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How to Remove Digital Signature

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What steps can you take if you add your digital signature on a document in PDF on the wrong section or a business partner or colleague sign a document on a place meant for you? In this kind of scenario, you have to look for a way to remove the digital signature from this document in PDF. You are probably wondering what is so difficult about this; however, it will be easy to remove digital signature with Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor.

PDFelement is extremely useful if you need to sign as well as remove digital signature from a PDF. Wondershare PDFelement is your ultimate software for e-signing PDF documents. Enjoy this app's powerful offerings to create and also include industry-standard electronic signature along with an encrypted digital signature. These options will not only make the process stress-free, but also accelerate and digitize your workflow with your colleagues, business partners, clients, and others.

how to remove digital signature

Some of the several wonderful features of PDFelement, which qualify it as the best PDF signing and editing software, are as follows:

  • Collect and track e-signatures on PDF documents simply.
  • Allow you to sign and unsign PDF with certificate-based signatures.
  • It can be employed for conversion of files in Portable Document Format to other formats such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, text, HTML, picture (PNG or JPEG), and others.
  • PDFelement is an amazing app for editing every aspect of a PDF such as images as well as text.
  • Also, it lets you modify the font of the text, add and delete images, or add and delete text contained within your PDF document, as much as you desire.
  • It offers a crucial OCR feature, allowing you edit scanned or image-rich files in Portable Document Format.
  • Lastly, Wondershare PDFelement is beneficial in the application of a signature to your PDFs in a bid to validate it and also include a password for protecting this document in Portable Document Format.

How to Remove Digital Signature from PDF

As for how to remove digital signature from your PDF document , all you need do is to follow these two easy steps:

Step 1: Open File

Start by installing PDFelement on your laptop or PC. The next step is launching this tool. When this is done, click "Open" to search for your signed PDF. Also, you can drag as well as drop your file to the primary interface in order to open it.

how to remove digital signature from computer

Step 2: Removing the Digital Signature from the Document

Click "Protect" and select the signature, and click "Clear All Signatures." This step will erase every one of the signatures on your PDF completely. Now you have successfully finished the steps for how to remove digital signature from computer.

remove digital signature from pdf

How to Delete Signature in PDF

The above steps has shown you how to remove digital signature in PDF by using PDFelement. Now let's see how to remove electronic signatures, which are signatures without certificate ID, from PDF.

Step 1: Open a PDF File with Signature

After installing PDFelement, launch the program and open a PDF file with signature.

Step 2: Delete Signature in PDF

Click the Comment tab, select the unneeded signature and right click "Delete" to clear the signature.

delete signature in pdf

How to Remove Signature from PDF Online

To remove signature from PDF online, you need to use an online PDF signer. pdfFiller can erase signature from PDF online by using its eraser. However, to export the PDF file without signature, you need to sign up for its free trial or purchase a plan.

Step 1: Upload a PDF File Online

Go to pdfFiller online and upload your PDF file with signatures to remove.

Step 2: Erase Signature in PDF Online

Click Erase and use the eraser tool to white out the signature in PDF. After the signature is removed, click Done to download the PDF file. That's when you need to sign up or purchase the service.

remove signature from pdf online

FAQs about Removing Signature from PDF

How to Remove Signature Not Verified in PDF?

A digitally signed PDF file can be automatically validate when it is opened by a PDF viewer in most cases. However, sometime you need to manually verify a signature it says "Signature Not Verified". This is usually a configuration setting issue that determines if it can't be verified automatically. To verify a signature in PDFelement, follow the steps below.

signature not verified
  • Open a PDF file, then go to the Protect tab.
  • Click Manage Signatures > Validate All Signature.

How to Delete a Signature in Adobe

If you're the signer, it is easy to remove signature from a PDF in Adobe Acrobat. Open your PDF file, select your signature and right-click Clear Signature. If you can't remove the signature, it could be that the document is owned by someone else and you don't have the permission to edit it.

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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