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Top 8 Online Summarization Tools You Can Count On

Are you looking for a tool that can summarize essays or articles for you? There are many programs like that on the Internet. Even better, many of them are usable for free. The best thing about it is they're available no matter where you go. However, it's best to pick the best online summarization tool. This ensures the summary the tool generates makes sense and is not just random words glued together.

So, what tools should you use? Let us help you with that. Here is a list of the best online summary creators.

online summarization

The Best Offline Text Summarizer

Online text summarizers are great. However, you can't rely on them all the time. If there's a power outage or you lose your internet connection, you can't access them. That's why having offline text summarizers is wise.

Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is your best option. ChatGPT also powers its summarizer, so accuracy is not an issue. Furthermore, it extracts the key points from the article.

online summarizer tool

The best thing about choosing PDFelement as your text summarizer is you'll get more than that. Wondershare PDFelement is a powerful PDF tool, complete with all the tools you'd need for document management. It can convert files from and to PDF, compress PDFs, and even make image text editable! This software also allows you to add certified digital signatures or handwritten signatures to documents.

With a wide array of useful tools on top of a reliable text summarizer, Wondershare PDFelement is unrivaled.


online summarization

G2 Ratings: A G2 review says that HiPDF is the best free online PDF tool. They love how it lets you edit PDFs and download them with security.


HiPDF is free

HiPDF's summarizer is powered by Chat GPT

The platform allows you to "chat" with the PDF.

Extracts keywords and key sentences


Accepts only PDFs as input

The number of questions you can ask text the PDF is limited in the free version

The page limit for the free version is 20 pages only

HiPDF is the best online PDF tool out there. For starters, this tool does not require you to pay money to be usable. Almost all of the features are available for free. And these features are no joke. The Chat with PDF feature, which allows you to summarize text, is very advanced. Not only does it summarize articles for you, but it also allows you to learn more.

HiPDF's Chat with PDF feature provides you with questions relevant to the topic of the PDF. Select one, and the program will generate an answer for you through its integration with ChatGPT. Indeed, it is the best free online summarization tool for learners.


summarizer online

G2 Ratings: A G2 review says Editpad has too many features useful for technical and non-technical purposes.


Supports 11 languages

Accepts files as input

Allows you to set summary length using percentages

Integrated with other writing tools, such as a Plagiarism Checker

Download the output as a file


The AI Summarizer is locked behind the Pro version

Editpad is a great online summarization tool. It offers two summarization modes. The free one extracts the key points and puts them in a bullet list. Meanwhile, the AI Summarizer writes human-like summaries.

Another great feature of Editpad is it supports 11 languages. Italian, Spanish, Indonesian, and Malay are some of the languages on this list.


online summarization

Allows you to enter an article URL as an input

Different ways to set how long the summary would be

Shows best words

Highlights keywords


Tool4noobs can't generate human-like summaries.

Tools4noobs is a completely free online summarization tool. It's easy to import your articles here because it accepts text or URLs as input. Furthermore, the tool is very simple but has enough features to make it interesting. For example, you can set the summary length by adjusting the percentage slider or by setting your desired number of lines.

Unfortunately, Tols4noobs can't generate summaries that look like they're written by humans. It always extracts the key points and puts them in key sentences arranged as a bullet list. Nevertheless, Tools4noobs is still an incredible summary tool.


online summarization tool

G2 Ratings: A G2 review says that Prepostseo is the best in the free writing tools category.


Prepostseo accepts Word, PDF, and TXT files as input.

Recognizes 12 languages

Allows you to set the summary length by the number of words or sentences

Integrated with a Grammar Checker and a Plagiarism checker


There is a captcha every time you use the tool

The word limit for the free version is low

Prepostseo is a popular online writing website that provides its visitors with a plagiarism checker, a paraphraser, and a summarization tool. Its most noteworthy feature is its ability to summarize text written in 12 languages. Also, it provides you with so much control over the output, letting you set the number of words.


online summarization tool

Supports different languages

Extracts keywords and key points

Adjust summary length

Accepts files as input


It can't summarize long articles

Summarizingtool.io is a free online multi-language text summarizer. It has three tabs, namely Summary, Key Points, and Keywords. The two extra tabs allow you to quickly identify the article's main idea and focus.

Unfortunately, most free tools have glaring limitations. In our testing, this program failed to summarize long articles. But if your article is less than 1,000 words long, you should be good.


summary tool online free

G2 Ratings: A user wrote on G2, saying that the most impressive thing about Canva is its user-friendly interface. Even for people without experience, it is easy to use.


Uses AI to generate summaries

Built within a document editor

Integrated with other design and marketing tools


It requires registration

The feature is still new, so checking the summary before sharing is a must

Canva is a known platform for graphic designers. But did you know you can also use it to edit documents? Moreover, it has an AI text summarizer you can use to shorten articles. The website says the feature is new and developing, so you should review the summaries it generates. In our testing, the feature did well. So it's one you can count on, especially if you're in the graphic design or marketing field.

7.Rephrase.info Summarizer

summary tool online free

G2 Ratings: A user shared on G2 how much they loved Rephrase.info's intuitive interface. Furthermore, they said this tool ensures that plagiarism would not be much of a problem since it generates original text.


Supports 8 languages

Integrated with other writing tools

Lets you upload a file to input the text to summarize


Only summarizes text using key points. It can't generate human-like summaries

It does not allow you to set the summary length

There is a captcha every time you use it

Rephraser.info offers a free online text summarizer that's super easy to use. Just import the article, select the appropriate language, and click the Summarize button. And bam! You have your summary. You can use the platform's plagiarism or paraphraser tools afterward using the built-in buttons. This creates a very fluid workflow.

Sadly, Rephraser.info's Summarizer tool does not let you adjust the summary length. Furthermore, it can't generate human-like summaries.

8.Utilities Online Text Summarizer

summary tool online free

Ranks text

Identifies the best sentence

No word limit


Allows you to set the summary length


Utilities Online can't write human-like summaries.

Utilities Online has a very reliable text summarizer. It is a 100% free tool that lets you put in as many words as you want. In other words, there is no word count limit.

Another great feature of this text summarizer is it ranks the sentences. The grades will tell you how great those sentences are, allowing you to make informed decisions for marketing.


Online summarizers don't have a shortage. There are so many to choose from. But of course, it's a must to seek the best one and stick to it. HiPDF is a great option, as its summarizer also unlocks more learning opportunities. Additionally, HiPDF offers free, unlimited document processing. It's really generous.

We also recommend installing offline summarizers. Wondershare PDFelement is a great pick, as it offers more than the summarizer tool.

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