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As most of the tools have integrated generative AI tools into their system, Adobe Acrobat has recently decided to jump into this trend with the launch of its AI assistant. With the use of this feature, you can improve your understanding of PDF content by asking questions related to the document. Read this article to analyze all the features introduced in the Adobe Acrobat AI assistant.

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    1. Pricing Plans of Adobe Acrobat AI
    1. One-Click Summary
    2. Ask AI Assistant
  1. How to Use Adobe Acrobat AI?
  2. Verdict of AI Assistant of Adobe Acrobat
    1. Step-by-Step Guide to Utilize AI Features of PDFelement AI Sidebar
  3. A Detailed Comparison of Adobe AI and PDFelement AI

Part 1. A Complete Overview of Adobe Acrobat AI

Adobe Acrobat is one of the prominent PDF reading and editing tools that comes with powerful features. Through advancements in technology, an amazing element that this PDF tool achieved is its integration with AI. This integration led to the innovative creation of Adobe Acrobat AI Assistant, which can assist users in many ways.

adobe acrobat ai assistant

By utilizing the AI abilities of this tool, handling your PDF documents and extracting the required data from them is easier than ever. You can make various creative changes to your document through its AI assistant, where you can also chat with it freely. Plus, Adobe Pro AI even lets you summarize your whole document and allows you to show or hide the sources of its generated responses.

Pricing Plans of Adobe Acrobat AI

  • AI Assistant for Acrobat Monthly Plan: $4.99 per month
  • AI Assistant for Acrobat Yearly Plan: $59.88 per year

Part 2. Key Features of Adobe Acrobat AI

As we already know, Adobe Acrobat is full of unique features and has vast customization capabilities. However, the innovation of its AI assistant has taken it to the next level through natural language processing. Some of the key features of Adobe Acrobat Pro AI are mentioned below.

1. One-Click Summary

This AI PDF editing tool allows you to summarize the whole document in a single click through its AI assistant. Notably, it summarizes the content in a highly organized form through headings and bullet points for ease of content extraction. Furthermore, you can even copy the summarized content, either the whole or any section of it, with a single click.

summarization feature of adobe acrobat ai

2. Ask AI Assistant

Along with handling the added PDF content, Acrobat AI Assistant also lets you chat with it about anything. You can either ask for specific details about the content in your PDF or about any random query that comes to your mind. Also, it provides users with the sources of its responses for better reliability over authenticity.

ask ai assistant feature

Part 3. How to Use Adobe Acrobat AI?

Though it seems quite advanced after learning about the unique features of AI Adobe Acrobat, the use of it is pretty simple. This section will let you explore the detailed step-by-step guide to learn how to use this AI-powered PDF tool effectively.


First, launch the Adobe Acrobat application on your system and wait for it to load. Then, click the “Open File” button to import the relevant document from your device.

import file to adobe acrobat ai

Once imported, tap the “Summarize” icon from the top right corner of its interface to get instant summarization of your document. You can also copy the summarized content by clicking the “Copy” option provided in every section.

generate summary with one click

To chat with the AI assistant freely, hit the “AI Assistant” button from the upper right corner. There, you can input any query related to a document or any random one in the provided chat box. After that, hit the “Enter” key to let the AI assistant generate responses.

use ai assistant for chat

Part 4. Verdict of AI Assistant of Adobe Acrobat

The responses generated by Adobe Acrobat Pro AI seem quite accurate and reasonable. However, it's still a new feature that was introduced recently, so there are some limitations to the extent of its usage. For now, it lacks a one-click prompt for features like proofreading and translation. It’s expected to come with some more improvements and features soon.

Part 5. Wondershare PDFelement – The Best Alternative to Adobe AI Assistant 

Upon discussing Adobe AI features in detail, let's shift our discussion towards its best alternative available in the market. There are many options available in the market that can provide AI assistance to users while reading PDFs. However, Wondershare PDFelement stands out as the best Adobe Acrobat Pro AI replacement due to the diverse AI features it offers to the users.

Using its AI Sidebar, you can chat with PDF to understand the content in the document properly. Moreover, users can get their queries related to any topic answered with the help of the “Chat with AI” feature. Similar to Adobe Acrobat AI, this PDF management tool lets you get a concise summary of PDF content with a single click.

pdfelement ai sidebar assistant

Other than that, this AI assistant can proofread your documents to identify and rectify mistakes. However, this AI feature is absent from AI Adobe Acrobat, which reduces its functionality compared to PDFelement. In addition, Adobe Acrobat Pro AI lacks the AI-generated document detection feature that is present in this advanced tool.

With its AI assistant, you can even translate PDFs to multiple languages for global reach. Moreover, you can also utilize the AI capabilities of this tool to convert PDF to Markdown. All in all, the PDFelement AI Sidebar provides you with many more options than Adobe AI Assistant.

Step-by-Step Guide to Utilize AI Features of PDFelement AI Sidebar

Now, you have a good knowledge of the AI features of PDFelement that can help you comprehend document content. Let's move forward to discuss how to utilize the AI features of this tool to generate the desired responses.

Step1Import Document to PDFelement for Better Comprehension

After downloading PDFelement on your device, launch this AI tool on your system to begin the process. Once you access its main interface, click on the “Open PDF” button to import the desired PDF you want to comprehend better.

import pdf to ai tool
Step2Access the AI Sidebar to Chat with PDF

Upon importing the PDF file, press the “AI” icon on the right toolbar to enter the AI sidebar window. From here, click on the “Chat with PDF” tab to ask anything related to the document from the AI assistant. After entering the “Prompt,” hit the “Send” icon to get a response from AI.

access ai sidebar and chat with pdf
Step3Shift to Chat with AI Tab to Generate AI Content

Afterward, you can shift to the “Chat with AI” tab to reveal the relevant text box. Now, ask the AI to write anything for you using a simple chat prompt. Once the prompt is written, press the “Send” icon to let this Adobe Editor AI alternative generate accurate written text for you.

chat with ai about any topic 
Step4Access AI Tools Drop-down Menu to Utilize Other AI Prompts

Moving forward, you can also utilize other one-click prompts present in PDFelement by accessing the “AI Tools” drop-down menu. From here, press any of the prompts, such as “Proofread PDF,” to let the AI assistant do its magic. 

access ai tools drop-down menu

Part 6. A Detailed Comparison of Adobe AI and PDFelement AI

After going through all the basic features of both these AI tools, you might have made up your mind about the AI assistant of your choice. Readers still confused about which tool to pick to improve PDF comprehension can go through this detailed comparison table.

Metrics Adobe AI PDFelement AI

Adobe Acrobat Pro: $29.99 per month

Adobe Acrobat Standard: $22.99 per month

AI Assistant Add-on Monthly Plan: $4.99 per month

AI Assistant Add-on Yearly Plan: $59.88 per year

Yearly Plan: $79.99

Perpetual Plan: $129.99

One-Click Summary
Chat with PDF
Ask AI about Anything
One-Click Translation X
AI PDF Detection X
One-Click PDF Proofreading X
AI PDF to Markdown X
Accurate Responses
Cost-Effective X

Through this comparison table, you can easily conclude that PDFelement is a better AI tool than Adobe Acrobat AI. With its cost-efficient plans and diverse AI features, you can improve PDF content comprehension in the simplest way possible.


All in all, we can say that Adobe AI is a good inclusion in the already saturated AI assistant market. However, it lacks some features that are present in other AI tools, such as PDFelement. Therefore, we recommend you utilize the AI Sidebar of Wondershare PDFelement for better document text understanding. With its one-click prompts, users can efficiently perform relevant AI-related tasks.

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