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16 Free Printable Thanksgiving Activities & Games the Whole Family Will Love

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Download the most trendy thanksgiving printable games and edit them in your style with PDFelement. Play these games with your family and friends on thanksgiving day!

Family thanksgiving season is here, and you don't want to let them pass without creating an unforgettable memory. While there are many ways you can spark fun, trying Thanksgiving printable activities seamlessly take the fun to another level.

Finding the right printable thanksgiving games can be challenging, especially if you have slim knowledge. Fortunately, this article takes you through 16 free printable Thanksgiving activities and games for the whole family.

printable thanksgiving activities games

Part 1: We Love Thanksgiving

Many people enjoy Thanksgiving and related traditions across the globe. It gives families, friends, and colleagues a chance to celebrate achievements/success.

Thanksgiving is a platform to express gratitude for the contributions of individuals or groups in different capacities. Many traditions accompany such celebrations, including food, games, and rituals. These activities bring people together and create a long-lasting memory.

Part 2: Why Play Games on Thanksgiving?

In family Thanksgiving, many people prefer games and fun activities other than going out for a party. Games and fun activities are engaging, and many family members, irrespective of age and gender, can participate. Family members can bond better and easily communicate with those they naturally find hard to interact with.

When family members participate in the game, you get a platform to see the abilities and strengths of different family members, especially the young ones. Furthermore, games are inexpensive and easy to organize.

thanksgiving activities

Part 3: Free Printable Thanksgiving Activities & Games for Adults & Kids

If you are a fan of Thanksgiving, you probably understand how difficult things can turn out when finding free printable thanksgiving activities and games for adults and kids. Fortunately, Wondershare PDFelement Template Mall treats you with a top-grade collection of these printable fun games and activities, as illustrated below.

1. Thanksgiving Printable Coloring Page

As the name suggests, a coloring page is an activity/game involving using different color marks to paint a printed paper. This paper contains objects that can be colored to make them more appealing.

Thanksgiving printable coloring page is ideal for children in a family gathering. Children can compete and share their creative coloring with parents/ family members for approval.

This game is fun because it gives room for creative painting and keeps children engaged even when other members are busy watching or conversing. This game requires a game printed paper and different colored marks/pencils.

turkey thanksgiving coloring page

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2. Thanksgiving Crossword Puzzle

Crossword Puzzle is a popular fun game that suits a thanksgiving event for adults and children. This game has black-shaded rectangles and squares, and white spaces. The goal is to fill the white spaces with letters, phrases, or words.

Crossword Puzzle brings fun, boost memory capacity, improve spelling skills, make the brain fit, promote the attitude of perseverance, reduce time spent on the screen, eradicate boredom, and improve problem-solving skills. This game requires a printed crossword puzzle on paper and a pencil to fill the white spaces.

thanksgiving crossword

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3. Thanksgiving Cryptogram

Thanksgiving Cryptogram is an engaging word puzzle game. In this game, you are given random letter(s) of a word, and you are required to complete it to form a real word. You fill the dashes with the missing letters and form a word.

This game is fun for adults and kids because it tests your vocabulary knowledge and quick thinking. You only need a suitable printed Cryptogram and a pencil to get started.

thanksgiving cryptogram

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4. Thanksgiving Maze

Thanksgiving Maze is another amazing game/activity for the whole family. This game features a printed interconnection of routes in a rectangular card. The game aims to reach the center and find an easy exit path. The challenge of finding a suitable route in an interconnected network takes fun to another level. It brings a competitive environment, and players will seamlessly love to take part.

The Thanksgiving Maze game has different levels based on the worksheet difficulty. This game is categorized as easy, medium, hard, or super hard. This game helps the players develop problem-solving and analytic skills. It also improves your thinking capacity and speed. Thanksgiving Maze is suitable for both adults and children.

thanksgiving maze

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5. Thanksgiving Word Search

As the name implies, Thanksgiving search is a game/activity that involves searching certain words from systematically scattered letters. This rectangular shape of letters has a total of 18 words related to Thanksgiving and aims to find them. Finding the target words depends on your library of thanksgiving words and your ability to scan the letters quickly.

The game is exciting and suitable for all members of the family. Kids and adults can play together in groups at different tables.

thanksgiving word search

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6. Thanksgiving Matching Game

Thanksgiving Matching Game is one of the fascinating games for family members on a thanksgiving occasion.

As the name suggests, this game aims to match the cards. It has 36 cards that are always placed on the grid. The player flips two cards, and if they match, the cards are removed from the board. Otherwise, they are flipped and put in their original location downwards. The game is played until all the cards are paired up.

thanksgiving matching game

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7. Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

Thanksgiving Scavenger hunt is one of the easiest and most fun games/activities for the whole family. This game has a list of things to find, hear, or do over a set time. However, the time factor may not be considered depending on how you want the game to play. The player that finds the target item first or the one that finds more items within a set time is considered the winner.

Different versions of this game can be interesting, especially for kids. However, you can bend or add other fun rules to make the game interesting and friendly to adults. This game is suitable for kids and helps them develop problem-solving and analytic skills.

thanksgiving scavenger hunt

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8. Thanksgiving Word Scramble

If you have ever played the Thanksgiving Word Scramble game, then you understand the fun it brings. This game involves unscrambling letters to form the right word. The letters of a certain word are scrambled/mixed up and don't give meaning in that arrangement. However, you can unscramble to form the right word. For example, the scrambled word "KTREUY" can be unscrambled to form "TURKEY."

thanksgiving word scramble

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9. Thanksgiving BINGO

This is an interesting game where every player is given a bingo card. One player picks a card from the drawing cards and displays it to other players. The player with a picture of the displayed card covers it with a mark on their card. Any player that has five in a row emerges as the winner.

thanksgiving bingo

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10. I Spy Thanksgiving

I Spy Thanksgiving game is a simple yet interesting game for kids. In this game, you select an image at the bottom and then count them to guess how many they are in the main box. Compare the results with the answer key and check whether you got the right guess.

thanksgiving i spy

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Part 4: Make a Printable Thanksgiving Activity Book for Kids

Get into the festive spirit by creating a personalized Thanksgiving activity book for the little ones using Wondershare PDFelement. Beyond the 10 printable Thanksgiving activity sheets mentioned earlier, you'll find a wide array of options in the PDFelement Template Mall.

Imagine the joy on kids' faces as they dive into an activity book crafted just for them, filled with interactive and festive content, making your Thanksgiving celebration even more memorable.


Creating a Thanksgiving Activity Sheet Book for Kids:

Step 1 Visit the PDFelement Template Mall and download a selection of Thanksgiving activity sheets that resonate with you.

pdfelement thanksgiving activity templates

Step 2 Use the "Combine" feature to merge the downloaded PDF activity sheets into a single file.

pdfelement combine thanksgiving activity sheets

Step 3 Enhance your activity book by adding a creative cover. Insert a new blank page at the beginning to serve as the cover of the activity book.

pdfelement insert thanksgiving activity book cover

Step 4 Leverage PDFelement AI to generate engaging words for the cover. Enter a prompt like "Create the cover words of a fun Thanksgiving printable activity sheet book for little kids" and customize the generated content for a personalized touch.

pdfelement ai thanksgiving activity book cover

Step 5 Use PDFelement AI to write a heartfelt preface for the Thanksgiving activity book with a prompt like "Create a short Preface of a fun Thanksgiving printable activity sheet book for little kids" and place it on the cover, sharing the joy and excitement of the season.

pdfelement ai thanksgiving activity book preface

Step 6 After inserting the cover and preface, customize the cover further by adjusting colors, fonts, and layout using PDFelement's intuitive editing tools. Make it visually appealing and in line with the holiday theme.

pdfelement edit thanksgiving activity cover

Step 7 Print your activity book for a tangible, hands-on experience, or share it digitally to spread the festive cheer.

pdfelement print thanksgiving activity book

Part 5: More Thanksgiving Games to Entertain the Whole Family

There are several other thanksgiving games to entertain the family during a thanksgiving occasion. Some of these other thanksgiving games include:

1. Don't Topple the Teepee

Don't Topple the Teepee is a simple and exciting game for kids. You place a bundle of sticks in a loop. The kids carefully start picking one stick at a time. The first one to crash the teepee loses.

thanksgiving game teepee

2. Thanksgiving Charades

The Thanksgiving Charade game is fun and suitable for both adults and kids. In this game, you print out a card containing thanksgiving words, then cut it out and put it in a bowl.

Two teams compete, and one team picks a representative to pick a card in the bowl. The representative will demonstrate the word and give the team to guess it. The guess can be timed or cumulatively added so that the team with the highest correct guesses wins.

thanksgiving activities charades

3. Turkey-land Game

Turkey-land game is a game where players take turns drawing cards and comparing them with the Turkey Land chart. A player can draw a color, two colors, and a picture and use them to navigate the path. The first player to reach the dinner table is the winner.

thanksgiving activities turkey land

4. Thanksgiving Word Puzzles

Thanksgiving word puzzles are available in plenty ranging from word search, cryptogram, and crossword. They are fun and educative and thus suitable for both adults and kids.

thanksgiving activities word puzzle

5. Turkey Feathers Number Matching

As the name suggests, Turkey feathers number matching is a fun game involving matching a turkey's feathers. The feathers are cut out and numbered accordingly. The player must match the feathers that belong to a given turkey. This game is suitable for kids.

thanksgiving game number matching

6. Thanksgiving Pretend Play

Thanksgiving pretends play game is a popular thanksgiving activity for kids. The kids take up various chores and pretend to perform functions they normally don't do. If you want the game to look better, buy a thanksgiving Pretend Play pack.

thanksgivig game pretend play


Finding the best printable thanksgiving activities and games for the whole family can be challenging. Fortunately, this article has given you the best collection to try. Visit Wondershare PDFelement template mall and get an amazing collection of printable thanksgiving games and activities.