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12 Free Christmas Menu Templates To WOW Your Dinner Guests

You're probably thinking about how you'll decorate your space to create a festive atmosphere. The Christmas lights, the welcome tree, and any small detail or idea can convey a pleasant and cozy environment on these special end-of-year dates. The food menu is one of these details that you can personalize and adapt to these holidays when families and guests gather for lunch and dinner. You can, however, astound them with a Christmas menu template.

christmas menu templates

Part 1. Christmas Dinner

The midwinter feast enjoyed by our ancient ancestors is thought to be the forerunner of the Christmas dinner. Our forefathers' feasts differed greatly from the Christmas dinners we know and love today. In the Middle Ages, Christmas and Christmas dinner began to resemble one another. The Victorians are more responsible for what we now consider a traditional Christmas dinner than anyone else.

The Christmas dinner has evolved significantly over the centuries, from a pagan feast to celebrate the winter solstice to a Tudor banquet consisting of every meat imaginable to the traditional Victorian family meal that became the template for the festive meal we enjoy today. But one thing hasn't changed: the age-old tradition of eating and drinking far too much. Christmas greetings!

Part 2. 12 Downloadable Free Editable Christmas Menu Templates

Use one of these lovely Christmas menu templates to greet your guests at your dinner. Aside from greeting dinner guests with a festive greeting, these menus will inform them of what they can expect to eat, from the first bites to dessert.

1. Holiday Menu Template

An orange frame, leaves, and berries surround this simple yet stunning Christmas menu template. There is space for you to write your appetizer, main course, and dessert. These headings and the rest of the text can be edited and changed before printing.

This template can be found at PDFelement Template Mall.

holiday menu template

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christmas pdf printable

2. Christmas Menu Design

This lovely Christmas menu template is completely free to use and customize. Flowers and Christmas lights decorate the top with a beautiful font that says "Christmas Menu." Almost everything on this template can be changed, including the text, size, and font.

You can find a variety of Christmas menu templates at PDFelement Template Mall. You can easily find any template in the template mall. You can easily change the colors, fonts, and other design elements throughout the template with PDFelement Template Mall. It also makes it simple to add content and images to the templates.

christmas menu design

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3. Holly Watercolor Christmas Menu Template

ThisChristmas menu template features a watercolor illustration of holly and berries that invites your guests to partake. There's a spot where you can greet your guests and another where you can put everything you'll be serving. This template allows you to change all text's font size, style, and color.

holly watercolor christmas menu template

4. Red Christmas Menu Template

Another free Christmas menu template in a festive red with various Christmas tree and ornament illustrations. There's room for an appetizer, a main course, and a dessert. In a photo editing program, you can completely customize this menu template.

red christmas menu template

5. Green and Red Christmas Menu

This simple red and green Christmas menu template is completely customizable. This menu can be customized, including the text, font, size, and illustrations. When you're finished, you can download, print, or share it via social media.

green and red christmas template

6. Wreath Christmas Menu Template

An illustrated wreath of berries, grasses, and a large red bow surrounds this Christmas menu template. This menu can be completely customized, including the font style and size.

wreath christmas menu template

7. Mistletoe Christmas Menu Template

This sweet Christmas menu template features an illustration of mistletoe tied with a big red bow. This template, titled "menu," has space for appetizers, main courses, and desserts. Everything, including the graphics, can be customized here before printing.

mistletoe christmas menu template

8. Simple Christmas Menu Template

This Christmas menu template features a snowy Christmas tree at the top. "Let's Get Started" and "The Main Event" are examples of headings, but you can add or change them as you see fit. This menu can be downloaded and edited in a word processor or photo editing program.

simple christmas menu template

9. Colorful Christmas Dinner Template

This lovely two-sided Christmas menu template depicts Christmas presents, evergreen trees, berries, candy canes, and lollipops. The front of the menu greets your guests and includes a space for the date. Conversely, you can write down what's on this year's Christmas menu. This template is edited in an illustration software program, such as those available from Adobe.

colorful christmas dinner template

10. Christmas Berry Menu Template

This Christmas menu template is surrounded by watercolor holly and berries in warm greens and reds. You can change the text, font style, and colors and add or change the text before printing your Christmas menu. You can even upload your images if you want.

christmas berry menu template

11. Rustic Christmas Menu Templates

This lovely Christmas dinner menu template is editable in any photo editor. Any text can be changed to let your guests know what you're serving for dinner. This is a lovely menu with berry, wheat, and grass illustrations. It adds a nice natural touch to your table.

rustic christmas menu templates

12. Christmas Dinner Tree Invite

Canva has released yet another free Christmas menu template. You'll adore the clean, modern design of this one. Different colors of Christmas trees on a white background frame the menu. This template allows you to change the images and font color.

christmas dinner tree invite

Part 3. 12 Christmas Menu Ideas For All Tastes

What could be more reassuring than a Christmas dinner shared with family and close friends? That's why we've compiled a list of the best traditional Christmas recipes for main courses, side dishes, desserts, and beverages just for you. Choose from these menu options to enjoy a traditional holiday dinner this year.

1) 4 Main Courses for Your Christmas Menu

So, to take the stress out of holiday cooking this year, we've compiled a list of the best Christmas menu main courses to include in your family feast.

Chicken and Stuffing Casserole

This dish tastes like a cross between homemade stuffing and chicken pot pie. But the best part is that it's simple to prepare and feeds a crowd!

chicken and stuffing casserole

Air Fryer Turkey Breast

If you're feeding a crowd and need a side dish to go with your prime rib or Christmas ham, try this air fryer turkey recipe - it couldn't be simpler!

air fryer turkey breast

Bacon-Wrapped Turkey

The turkey is encased in a bacon lattice, contributing to its smoky, salty, and visually appealing flavor.

bacon wrapped turkey

Roasted Pork Tenderloin with Preserves

This 20-minute Pork Tenderloin will appear to have taken hours to prepare. It's topped with a delectable glaze that's surprisingly simple to make.

roasted pork tenderloin with preserves

2) 4 Christmas Side Dishes You Must Try

Everyone knows that the side dishes are the real stars of the show. This list of Christmas sides will surely please everyone at your holiday table.

Pull-Apart Garlic Bread

You should include buttery, cheesy, tender garlic bread on your holiday menu.

pull apart garlic bread

Butter Beans

Crispy bacon, butter, and a hint of sugar add sweetness to these tender beans. They go well with ham, pork chops, or even turkey.

butter beans

Bowtie Pasta

Because of the red and green colors of the broccoli and sun-dried tomatoes, this is a festive pasta recipe to serve at your Christmas dinner. Because of the sausage, it's also extra hearty.

bowtie pasta

Instant Pot Mac and Cheese

Use your kitchen appliances to their full potential with this creamy mac and cheese recipe made in an Instant Pot. It will save you stovetop space.

instant pot mac and cheese

3) 2 Christmas Desserts To Serve Your Family

There are numerous ways to enjoy a Christmas treat during the holidays. That's why we've compiled a list of the best Christmas dessert recipes to make throughout the holiday season.

Nutella Cookies

You're halfway to making these delectable treats if you have a jar of Nutella in your pantry! They're so simple, yet so appealing.

nutella cookies

Ricotta Cheesecake

This ricotta cheesecake variation is lighter, creamier, and fluffier than traditional cheesecake and is ideal for special occasions. For a lovely presentation, garnish the cake with chocolate shavings and chopped pistachios.

ricotta cheesecake

4) 2 Best Christmas Beverages

If you're planning a menu, you can't go wrong with Christmas wine and beers. Everyone will be thrilled if there are at least a couple of festive signature Christmas cocktails! If you're hosting a Christmas dinner this year, this list of holiday beverages is for you.

Cadillac Margarita

This margarita is the perfect way to kick off your holiday party! Use premium tequila and orange liqueur to make a smooth-to-sip drink for Christmas.

cadillac margarita

Orange Crush Cocktail

Fresh oranges are "crushed" to produce sweet, sunshiny juice mixed with orange-flavored vodka, orange-flavored liqueur, and lemon-lime soda.

orange crush cocktail

Part 4. Tips for Making a Christmas Menu

Excellent Christmas menu designs can improve the dining experience, assist guests in making satisfying choices, and stimulate appetite. On the other hand, a Christmas menu is more than just a list of available dishes; it's a powerful piece of branding capable of increasing the "wow" factor.

Here are some suggestions for making your Christmas menu more elegant and appealing:

Keep an eye out for eye-scanning patterns. According to research, we read menus like books, beginning in the top left corner.

Separate the menu into sections. Make it simple by arranging items sequentially and logically, beginning with the appetizers.

Photos are optional. Generally, it's best to leave the food's quality to the customer's imagination because not all food photography will appeal to everyone.

Try using illustrations instead of photographs. They are more likely to be universally appealing and can aid in communicating the restaurant's personality.

Include boxes in your menu. Boxes highlight a group of menu items.

Use suitable fonts and colors. Using multiple fonts to distinguish menu item names and descriptions may aid in guiding customers through the menu. Color is also important in setting the mood and theme.

Part 5. Edit Your Christmas Menu

Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is a stylish way to find the perfect template for your Christmas menu. Choosing the right design and menu for your Christmas dinner is critical to making it successful.

PDFelement has a large library of templates that can be used to provide efficient services. To understand how to access it correctly, follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1. Install PDFelement

You can go to the Wondershare PDFelement official website to download it for free. Launch it after it has been downloaded and installed.

Step 2. Go to the Template Mall

Open PDFelement on your device. To access PDFelement's Template Mall, go to the "Template" tab.

the pdfelement template mall

Step 3. Select a template

A new window with the Template Mall appears. After browsing the collection and selecting a template, you can save it to your device for free. However, some templates require you to purchase a PDFelement plan.

selecting the pdfelement template

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Step 4. Edit the template

After you've imported the template into the platform, you can make changes. PDFelement lets you add text, change existing text, and edit images throughout documents. Using the platform, you can change the document's background and use various annotation tools to create appropriate shapes.

edit the template

Step 5. Save the template

You will almost certainly use it as a Christmas menu, with significant changes made to the template. Once finished, tap "File" and "Save" to save the design to your device.

save the changes in the template


Create menus to print or share on social media that feature current designs and elements. You can change the size of your Christmas menu template to the format you require with PDFelement, and the composition will adapt automatically, allowing you to share it with your guests or print it on paper to hang on your dining table this holiday season.