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Top 5 Online Word Editor

2021-11-29 13:58:05 • Filed to: MS Word Features • Proven solutions

Online Word editor is an idea which is really easy to use. To edit Word file online you just need to access the website and that's it. There are many editors which can be used to get the work done with ease. Some will be explained in this tutorial. To find the best online MS Word editor it is advised to look for the properties which are unique and make the process of editing easy. Looking for same old properties in online Word editor free editions will land you in issues.

Top 5 Online Word Editor

Below are the top 5 online Word editor which can be used to get the best output. It is advised to choose one of more depending on your needs and demands.

1. Google Docs

Google Docs is one of the best ways of editing Word document online as it is easy to use and provides sufficient storage to get all your files at a single place.

online word editor


  • The interface is very user friendly.
  • The program allows uploading multiple docs at the same time.


  • For some users it is highly technical to work on.
  • The Google Docs is slow as compared to other processors.

How to use Google Docs:

1. First understand that you can't edit the Word documents directly from within your Google Docs page. You can do this from Google Drive which is always synced with Google Docs. So access your Google Drive first of all.

2. Right click on the Word file and open it with Google Docs.

3. Make the changes you require and all will be saved to Google Drive Automatically. Download the modified file and the process ends here.

2. Microsoft Word Online

It is another editor which will surely get you the best outcome you have been looking for to edit word document online. Created by Microsoft this online editor is used by millions from all over the world.

edit word document online


  • Very easy to use and handy.
  • Fast and reliable, embedded with One Drive.


  • Not as much features as expected.
  • Program at times freezes which can get your files corrupted.

How to use Microsoft Word Online:

1. From access the Word processor and sign in.

2. Click on the document which is there on your account and start editing word file online.

3. All the changes will be saved to One Drive.

3. Zoho Writer

It is another program which can be used to edit Word document online with ease and requires no special tech ability to operate. The program is highly reputed and easily handles multiple files.

online word editor free


  • Collaboration has been made simple by this Word document processor.
  • The program also has add on for browsers.


  • It is not as known as other online Word editor programs.
  • The program's website is sometimes inaccessible due to working.

How to use Zoho Writer:

1. Click and then Start opening and editing word documents online.

2. When edit word document online, you can press CTRL + S to save any changes which are required and the process finishes here.

4. ONLYOFFICE Personal

The best thing about this app is its easy use which makes it one of the best online Word editor of all times. The use of the program is highly sophisticated and therefore it is very much advised to use this program as one of the main Word processor.

edit word file online


  • Highly intuitive design which is easily understandable.
  • The program is fast and efficient.


  • The program is not as reliable as others.
  • The processing of some parts of the file might take some time.

How to use ONLYOFFICE Personal:

1. Use the link to sign in to your ONLYOFFICE Personal.

2. Open the file you want to edit, and you can also upload new files if required.

3. You can then download the file by clicking "File" > "Download As" to complete the process in full.

5. Live Writer

Created by Microsoft this program has all the related techniques which you can use to get the work done with ease. The program is highly intuitive and can also be downloaded if required.

online ms word editor


  • As compared to other editors this program is fast.
  • Highly reliable and fosters multitasking.


  • Not compatible with all developments.
  • Takes a bit long to load.

How to use Live Writer:

1. Add a blog account while you are configuring your Live Writer.

2. Start your writing tasks just you do it using your normal word file.

3. Save the file on your machine once the editing has been done.

All-in-One PDF Solutions

PDF is a highly popular format which can be used to transfer and edit files. Word document is though also highly in demand but it is not recommended to use Word format over PDF and the reasons are several. Some of these are as follows.

  • The PDF file view is same across all devices and very little support is required to get the task done.
  • All the popular formats can easily be converted to PDF files.
  • The PDF files are highly secured and the PDF format itself is highly trusted to save your completed work.

PDFelement is undoubtedly the best PDF editor that allows you finishing the PDF related work with ease. There are literally hundreds of functions which you can perform using PDFelement. The features of the program are enormous and get its tutorial here.

  • Using the program you can approve and sign PDF docs digitally.
  • OCR of this program is one of the most advance features which you can use to edit image texts.
  • Open, save, print and markup PDF using the program.
  • Apply passwords to get your PDF files secured all the time.
online word editor

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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