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Top 10 AI PDF Summarizers for You

Suppose you have to read a PDF, and you see how long the text was. You don't have time to read the entirety of it. What do you do? You can skim it to find the most important pieces of information. But that also takes lots of time. And you may miss some critical points. In this situation, an AI PDF Summarizer is recommended.

These tools allow you to quickly extract key information from the PDF and know what it's about. You have many options. But as usual, not all of them are great. However, you don't have to worry about anything because you have this list. These are the 10 tools to check.

Part 1. How Does an AI PDF Summarizer Work?

What are PDF summarizers? A PDF summarizer is a tool or software that automatically generates concise summaries of PDF documents. It analyzes the content and extracts key information to provide a condensed version of the document's main points.

They typically use natural language processing (NLP) techniques and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to understand the text and extract relevant information. PDF summarizers employ algorithms to identify important sentences, key phrases, or significant sections and generate a summary that captures the essence of the document.

Part 2. Top 10 AI PDF Summarizer

1. Wondershare PDFelement

The very first AI PDF summarizer that you should check is Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor. First and foremost, it is a PDF solution and a reliable one at that. This is a huge plus because you will need a PDF reader or editor anyway.

Check out the video below for a step-by-step guide on how to summarize PDFs with AI using PDFelement:

Key Features:

  • PDF Editing
  • OCR
  • Summarize PDFs with AI
  • Other tools for optimizing PDF summaries, like Proofread, Rewrite, and Explain PDF files
  • Convert PDF files to other formats or vice versa.

Wondershare PDFelement is also one of the best PDF editors.

It offers additional tools that can optimize the PDF summary.

Wondershare PDFelement can summarize scanned documents.

Its Summarize function uses ChatGPT technology, which is one of the most trusted AI tools.


Wondershare PDFelement's free trial ends after 14 days.

You get limited amounts of AI tokens.

How To Summarize PDFs Using AI

PDFelement can quickly generate concise summaries of your PDF documents using AI, highlighting key points and even suggesting insightful questions.

Here's how to use PDFelement to summarize your PDF with AI:

Step 1 Open your PDF in PDFelement.

Step 2 Access the AI Sidebar by clicking the "AI" icon on the right or the "AI Tools" button under the "Home" tab.

pdfelement ai sidebar

Step 3 In the AI Sidebar, click "Summarize PDF" located in the lower right corner. PDFelement will promptly generate a summary, presenting three key points and three insightful questions related to the PDF content.

summarize pdf files

For a quick summarization of specific text within your current PDF file, do the following:

Step 1 Highlight the desired text portion. Click the "AI" button in the floating toolbar. Choose "Summarize" from the options.

summarize text in pdf

Step 2 PDFelement will swiftly generate an abstract along with three key points related to the selected text.

Step 3 To utilize this summary, simply click the "Copy" button within the window and paste it into your current PDF or a new document.

copy pdf summary

Whether you need to extract important information from lengthy reports, research papers, or any other type of PDF document, PDFelement's summarization feature powered by AI can save you time and effort by providing you with a condensed version of the PDF content.

How To Summarize Scanned Documents

One of the most remarkable things about Wondershare PDFelement is that it can also summarize scanned documents. It is one of the few tools that offer both an OCR and a Summarize feature. OCR, in case you did not know, is a technology that converts image text into editable or searchable text. When you open a scanned PDF, you will see a Perform OCR button at the top. Click that button. Then, proceed with the steps provided above.

summarize scanned pdf

2. IntelliPPT

pdf summarizer

Pricing: Free or $5 per month

Key Features:

  • Key sentences extraction
  • AI Summaries
  • Adjustable summary size
  • Text or documents as input

IntelliPPT does not force you to pay. You can use it for free.

The adjustable summary size is very handy.

It accepts PDFs as input, so you don't have to copy-paste text.


IntelliPPT has a 3000-character limit.

The free version is very limited.

You need to register an account to access the 100 free AI summarization tokens.

IntelliPPT is an AI-powered summarizer that can summarize PDFs, DOCX, and text 5x faster than normal. A feature we like is the slider for the summary size. It allows you to set how short or long the summary will be.

Another great thing about it is its pricing. You can use it for free - you only need to sign up, and you'll get 100 free AI summaries! If you decide to pay, it would not be a bad idea either. The pricing for IntelliPPT is cheap.

3. Summarizer.org

pdf summarizer

Pricing: Free

Key Features:

  • Adjustable summary length
  • Import text or files
  • Best Line identifier
  • Bullet list mode
  • Support for 6 languages

You can use Summarizer.org to summarize English, Spanish, Indonesian, Portuguese, French, and Dutch texts.

It offers many summarization modes.

Summarizer.org is 100% free.

There is no word count limit or daily limit.


The summary uses the exact same words as the original text.

It just cuts parts of the text it deems unimportant.

The summary does not have proper formatting.

Summarizer.org is an amazing free tool. It is able to shorten text while capturing the main idea reliably. The lack of word count and daily limits is also a blessing you can't ignore.

However, please note that Summarizer.org only removes sentences the tool thinks are unimportant. So be careful when using the summaries it generates because you may break the plagiarism rules.

4. Get Digest

pdf summarizer

Pricing: Free

Key Features:

  • Set summary length using percentage-of-the-source system
  • Import text, files, or URLs
  • Download the summary as a text file

Get Digest is a free tool.

You can set the summary length.

It offers various methods for importing the text to summarize.


Get Digest has fewer features than other PDF summarizers.

It accepts only text-only PDFs.

There is a 5MB limit to uploads and a 7000-word count limit.

Get Digest offers a very clean interface. And on top of that, it has an intuitive design. Thus, it is very easy to use.

We love how it is able to extract keywords and key sentences reliably. However, don't expect this tool to create one-paragraph summaries. It can't do that.

5. Scholarcy

scholarcy summary pdf

Price: Starts at $9.99 per calendar month

Key Features:

  • Key concept extraction
  • Synopsis creation
  • Abstract
  • Highlights

Scholarcy simultaneously creates different summary flashcards. Thus, you don't have to repeat the process for each mode.

It uses reliable AI.

The tool is powerful and feature-rich.


Scholarcy gives free, unregistered users only 1 use per day.

You don't have control over how long the summary will be.

Scholarcy is a flashcard creation tool. It converts long text into digestible size content. And it is an effective one. The tool uses powerful AI to quickly analyze the text, then write a short summary, an abstract, and a synopsis simultaneously. It also creates flashcards for key concepts and highlight points.

With that said, Scholarcy is one of the best premium options.

6. Summarize-Me

summarize me summarization

Price: $10.94 per calendar year


  • Import PDFs from your local files or Google Drive
  • Summarize texts in three sentences.

You can use Summarize-Me unlimitedly for free.

The summaries it generates make sense. They are not just randomly selected sentences from the original text.


It summarizes text with three sentences arranged in bullet modes.

There are no other summarization modes.

It offers so few features.


pdf2gpt pdf summarizer user interface

Pricing: Free or $5 per month

Key Features:

  • AI-powered summary generation
  • Accepts PDF or URL as an input

PDF2GPT offers a very straightforward workflow

It accepts URLs, so you don't have to have the PDF saved on your device.

The subscription is very affordable.


It does nothing else other than summarize PDFs.

PDF2GPT is a great option if you want to save money and don't want a complicated tool. It is as straightforward as it gets. All you need to do is upload your PDF, and it will generate an AI summary for you.

The subscription is only $5 per month, and it gives a boost to the tool's power. With the paid version, you can upload PDFs up to 200 pages / 75,000 words. Also, PDF2GPT accepts PDFs up to 40 MB in size.

8. Taskade

taskade pdf ai summarizer output

Pricing: Starts at $8 per month for 3 users

Key Features:

  • AI summaries
  • Summarizes PDFs by headings

It summarizes PDFs by headings, so you will not miss any critical information.

Taskade doubles as a powerful task management and collaboration app.


It does not generate summaries in paragraph form.

It does not offer other summarizing features.

Taskade is primarily a task management tool for teams. But its most recent update introduced a bunch of useful tools. One of them is the AI summarizer for PDFs, and it is a reliable one. This feature uses AI to analyze PDFs and then summarize each heading with 3 bullet points each.

Taskade's subscription allows 3 people to use the tool. So it is not as expensive as it looks, since you can split up the cost.

9. All-About-PDF

all about pdf summarizer feature

Pricing: $499 for the Lifetime license or $47.77 per month

Key Features:

  • TL;DR, For Fifth Grader, Meeting Notes, and Keywords summarization modes
  • Create new files for summaries
  • PDF editing

All-About-PDF offers 4 different summarization modes.

It automatically creates a new file containing the summary.


The product is quite expensive.

You can't adjust the summary length.

All-About-PDF is a PDF solution for Windows and Mac. And it is amazing as a PDF summarizer. It offers 4 different summarization modes, namely, TL;DR, For Fifth Grader, Meeting Notes, and Keywords. This allows you to generate summaries for different purposes.

The best thing is that it is just a feature of this tool. You will also get lots of other PDF features. However, please note that it is a little on the expensive side of the spectrum.

10. Semanter

summarizing an article using semanter

Pricing: Free

Key Features:

  • Integrates with web browsers and other apps
  • Multilingual summarization
  • Varying summary size

Semanter is a mobile app; thus, it allows you to summarize on the go

It supports so many languages

You can change the summary size

The integration with web browsers makes it easy to import PDFs.


The summary does not have formatting.

Are you looking for a tool that lets you summarize PDFs on the go? If so, you should download Semanter. It is an article summarizer tool for mobile phones. You can import PDFs from your local files or directly from a web browser.

The most impressive thing about this tool is the number of languages it supports. It includes Dutch, Mandarin, Italian, and many others! Truly, it is one of the best tools you can have installed on your smartphone.

Summarize-Me is a basic PDF summarizer. It can analyze PDFs and explain the main idea in three sentences. The best thing about it is its cloud integration. You don't have to download the PDF document from your Google Drive to import it to Summarize-Me. You can do it directly.

Part 3. FAQs About Summarizing PDFs Using AI

Here are answers to some FAQs about PDF summarizers.

Q1. Is There an AI That Can Summarize a PDF?

PDFelement Lumi AI assistant is a great tool to summarize a PDF. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Open PDFelement and upload the PDF file you want to summarize.
  2. Access the Lumi PDF AI robot icon at the bottom-right of the page or in the floating toolbar. Choose the "Summarize" option and select the PDF for summarization.
  3. Click on "Analysis" and wait for the program to summarize the PDF file.
  4. Copy the generated summary, make any necessary edits, and save or export it as desired.

By following these simplified steps, you can easily summarize a PDF using the Lumi PDFelement AI robot feature in PDFelement.

Q2. What Is the Best AI for Summarizing PDF Files?

PDFelement is the leading AI tool for summarizing PDFs efficiently and accurately. With its intuitive interface and advanced features, it simplifies the process of extracting key information from PDF documents. Here's a brief overview of the steps:

  1. Open PDFelement and upload your PDF file.
  2. Access the Lumi PDF AI robot feature by clicking the AI icon at the bottom right of the interface.
  3. Choose "Summarize" and select the PDF for analysis.
  4. Generate the summary, copy and edit the summary as needed, then save or export it.
Q3. Is There an AI That Summarizes Text?

PDFelement Lumi AI assistant is an excellent tool for summarizing text effortlessly. It offers a convenient way to extract key information from lengthy text. Here's how it works:

  1. Open PDFelement. Look for the Lumi AI assistant icon at the bottom right corner and navigate to the "Summarize" feature.
  2. Copy the text you want to summarize and paste it into the "Summarize" window.
  3. Initiate the summarization process and let PDFelement generate the summary.
  4. Review and refine the summary as needed.

With PDFelement, you can easily copy the text you want to summarize into the dedicated "Summarize" window, allowing you to extract essential information efficiently and effectively.

Q4. How Do I Get ChatGPT To Summarize A PDF?

ChatGTP can summarize your PDF with ease. You will type the "TLDR" command in the chatbox and provide the online link for the file before clicking the "Send" button. This makes it difficult to handle PDFs in your local folder. This is why we recommend that you download and install PDFelement.

This program has a powerful AI reading assistant that lets you seamlessly and conveniently summarize a PDF file. Here, you will open your PDF file on PDFelement and summarize it directly using the PDFelement AI reading assistant. This saves you both time and energy.

Q5. Is ChatGPT Good at Summarizing?

ChatGTP is a great platform for summarizing a document. It provides a simple way to summarize a PDF file online. With ChatGTP, you will type the "TLDR" command in the chatbox and provide the online link for the file before clicking the "Send" button.

While ChatGTP is great, it is not convenient if you are handling PDF files on your device because you will be forced to switch tabs.

Q6. Can a PDF Summarizer Accurately Capture All the Important Details?

That depends on the capabilities and algorithms used by the summarizer tool. Some may be able to capture the main idea but may not include every important detail or nuance.

Q7. Can a PDF Summarizer Handle Documents in Different Languages?

Some PDF summarizers offer support for more than one language. However, you have to select just one language. Thus, problems may arise if a document is written with mixed language.

Q8. Can I Edit or Refine the Generated Summary?

With tools like Wondershare PDFelement, you can. You can proofread, rewrite, and edit the summaries using the wide collection of features that it offers.


It is crystal clear that AI has revolutionized how we summarize PDF documents. The amazing processing speed and accuracy take our productivity to another level. However, not every AI-powered summarizer offers the desired experience; hence, you should be careful when selecting.

The Lumi PDFelement AI robot easily becomes the best tool to summarize PDF documents. The ease of use, reliability, convenience, speed, and amazing accuracy makes it a must-have AI PDF summarizer. It is suitable for all types and sizes of PDF files. Download the Lumi PDFelement AI robot and summarize your PDF files easily and quickly.

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