least, we have the Writer AI content detector which is free to use. Unlike other essay checker tools. Writer AI is only available in the app as an API. In addition, you can only check 1500 words at a time.

The platform is easy to use as all you need to do is paste the article's URL or copy and paste the words into the content box for it to analyze. Below the content box is a detection score that lets you know how much of the text is AI-generated.

Here is a summary of the Writer AI content detector tool features, pros, cons and pricing:

G2 Rating
Pricing Free

●Has a percentage detection score at the end of the analysis.

●The interface is very easy to use.


●You are limited to 1500 characters at a time.

●The tool is only available in the Writer app as an API


AI-written content threatens to spread misinformation when robots get some facts wrong or place the text in the wrong context. It also makes it hard to check if a student really puts in work to research and write essays. The good thing though is that you can use tools we have covered to help you spot AI generated essays fast and accurately. AI models are always evolving, so pick a tool that can help spot AI generated by advanced models.

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