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50 Funny/Inspirational Thanksgiving Quotes To Express Your Gratitude

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When you host a Thanksgiving event for friends or family, you want to make it lit and leave unforgettable memories. However, Thanksgiving is not complete without fun activities and statements. One of the best ways to spark fun and create a memorable event is by using Thanksgiving quotes to spice up your messages.

However, you don't want to spend your time and energy looking for funny thanksgiving quotes without success. Well, here are some of the best funny/inspirational Thanksgiving quotes to express your gratitude.

thanksgiving quotes

Part 1: Thanksgiving Quotes To Express Gratitude

Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving quote to express gratitude are inseparable. People love to give Thanksgiving quotes to show gratitude for the contribution, success, or well-being of family members, friends, or colleagues.

Thanksgiving quotes can come in various ways, including verses, poems, riddles, or cards. Whichever form, Thanksgiving quotes play a significant role, and scores of people love to have them in their events.

Whether you are new or a veteran in Thanksgiving events, try Thanksgiving quotes to express gratitude and see how you effortlessly light the event.

Part 2: 15 Funny Thanksgiving Quotes for Friends

A Thanksgiving event for friends cannot be any better than when fun reigns. Putting up that smile while waiting for delicious meals, interacting with favorite friends, or eating something special gives Thanksgiving a taste of its own kind. However, the fun cannot just come from stories, riddles, or games.

One of the easiest ways to crack fun at Thanksgiving is via funny Thanksgiving quotes for friends. Yes, these funny Thanksgiving jokes will light your event, and you don't want to miss them. The following are some of the best funny Thanksgiving quotes for friends.

1. I welcomed my neighbors to my house for a feast and then killed them and took their land.

2. In my family, gravy is considered a beverage.

3. In Thanksgiving, just eat a lot, and you won't suffer alone.

4. The hardest question on Thanksgiving should be why you are not eating.

5. We have decided it is not a turkey but a swan for this year's Thanksgiving.

6. I failed many tests this year except Thanksgiving's test because my stomach is never wrong.

funny thanksgiving quote

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7. The worst mistake in a Thanksgiving is arriving late. You probably won't heal, and you shouldn't.

8. We are a week and a half away from Thanksgiving but looking more like Christmas.

9. Thanksgiving is the only day in our calendar when gluttony becomes a patriotic duty.

10. I can't be a turkey farmer. Every day would be Thanksgiving.

11. Feed them during Thanksgiving at your own risk. They won't leave!

12. I didn't trust myself to hold my place at the front of the Thanksgiving food line. So I hired a professional. I hope my family is getting along with him.

13. We may agree on many things, but we will never agree if you talk too much instead of serving me on Thanksgiving.

14. You are an idiot if you turn down a Thanksgiving invitation. You won't be fit to attend any other event.

15. The most grateful people at Thanksgiving didn't even cook.

Part 3: 10 Inspirational Thanksgiving Quotes To Share with Family/Friends

In a Thanksgiving with family or friends, you want to make everyone happy, challenged, and inspired to up their efforts and hit higher levels. While there are many ways to inspire family members or friends, nothing beats the impact of an inspirational Thanksgiving quotes game.

The following are some of the best collections of inspirational Thanksgiving quotes to share with family/friends.

1. Thanksgiving is a favorite day around my year because it reminds me to count the blessings in my life and show gratitude. A lot turns so little once we realize we are lucky and blessed.

2. My parents didn't come from much. Just a little, but they chose to give a lot. They bought turkeys for the homeless at Thanksgiving, food for those in hospice, and spare change for those who asked.

3. Thanksgiving Day is regarded in the hearts of honest people. However, you should not take the day and leave out the precious gratitude.

4. Dissatisfaction and discontentment know us well through an unthankful heart. We should stop worrying, praise more, and remain thankful.

inspirational thanksgiving quote

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5. My Thanksgiving is perpetual, and I shall be grateful for what I have and who I am.

6. A thankful heart discovers mercy and heavy blessings.

7. No virtue brings happiness and decent life than gratitude.

8. Thanksgiving is the only complete prayer.

9. We should also make our blessings count as we also count them.

10. If we are not thankful for what we've got, then we will probably not be thankful for what we are going to get.

Part 4: 10 Thanksgiving Dinner Quotes

Thanksgiving Dinner is an event you would love to do it often. However, it doesn't easily leave your memory if you pull your strings to make it amazing. Using Thanksgiving dinner quotes can make things much better and more memorable. Some of the best Thanksgiving dinner quotes include:

1. It is about how we use our blessings rather than how we talk about them.

2. A good dinner washes our mistakes and grudges.

3. The love of food has unmatched sincerity.

4. Starting a new diet after Thanksgiving Day is pure optimism.

5. A wise woman said, "don't feed them because they'll never leave."

6. Dinner makes once a year way too often.

7. If you have a thankful heart, the best response is to share.

8. As we show our gratitude, let's not forget that it best manifests itself not by the words we utter but by how we live by these words.

9. The best way to imagine a Thanksgiving Dinner is as though you are making a large chicken.

10. Dinner looks way better if we eat together.

thanksgiving dinner quote

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Part 5: 15 More Thanksgiving Quotes for Blessing

Thanksgiving is an avenue to celebrate or show gratitude for achievements or contributions. While it is normal to play dance, sing, or play games to bring fun to the occasion, giving Thanksgiving quotes for blessing blessings keeps their spirit alive.

Some of the best Thanksgiving quotes for blessings include.

1. How we use blessings is a true measure of Thanksgiving.

2. Gratitude celebrates the past, gives today's peace, and sets tomorrow's vision.

3. As we show Thanksgiving, let's not forget the best appreciation is to live by our words.

4. A thankful heart gives birth to all other virtues.

5. You might not make it through Thanksgiving if you correct an older person every time they utter something offensive.

6. Share your blessings if you are thankful.

7. Gob blessed you with 86,400 seconds a day. Have you used any to say thank you?

8. Gratitude signifies a blessed, noble soul.

9. We talk a lot about our blessings, but how we use them matters.

10. Keep Thanksgiving alive because you don't know where blessings can come from.

11. Be consistent with your dedication to gratitude to open doors for consistent blessings.

12. The most thankful one is the most fully human.

13. Thankfulness is the easiest way to blessings.

14. Blessings multiply with Thanksgiving.

15. Blessings come like gratitude. We choose them!

thanksgiving quote template

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Part 6: Generate More Thanksgiving Quotes Using PDFelement AI

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Part 7: How To Share Thanksgiving Quotes With Friends Online

PDFelement provides one of the easiest yet most effective ways to obtain top-grade Thanksgiving quotes. Thanks to the super-rich template with an amazing collection of Thanksgiving cards.

The good thing is that users can download these templates and edit them to meet their needs. You can erase the initial content and replace it with desired Thanksgiving messages. The process is super–easy!

Once satisfied, you can share the Thanksgiving card directly with friends online. PDFelement template mall is not limited to Thanksgiving cards alone. You can find various types of templates, including invoices, cards, fun games, business, invitations, birthday wishes, and planners, among others.

How To Edit on Templates With PDFelement

Here are the steps that illustrate how to edit templates in PDFelement:

Step 1 Open Wondershare PDFelement on your computer, then click the "Templates" tab on the main interface. On the subsequent template mall window, click the "Thanksgiving" option on the left bar.

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Step 4 Once satisfied, click the "Save" icon at the top. Choose the desired save folder and click "Save" to save your new card.

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We hope you have found one or two best funny inspirational quotes you can use to express gratitude this Thanksgiving. You can use the quotes to spice up you messaging this holiday season. The beauty is that you can use the quotes along with free Thanksgiving templates from the PDFelement template mall to create bespoke gift cards for your loved ones.