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AI Proofreaders: What They Are & What The Top Tools Are

Are you an aspiring author? Are you writing an essay for school? Perhaps, you are a journalist writing an article. No matter who you are, you need to ensure your piece does not have missing punctuation marks. Furthermore, it should follow correct grammar. AI proofreaders can help you accomplish that. They'll check your piece for any errors and help you correct them.

Which AI proofreader should you use, though? There are so many options. And this article will show you the most reliable ones.

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What Is AI Proofreading?

Proofreading is the process in which a person reads a text before it is published or shared. The proofreader looks for any errors and marks them so that the writer can correct them. It is the second-to-the-last stage of writing, with revising being the absolute last.

Traditionally, you'll have another person - a grammar expert - as a proofreader. But now, we have digital tools at our disposal. You can now use AI proofreaders to proofread and edit the text yourself.

AI proofreaders are software programs that use artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect errors and suggest corrections. They help you correct spelling, grammar, formatting, etc. Furthermore, AI proofreaders help you select better words for a sentence.

Here is a list of reputable AI proofreaders on the market. Give them a try and see how you feel about them.

1.Wondershare PDFelement

pdfelement ai proofreading

G2 Ratings: A user review on G2 says that PDFelement is the most effective PDF solution. They loved how big its toolbox is and how it's able to provide the "best service."


Wondershare PDFelement's proofreading function is powered by state-of-the-art AI.

Rewrites the content for you.

PDFelement explains why it considers something an error.


Free trial version only has 5,000 tokens to try the proofreading feature.

Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is one of the best PDF tools out there. But it is not just a PDF solution. It can do other things, too. That's especially true after the addition of a new feature: Lumi, the PDF AI robot. This brand-new feature can proofread, summarize, explain, and expand text.

The best thing about this AI proofreader is it explains why it thinks something is wrong. Then, for your convenience, PDFelement rewrites the content with all the corrections. You can use the Replace original text function to quickly replace the text in the PDF. You can also copy the text and paste it into another file.


ai proofreading

G2 Ratings: A user review on G2 describes Grammarly as a "content writing essential." They say it is a game-changer because it has caught countless errors and made helpful suggestions.


Accessible anywhere.

Grammarly grades the readability of the content.

Grammarly lets you adjust the goals to set the tone of the text.

Suggestions are not only for grammar but also for clarity and engagement.


The free version does not have access to all the proofreading tools.

Grammarly is one of the most popular writing tools right now, and that is for a reason. It is an exceptional proofreading tool. Grammarly scans what you write in the editor in real time. Then, it quickly makes suggestions. With that, this AI proofreader improves grammar, spelling, and punctuation use.

But that is not all. Grammarly also makes suggestions to make sentences clearer. Also, it thinks about how engaging the content is.

That said, Grammarly is a proofreading tool that can set you up as a successful writer.


ai proofreading

G2 Ratings: A wrote on G2, expressing their love for LanguageTool. They said they love it because it is an open-source style and grammar checker. Also, they loved how LanguageTool supports many languages.


Available as a Google Chrome extension.

Connected to a paraphraser that quickly rewrites content.


Some features are locked behind the Pro version.

LanguageTool is one of the most advanced AI proofreaders. Aptly named, this tool supports over 20 languages and styles. It's a versatile tool that people across the world can use.

LanguageTool is also available as a Google Chrome extension or an MS Word add-in. Using these forms of the tool can streamline your workflow.


ai proofreading

G2 Ratings: A user posted a review on G2, highly recommending WhiteSmoke. They said it is very simple and straightforward to use. According to the reviewer, WhiteSmoke has all the tools you need, so it is very cost-effective.


WhiteSmoke offers a Grammar Checker, Spell Checker, Style Checker, and Punctuation Checker.

Available as a web-based program or a desktop application.


You can't use this AI proofreader for free.

WhiteSmoke has gained the respect of many writers and business people. This AI proofreader does not only check for spelling and punctuation errors. It goes beyond that. WhiteSmoke also checks for style mistakes and suggests words better suited for a sentence.

If you're looking for a powerful AI proofreader, Whitesmoke is undoubtedly one of your best choices. The catch is that it is not a free tool. Thankfully, it is quite affordable.


ai proofreading

G2 Ratings: A user posted on G2, saying that you can use Ginger Software to make your sentences look professional. They loved the software program's various features, especially the rephrasing tool and the synonyms tool.


Available as a Google Chrome extension that you can access from any website.

Also available as a desktop program.

Makes double-clicking a tool to see synonyms or word definition.


The one-click correction feature is not available. You have to retype the words based on the tool's suggestion.

Ginger is a very useful AI proofreading tool. We love how it is available as a Google Chrome extension. That means you can access this tool with a single click. As a proofreader, it is not too shabby, either. It is able to detect errors in spelling, grammar, and style. The Rephrase feature is very helpful too! With one click, Ginger Software suggests different ways to write your selected content.

Ginger Software is available as a free tool. But if you want to unlock more capabilities, you can upgrade to the Pro version.

6.Wordvice AI

ai proofreading

G2 Ratings: Not Available


Wordvice AI is free to use.

It is capable of proofreading voice recordings.


Wordvice AI does not let you edit the text within its interface.

Wordvice AI is a standout among other AI proofreaders because of its unique capability. You can use this tool to record your voice and convert your speech to text. Then, Wordvice AI proofreads the text and shows you suggestions. You'd think a tool with this capability would cost you money. But Wordvice AI is free! That is impressive.

However, please keep this in mind. Wordvice AI does not offer a "one-click" fix feature. You have to rewrite the content based on its suggestions. Furthermore, proofreading is not done in real time. You have to click the Proofread Now button to start the analysis.


ai proofreading

G2 Ratings: Not Available


Details every error it finds.

Gives examples you can look at to ensure that a mistake will not happen again.

It has an "Accept All" button that corrects all the mistakes Engram has found.


The analysis is not in real-time. You need to paste the text and then click Submit first.

The free version has a word-per-text field limit of 150 and a daily limit of 300 words.

Engram is a good AI proofreading tool since it lets you correct all errors in one click. Also, the examples it gives you enable learning. This can help you avoid the same mistakes in the future. But please note that you need to upgrade to the Premium version. The daily limit of 300 words would not be enough for professional writing.


AI proofreading is a faster way of correcting grammar and other errors than traditional proofreading. You don't have to wait for the grammarian to return the document to you days after you send it. Instead, you can do the revisions immediately. The AI proofreaders also explain the mistakes to you, so you learn a lot while editing.

That said, you should try using an AI proofreader. Wondershare PDFelement is a good choice since it offers a lot of value. It can proofread text or PDFs, explain the errors, and rewrite the content automatically. That expedites the process a lot. And on top of this powerful AI proofreading tool, PDFelement also offers lots of other features.

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