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How to Print Current View in PDF Easily

In very large PDF documents, the ability to print the current view is a very valuable one because it allows the user to focus on printing just what they need rather than the entire document or even a full page. This obviously has a lot of benefits, such as saving on printing paper, getting the required content to fit the print area, and so on. Let’s explore some of these benefits before we dive into the mechanics of doing a ‘print current view’ on PDF.

Part 1. Benefits of Print Current View

The print current view function is especially useful when dealing with large documents such as construction blueprints. In those and similar cases, you may want a particular portion of the overall image to be in-focus for printing purposes. The idea of using this feature offers several distinct benefits:

1. Objects can be in focus when printing.

In turn, this allows the user to avoid printing the entire file to get the portion they want.

2. Get a magnified view of a subsection of image/text.

Fitting the current view to the width or height of the file allows you to have a magnified view of that subsection.

3. Avoids printing unnecessary information and paper waste.

If what’s in view is all you need, anything else that’s printed is simply wasting paper and other resources.

4. Keep the printer free for others!

Multiple people each printing a queue of 500-page documents can add up to a lot, forcing the printer to work overtime without any real need.

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Part 2. When Will You Use Print Current View

There are several use cases for the print current view feature of a PDF editor. Some of these include:

1. When printing a specific portion of a large PDF file, you can bring the content into view and print just what you see. This helps eliminate what you don’t need.

2. When you need to extract shareable information from an otherwise confidential document, this is an ideal way to do it without having to first extract pages that may also contain other sensitive information or data.

3. When you need a lightweight method to share information from large PDF documents, the print current view method is the equivalent of taking a quick snapshot of the required content.

4. Useful for any project involving extracting information from large PDF documents - design, engineering, architecture, legal profession, medicine, etc.

Part 3. How to Print Current View in PDF

Using Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor’s print current view feature, users can quickly print out any piece of content from a PDF file, no matter how large it is. The interface is extremely user-friendly, and the latest version has a fully refreshed UI with crisp iconography, clear labeling, and other front-end changes that makes it easier to navigate and find specific features. One such feature is the print current view, which you can use by following the process shown here:

Step 1 Open the file in PDFelement

You can do this by dragging the file into the software window or using the File → Open menu.

Try It Free
Try It Free
Step 2 Make sure the printing content

Navigate to the page where the content you want to print appears and make sure that only the content you want to print is visible on your screen.

Step 3 Click file

Print to bring up the Print settings window. You should be able to see a preview of the content in focus. This is what will be sent for print so you can cancel the Print command and go back and refocus your content if you need to.

Step 4 Select Print Current View

Under the Page Range section, you’ll see a dropdown menu where Print All Pages is the default choice. Click the arrow next to the drop-down and select Print Current View.

print current view
Step 5 Settings

Set the orientation, gray print, and other options, and hit Print when you’re done.

The above command with the associated settings will print a specific number of copies of the area that was seen in the print preview. In some cases, however, you may see the print current view option grayed-out, which could indicate several things, as outlined in the next section.

print setting

Part 4. Why Is "Print Current View" Option Missing

The print current view function is meant to be used when particular conditions are met. Here are two scenarios where you may not see the feature enabled:

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Try It Free

If your current view of the document spans more than one page, the print current view feature will not be enabled because it involves a larger selection.

If you’re using two-page view mode, the option to print the current view will not be available; once again, it is the selection that disables the feature.

As long as your content is in focus and the view doesn’t involve more than one page at a time, this feature will work absolutely fine, allowing you more freedom with your PDF printing tasks.

Why PDFelement to Print Current View

The print current view features is just one of several reasons why Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is one of the fastest-growing PDF products on the market today. Here are a few of them:

Fast file opening - File opening time has reduced with each new version of PDFelement, making it faster than before.

Intuitive UI - Navigation is made easy with a clean and uncluttered layout where every feature is easily accessible.

Searching and finding specific content - When viewing large files, it is important to have tools to make PDF reading an easy task. PDFelement offers a range of enhanced reading functions such as multiple page view modes, scrolling options, easy thumbnail navigation, jump to page, and so on.

PDF Editing, Security, and Management - Editing a PDF in PDFelement is like working with a DOCX file in MS Word. In addition, it’s easy to password-protect content from being viewed, printed, copied, or edited. It is equally easy to merge and split documents, extract and reorder pages, and much more.

Easy extraction and sharing - In addition to being able to print what you see on your screen, PDFelement gives you the ability to extract images, extract pages, etc., which you can then save as new files for easier online sharing.

Advanced Features - Collaborative annotations, powerful file conversion, OCR, batch processes, etc. give PDFelement a sharp edge over other professional PDF editors.


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