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Leading Article Summarizer Programs in the Market

Are you preparing for an exam? Or do you need to advertise the article you just wrote? In cases like these, you would need to summarize the article. The summary will let you or potential readers identify the article's main idea. It enables the reader to quickly learn the key ideas. That said, you need to learn how to write one or what the best article summarizers are.

Article summarizers are computer programs that can generate article summaries using algorithms or AI. Below are your best options.

Best Article Summarizers on Desktop

Here are the best article summarizers you can install on your computer.

Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor

article summarizer
G2 Ratings A user wrote on G2: PDFelement provides an excellent environment to work with PDF files. It offers advanced features, a user-friendly interface, and a low price.
Pricing Starts at $29.99 per quarter
Pros ●Powered by ChatGPT, one of the best AI chatbots ●Easy to use ●Can identify the key points and keywords
Cons ●The summarize tool is available on Windows Version 9.5 and above only ●You need a subscription to use the AI summarizer

Wondershare PDFelement is one of the most-trusted PDF editors. It offers a nice set of basic and advanced features. From converting to annotating and more, PDF can do them all. The good news is that it just got better!

PDFelement now has Lumi, its PDF AI robot powered by ChatGPT. Lumi gives you more options. It can summarize, explain, rewrite, or proofread PDFs for you. You can even chat with the PDF through Lumi. Without a doubt, this tool is one of the best article summarizers you can use.

Microsoft Word 2007

article summarizer free
G2 Ratings A G2 review says that MS Word is an amazing tool. It is very useful because of its feature-richness. MS Word has availability, MS Office integration, collaboration tools, good reading and writing features, etc.
Pricing $149
Pros ●MS Word allows you to set the length of the article summary ●It offers different summarizing modes ●MS Word can highlight key points ●MS Word provides the option of putting the summary in a new file
Cons ●Support for MS Office 2007 has ended. Therefore, there will be no security or other updates. ●Older versions of MS Word do not have the summarize feature.

MS Word is a great document tool. It often comes built into Windows computers. The 2007 version has a feature called "AutoSummarize." It has 2 summarizing modes. MS Word can highlight key points and count that as the summary. Or it can generate an executive summary - an abstract for the document.

The best part of MS Word AutoSummarize is that it lets you set the summary's length. For example, you can set it so the summary would be 25% of the original article.


article summarizer online free
G2 Ratings A G2 review says that HiPDF is the best free PDF editor without ads. It has helped them solve their PDF problems. They liked its conversion, editing, and exporting features.
Pricing Premium plans start at $5.99/month
Pros ●HiPDF offers free unlimited document processing. ●Has cloud integration
Cons ●The free version is limited to 50 questions ●The free version has a 20 page limit

HiPDF is an online PDF editor loved by many. You can use it for free, as most tools are not locked behind a paywall. You don't even have to pay for unlimited document processing. All you have to do is register and log in.

HiPDF is equipped with a new feature that makes document management even easier. It recently introduced its Chat with PDF feature. This feature allows you to talk to your documents. You can use that to generate article summaries.


article summary generator
G2 Ratings A G2 review says that Prepostseo is the best in the free writing tools category. They use it for paraphrasing, checking for plagiarism, and summarizing articles. The reviewer was very satisfied with the tools' performance.
Pricing Starts at $10/month
Pros ●Can summarize TXT, DOC, DOCX, and PDF files ●Supports 12 languages ●Offers 4 different summarizing modes ●There's free access to the article summarizer
Cons ●There's Captcha every time you use it ●It is a little slow

Prepostseo provides you with so many tools for document management and writing. It offers an excellent article summarizer. You can choose to summarize with bullet points or paragraphs. Furthermore, you can set the summary length by words or percentages.

What's great about this tool is that Prepostseo supports 12 languages. Thus, it is not exclusive to English articles.


summarize articles for me
G2 Ratings N/A
Pricing Free
Pros ●Completely free ●Can summarize PDF to TXT documents ●You can import articles using URLs ●Includes useful filters
Cons ●It is inaccurate at times

SMMRY is a simple online article summarizer. The best thing about SMMRY is that it is 100% free. But it is not short of amazing features. SMMRY allows you to specify how many sentences there would be in the article summary. Also, it has filters you can use. For example, you can tell SMMRY to exclude sentences with exclamation points and question marks.


summary websites for articles
G2 Ratings The analysis tool understands the mood of audio and text, says a G2 review. The reviewer also loved SummarizeBot API's fake news detection.
Pricing Starts at $179 per month
Pros ●SummarizeBot can search for the latest news and summarize it. ●Includes a keyword extractor ●Vary summary size using percentages ●Export summary to Google Drive ●Can summarize text and audio
Cons ●The free trial only lasts 14 days ●The free trial has a maximum file limit of 3 MB

SummarizeBot is an AI and blockchain powered-program. You can send it documents, videos, audio, images, or links. SummarizeBot will summarize their content for you. On top of that, SummarizeBot can keep you up to date with the latest happenings. Search for the latest news, and it will summarize the articles for you.


online article summarizer
G2 Ratings N/A
Pricing $4.17 per month
Pros ●Allows you to summarize by key sentences or paragraphs ●Lets you specify the summary's length ●Accepts DOC files as input
Cons ●Quillbot accepts PDFs as input, but it results in weird formatting ●The free version has a word count limit of 1200

Split Brain Summary Tool

summarize article tool
G2 Ratings N/A
Pricing Free
Pros ●Accepts article URL as input ●Allows you to set summarization ratio ●Supports many languages ●Free tool ●Includes a keyword extractor
Cons ●Split Brain does not let you freely set a summary length. You have to choose from the given options

Split Brain Summary Tool is a free article summarizer built by an indie developer. You can use it completely free of charge. The summary tool accepts text or URLs as input. Then, the output can be a summary or keywords.

What makes this article summary generator so special is its support of so many languages.

NLP Summarizing Tools

Here are other tools you can use to summarize articles. Please note that these tools are more complicated than the tools above.


TextRank is not a program but a technique using algorithms. It is a graph-based ranking model for text processing. You can use it to find the most important sentences and keywords in articles. TextRank is based on PageRank, the algorithm Google uses to rank web pages. Thus, you can rest assured it works.


Sumy is an open-source Python library that provides a collection of text summarization methods. It is simple to use and flexible. That allows developers to easily integrate text summarization capabilities into their applications.

Sumy supports several summarization methods, like TextRank, Luhn, KL-Sum, and more.


Here are some FAQs about article summarizers.

1. How does an article summarizer work?

An article summarizer uses natural language processing (NLP) techniques to analyze a text and identify the most important information. It is achieved through text ranking, keyword extraction, and machine learning algorithms. The summary is then generated by selecting and condensing the most relevant sentences into a shorter form.

2. Are article summarizers accurate?

The accuracy of article summarizers varies depending on the algorithm used and the quality of the input text. While they can provide useful summaries, they may not always capture all details or be prone to errors or bias.

3. Can article summarizers be used for academic research?

Article summarizers can be used for academic research to quickly identify relevant information and evaluate the potential usefulness of a text. However, they should be used with caution as they may not capture all the details necessary for comprehensive analysis.


PDFelement and HiPDF are two tools that have helped many regarding document tasks. Now, they can help you even more. These tools recently received an upgrade. They now have an AI tool powered by ChatGPT. This feature made PDFelement and HiPDF great article summarizers. With the AI tool, you can shorten articles in a few clicks.

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