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Top 10 Summarizing Tools Without Plagiarism You Should Know

Perhaps you want to summarize some documents into paragraphs for easy reading or presentation. You desire an accurate and plagiarism-free summary generator for an effective and appealing summary. However, you are struggling to find a good tool to summarize paragraphs into short and concise paragraphs.

If you don't find the right passage summarizer, you will waste time and energy only for a poor summary. You will struggle to impress your client or hit target productivity levels. To avoid this, you ought to use the right paragraph summary generator. These tools, including Wondershare PDFelement, are designed to streamline the summarization process and ensure your success in creating engaging and accurate paragraph summaries.

paragraph summarizer

1. Wondershare PDFelement - AI Paragraph Summary Generator

Check plagiarism: 100% unique

paragraph summary generator

Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor stands out as a premier summarizing tool without plagiarizing, widely favored by students, teachers, and companies. This program has an inbuilt AI-powered summary assistant that takes how you summarize documents to another level. PDFelement summarize tool is designed to comprehend and summarize document with ease and speed.

It captures key information from articles and presents them as summarized points in an attractive and professional style. You can then copy the summary to other documents. The beauty of PDFelement is that it handles all kinds of files, including scanned PDF files.

The steps are straightforward. You don't need an expert because the icons are elaborate, and the process is not lengthy. If you are unsatisfied with the summary, you can delete it and restart the process. This document allows you to upload a file, copy the target content, and summarize on the platform. Irrespective of the size of your document, PDFelement summarizes it without noticeable speed changes.

How To Use Wondershare PDFelement Summarizing Tool Without Plagiarizing

Here's a streamlined guide on using PDFelement to efficiently summarize documents without plagiarizing using AI:

Full Document Summarization:

Step 1. Open your PDF in PDFelement.

Step 2. Access the AI Sidebar by clicking the "AI" icon on the right or the "AI Tools" button under the "Home" tab.

access ai sidebar for plagiarism free summary

Step 3. In the AI Sidebar, click "Summarize PDF" located in the lower right corner. PDFelement will promptly generate a summary, presenting three key points and three insightful questions related to the content.

summarize pdf without plagiarism

Quick Paragraph Summarization:

Step 1. Highlight the desired text portion.

Step 2. Click the "AI" button in the floating toolbar and choose "Summarize" from the options.

ai floating bar summarize text

Step 3. PDFelement will swiftly generate a summary along with three key points related to the selected text.

ai floating bar for quick summary

Step 4. To use this summary, simply click the "Copy" button within the window and paste it into your current PDF or a new document.

Ensuring Plagiarism-Free Summaries:

To create plagiarism-free summaries, you can leverage the "Rewrite" feature of PDFelement to paraphrase and refine the generated summary:

Step 1. In the AI Sidebar, click the "Rewrite" command and paste the generated summary.

rewrite summary for plagiarism gree

Step 2. Click the "Send" icon, and PDFelement will provide you with a rewritten version for originality and uniqueness.

If you want to ensure that your summary is entirely free from plagiarism, it's essential to take a proactive approach by thoroughly reviewing the content. While advanced tools and AI-driven summarization processes can significantly aid in generating concise and original summaries, the human touch remains indispensable.

G2 Ratings 4.5 out of 5 stars from 539 reviews

●It offers a free trial version.

●It provides a yearly plan that goes for $79.99 and a one-time license at $129.99


●The process is straightforward.

●Users can upload a file to summarize or directly paste the content they want to summarize.

●It allows users to copy or replace the response with the original document.

●If you are unsatisfied with the response, you can delete and restart the summary.

Cons This amazing summary generator is only available on PDFelement version 9.5.0 and above.

2. HiPDF Online Paragraph Summarize Tool Without Plagiarism

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paragraph summarizer free

HiPDF summarize tool is an amazing online summary generator that combines the functionalities of HiPDF and ChatGTP. This tool allows you to seamlessly interact with reports, textbooks, and papers for free. Since the HiPDF summarizes ChatGTP, integrated with the ChatGPT power tool, it leverages artificial intelligence to analyze and summarize your documents efficiently, flawlessly, and effortlessly.

HiPDF summarize tool lets you upload your document from the respective folder or cloud. Furthermore, you can also use the drag-and-drop method. When the document is uploaded for summary, HiPDF summarizes tool analyzes the content. It then summarizes the long paragraphs and extracts key content. This way, it easily finds the information you need.

G2 Ratings Five out of 5 stars from 24 reviews
Pricing It offers a free trial and a premium plan at $3.33 per month.

●It lets users chat with the document to get the summary, main points, or keywords seamlessly.

●The steps of summarizing a document are simple and can be done by newbies.

●It can summarize long paragraphs without significant speed changes.

●Users can upload the target files from a local computer or cloud.


●You cannot summarize your document without the internet.

●The free version is limited, and you can only unlock the premium features by subscribing to the premium version.

●You cannot summarize image-based PDF files.

●The PDF file to be summarized must be open online.

3. TLDR This - Paragraph Summarizing Tool

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paragraph summarizer online

TLDR This is a powerful online paragraph summaize tool without plagiarizing that summarizes long texts into organized and easy-to-read content. With this tool, you can paste the text you want to summarize or enter the URL text of the respective article. The beauty of TLDR This is that you have several options to choose from. You can generate key sentences, AI summaries, short/concise summaries, or detailed/section-wise summaries. Furthermore, you can choose to display important keywords.

G2 Ratings 5 out of 5 stars from 24 reviews

●It has a free version.

●The starter version goes for $4.00 per month.

●The professional version goes for $8.25 per month.


●It has a simple interface that makes it easy to summarize documents.

●It is intelligent and can extract Metadata.

●It is compatible with several browsers.

●It provides more output options, and users can personalize their summary.


●It is pricey.

●It does not handle scanned or image-based files.

●You cannot upload a file directly. You either paste the content or the URL link.

4. Summary Generator

Check plagiarism: 100% unique

free paragraph summarizer

The summary generator is a free simple online tool that allows users to summarize texts. This tool is based on open-source text summarization software. The interface is simple, and you can easily summarize your texts without struggling. Simply paste the text that you want to summarize into the text area and click the "Summarize" button.

When the output is ready, click the "Copy" button to copy the result. You can also clear and restart the process by clicking the respective button. If you need a simple text summarizer, then Summary Generator is a good option.

G2 Ratings Not available
Pricing It is free.
Pros It is simple and easy to use. Newbies can summarize texts with ease.

●It cannot handle scanned or image-based files.

●It offers basic functions.

5. ChatGPT by Open AI

Check plagiarism: 100% unique

free paragraph summary generator

ChatGTP by Open AI is one of the fastest-growing paragraph summary generators. It is no surprise that millions of people are actively using it. This platform leverages artificial intelligence to analyze and summarize texts into desired sizes. ChatGTP, as the name suggests, gives users a platform to summarize documents conversationally. You simply give it a summary command and paste the text or the respective file path. This tool is easy to use and fast. You can issue commands to personalize your summary and seamlessly meet your needs.

G2 Ratings 5 out of 5 stars for 40 reviews.
Pricing At the moment, it is free. However, it is expected to start subscriptions in the future.

●This tool is simple and not challenging for newbies.

●It is super-fast.

●Users can issue commands to personalize output summary.


●It cannot summarize image-based files.

●You can only summarize a file that is available online. It cannot access files from the local folder.

6. Paraphraser for Summary

Check plagiarism: 100% unique

summarise paragraph generator

Paraphraser is a simple yet useful online text free summarizer and paraphraser. This tool paraphrases an article, book, or research paper into main points for easy reading. Paraphraser uses two major techniques to summarize a document: abstractive and extraction summarization.

G2 Ratings Not available
Pricing It is free.

●It supports more than eight languages.

●You can choose your summary in bullets, best line, or ranked base.

●Users can upload a file or text for a summary.

●Users can adjust the length of the summary by dragging the given slider.


●It cannot summarize image-based documents.

●It doesn't have advanced features.

●It struggles with larger files.

7. Editpad Summarizer

Check plagiarism: 100% unique

paragraph summarizer online

Editpad summarizer is a free summarizing tool without plagiarizing worth trying. Users can switch between a basic summarizer and an AI summarizer to meet their needs. With this tool, you can adjust the length of the output summary by dragging the length slider. Editpad summarizer provides accurate summary results and supports more than 11 languages.

G2 Ratings 3 out 5 stars for 5 reviews

●It is 100% free.

●The pro student version at $9

●The pro monthly version at $29


●It supports over 11 different languages.

●It gives accurately summarized texts.

●It allows users to download the output summary in doc format.


●The pro versions are pricey.

●It is a bit slow and struggles with long texts.

●It cannot handle image-based files.

8. Quillbot Paragraph Summarizer

Check plagiarism: 90% unique

passage summarizer

Quillbot summarizer is an easy yet effective tool for summarizing articles and documents and papers into key points. This tool is fast, easy to use, and summarizes any text with a button click. Quillbot summarizer is powered by AI that seamlessly extracts key points from the target document/texts. It can summarize based on key sentences or paragraph modes, depending on your preferences.

The key sentence mode lists the key points in bullets. You can adjust the length slider to adjust the number of bullets you need. The paragraph mode presents the summary in paragraphs, and you can control the length by adjusting the length slider. The beauty of this tool is that it identifies critical information and summarizes the article without changing the original context.

G2 Ratings Not rated

●It offers a free version. However, users can upgrade to the premium version for better features.

●The premium version is available at $9.95 per month or $49.95 billed annually.


●It allows users to summarize in paragraph or sentence mode.

●It can summarize most types of documents, including long articles and essays.

●It provides a functional free version.

●You can adjust the length of the output summary by dragging the provided length slider.


●The free version is much more limited, while the premium version is too pricey.

●It cannot summarize scanned or image-based documents.

9. Resoomer Summarizer and Paraphraser

Check plagiarism: 80% unique

summary paragraph generator

Resoomer is an easy-to-use paragraph summary generator without plagiarism. This platform generates the main points from a PDF with a simple click. Resoomer suits all documents, including scientific, historical, and research papers. It can be used by various professionals, including professors, journalists, college students, readers, editors, and press releases.

G2 Ratings Not available
Pricing It has a free ad-laden version and a premium version that goes for $10.79.

●It is simple, and newbies won't struggle to summarize texts.

●Users can paste text or upload a file directly for a summary.

●It is compatible with several browsers.

●It supports up to 13 different languages.


●Users complain of slow customer service response.

●It is ad-laden.

●It is not that fast.

10. Summarizing tool

Check plagiarism: 70% unique

paragraph summarizer online

Summarizing tool is a simple yet useful paragraph summarizer. This tool identifies your texts' main ideas and summarizes them with a simple click. You can upload the file you want to summarize or paste the text in the box. This tool lets you control the size of your output summary. You can slide the bar to select between short and long summaries.

G2 Ratings Not yet rated.
Pricing It is free.

●Registration is not compulsory.

●Users can adjust the size of their output summary.

●It is safe.

●It uses AI to obtain useful information while keeping the original context.


●It is not feature-rich.

●It cannot handle image-based files.

How to Summarize without Plagiarizing?

Summarizing documents without plagiarizing is a crucial skill that requires a balance between accurately conveying the main ideas and presenting the information in your own words. Here are comprehensive tips to help you achieve this:

1. Use an AI Summarizing Tool

An AI summarizing tool first understand the document and then summarize the document in its own word to reduce plagiarism, while the traditional summarizing tool tends to make the content shorter maintaining the original stucture.

2. Use Your Own Words

Express the ideas in the document using your unique language. Avoid copying sentences verbatim; instead, rephrase the information in a way that reflects your understanding. This ensures that your summary is an original representation of the content, reducing the risk of unintentional plagiarism.

3. Focus on Key Information

Prioritize essential concepts and findings while omitting unnecessary details. Highlight the most critical information to maintain the integrity of the original document. A concise summary that captures the essence of the content is more effective and less likely to be perceived as plagiarism.

4. Paraphrase Effectively

Practice effective paraphrasing to convey the same meaning with different words and sentence structures. While maintaining accuracy, strive to introduce variety in your language. This skill is fundamental in avoiding verbatim copying, as it allows you to reframe ideas in a manner that is both original and faithful to the document's intent.

5. Cite Sources Appropriately

When required, provide proper citations to credit the original source. Follow the guidelines of the relevant citation style, such as APA, MLA, or Chicago. Clearly distinguish between your original insights and information sourced from the document, ensuring transparency and ethical use of information.

6. Add Your Insights

Introduce your perspective or insights when appropriate. This not only enhances the originality of your summary but also showcases your understanding of the material. Clearly differentiate between the author's ideas and your own commentary, providing a more nuanced and personalized summary.

7. Check for Plagiarism

Utilize plagiarism detection tools to ensure your summary is free of unintentional similarities with the original text. If you include direct quotes, place them in quotation marks and provide accurate source information. This step is crucial for maintaining academic and professional integrity.

8. Review and Revise

Proofread your summary to catch any unintentional similarities that may be perceived as plagiarism. Ensure that your summary accurately represents the key points from the original document. Revision is a crucial step in refining your summary and eliminating any unintentional echoes of the original text.


Finding the right summary generator without plagiarizing can be tedious, especially if you are a newbie. However, this article has taken the complexity out of the equation, providing a streamlined path for your summarization needs. Among the myriad of exceptional tools available, Wondershare PDFelement stands out as the ultimate choice. Remember, though, that even with these powerful tools, you should always check the summary thoroughly to ensure it is entirely plagiarism-free, maintaining the highest standards of content originality and integrity.

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