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Markdown is a popular markup language for designing web pages. It is easy to understand and does not need special software. You can use the built-in text editors on your PC! But of course, it is easier if you use tools with Markdown-related features. Searching for these on Linux is harder than on other platforms. But don't worry. We got you. Here's a list of the top 7 Markdown editors on Linux.

This list will help you compare and contrast the best tools. And ultimately, help you select the Markdown editor to use. As a bonus, you will learn additional information that can be handy.

Markdown: What Is It?

You have probably heard about HTML. Markdown is similar to that. It is a lightweight markup language that allows you to describe how text should look on a page. It is widely used for creating websites. These files have the .md or .MARKDOWN file extension.

Markdown is simple and easy to understand. And thanks to its readable syntax, you can convert Markdown files to HTML or XHTML very easily.

The best thing about Markdown is it does not have any requirements other than knowing the syntax. You can use basic text editors like Notepad to create and edit one.

However, we encourage you to install a Markdown editor. These software programs offer features that make editing Markdown files so much easier. For example, some editors have real-time rendering. So you can immediately see how the page looks.

So what are the best Markdown editors on Linux?

Top 7 Markdown Editors on Linux

Here is a list of the 7 best Markdown editors on Linux that you should try.

1. Visual Studio Code

user interface of visual studio code

GA rating: 4.7 stars with 2,044 reviews

Price: Free


  • Outline view showing the headers' hierarchy.
  • Built-in Markdown snippets
  • Search through headers of all Markdown files in the active workspace
  • Shortcuts to specific headers
  • Path completion
  • Create links to headers of another file
  • Smart selection
  • Link Validation
  • Markdown preview

Visual Studio Code is free and open-source.

The tool is feature-rich

It offers very easy navigation

It supports other programming languages, so you get many tools in one


The extensions may make VS Code crash

It may highlight codes it should not.

User Reviews

A user said on a G2 review that VS code was the best IDE they had used since they started coding. They described it as "an overall package for everything you will ever need to write code."

2. Retext

the user interface of retext editor

GA Rating: 4 stars with 3 ratings

Price: Free


  • Markdown extensions
  • Spell checking
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Tags and symbols
  • Tabs and line previews
  • Integration with Google Docs
  • WYSIWYG support
  • Split screen view

ReText is a free app.

It has the basic Markdown editing tools that you need


ReText is not as advanced as other Markdown editors

3. Ghostwriter

user interface of ghostwriter markdown editor

GA Rating: 4.3 stars with 7 ratings

Price: Free


  • Distraction-free interface
  • Different themes
  • Supports text formatting
  • Spell checking
  • Hemmingway/Typewriter mode
  • Split screen for preview

You can customize the theme to suit your preferences

It offers a split-screen mode that shows you how the page looks when rendered

Ghostwriter is a free tool


There's no extension support

Ghostwriter is not as advanced as its competitors

User Review:

A user wrote a review on AlternativeTo, saying Ghostwriter is "a terrific markdown application for writers with a pleasant UI."

4. Atom

user interface of atom markdown editor

GA Ratings: 4.4 stars with 752 reviews

Price: Free


  • Displays the outline of the Markdown file
  • Auto-completion
  • Preview of the rendered version
  • Extensions for easy table editing
  • Code snippets
  • Key binding

Atom is a free, open-source tool

It offers a clean, distraction-free interface

The Snippets are very useful

There are many extensions you can use


Atom is a little slow and resource intensive

Atom can be difficult to learn.

User Reviews:

A G2 reviewer says that Atom is open-source, free to use, and has many good plugins and extensions. However, they admit that it is not easy to use at first.

5. Typora

user interface of typora markdown editor

GA Rating: 5 stars with 35 Ratings

Price: $14.99


  • Version History
  • A wide variety of themes
  • Inline styles
  • Mathematics functions
  • Flowcharts, mermaid diagrams, and sequences
  • Immediate rendering

You can quickly see how the page looks because of the immediate rendering

There are many handy features you can use


Typora is a premium tool.

Though the immediate rendering is useful, it can be distracting.

User Reviews:

A user wrote a G2 review, saying they love how Typora automatically converts markdown syntax into the realized formatted text seamlessly. They also loved its minimalistic design and great themes.

6. Obsidian

user interface of obsidian markdown editor

GA Ratings: 4.9 stars with 419 review

Price: $50 per year


  • You can interlink documents and view their relations with a mind map
  • Sidebar showing the folder structure
  • Edit and Read modes
  • Additional panes
  • A command palette you can use for customization
  • Many Plugins

You can use Obsidian for free, as long as it's only a personal project

The graphic mode provides an intuitive mode to manage your files

You can add panels if you wish to see different views simultaneously


You need to pay if you want to utilize Obsidian for commercial use

The subscription fee is expensive

Obsidian is not beginner friendly

User Review:

One user wrote a review on Product Hunt. They said they are very happy with Obsidian, describing it as fast, reliable, and future-proof. They called Obsidian an "IDE for notes" with Markdown.

7. Remarkable

user interface of remarkable markdown editor

Price: Free


  • Live preview
  • Custom CSS
  • GitHub Flavored Markdown
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Custom themes
  • MathJax support

Remarkable is a free, open-source tool.

This Markdown editor on Linux is a WYSIWYG ("what you see is what you get") editor

It is quite feature-rich

Remarkable is a lightweight tool


You can't install Remarkable in Linux Ubuntu 20.04 because of dependency issues

User Review

A user said in the comments of an It's Foss thread that Remarkable is "very good and light." However, they have some complaints about its Live preview refreshing from the beginning.

How To Convert Markdown to PDF

You may find yourself in a situation where you need to convert your Markdown file to PDF. We know just the tool you need. It is Wondershare PDFelement. This software program can convert almost any file type to PDF without hassle.

Admittedly, Wondershare PDFelement is not yet available on Linux. But maybe you are using Dual Boot, or you have another PC running on Windows. That will let you use this program.

ubuntu markdown editor

So, how do you convert Markdown files to PDF using Wondershare PDFelement? Follow these steps.

  1. Download Wondershare PDFelement from the official website and install it on your Windows PC.
  1. Launch the program.
  2. Click Create New on the bottom left of the screen.
creating new pdf on wondershare pdfelement
  1. Select FromFile.
creating new pdf using file input
  1. Select the Markdown File that you want to convert to PDF. Click Open.
  2. Wondershare PDFelement will convert the Markdown file to PDF and will automatically open it.
markdown file successfully converted to pdf
  1. Click Save.
saving the file converted with pdfelement

Just like that, you have converted your Markdown file to PDF. The best thing about this is you also get other PDF tools besides the converter! That's how fantastic Wondershare PDFelement is. Check it out now.


There are plenty of good Markdown editors on Linux. And the good news is that most of them are free and open-source. So you don't have to worry about spending.

Now if you want to turn your Markdown files into PDFs, you should try Wondershare PDFelement. It's a versatile and sophisticated tool that can convert many file formats to PDFs. Not only that, but it also comes with lots of features for PDF editing. This affordable solution, plus the free Markdown editors on Linux, makes an excellent combination.

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