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Best 10 Free Proofreading Apps to Enhance Your Writing

Proofreading your document before submitting or sharing it with clients, your audience, or your boss is equally important and should not be underestimated. When you proofread a document, you eliminate errors, enhance your reputation, and ensure that you communicate the intended message. Scrolling through the document to manually capture the errors is time-consuming, energy-draining, and ineffective.

Fortunately, proofreading tools automate this task and quickly let you get a fine-tuned and error-free copy. Picking the right proofreading app is essential for quality output and good proofreading experience. Below-par tools can cost you and give you a nightmare of an experience. While finding the right proofreading tool can prove daunting, this article takes you through the best ten free proofreading apps.

proofread app

There are many proofreading tools in the market, yet finding a suitable free tool for your device and platform can be tough. Fortunately, we have simplified this by giving you the list of the best ten free proofreading apps for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and the Web.


proofreading app

Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor easily comes top among the best free proofreading apps in the market. The AI-based proofread feature, Lumi AI robot, gives you speed, accuracy, efficiency, and proofreading convenience within the same platform.

The proofread feature checks several grammatical errors to deliver error-free and appealing output content. Users can select the content they want to proofread from the current document or paste the desired content in the content box for proofreading.

The PDFelement AI robot proofread feature finds and corrects diverse errors in your document. These errors include grammar, spelling, word choice, and punctuation. The list is long. When the results are ready, they are displayed underneath, and you can copy the revised content to another document or replace your original text directly. Replacing original text directly is particularly useful in paraphrasing because the revised version replaces the old content.


  • It offers a free trial version.
  • It has an affordable premium version that goes for $79.99 per year and a one-time perpetual plan for $129.99.

Operating Systems: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android


It is super-fast and accurate.

It has an intuitive interface and a simple learning curve.

This tool handles nearly all content errors, including grammar, spelling, tone, punctuations, consistency, and choice of words.

It supports nearly all devices and operating systems.

Users can replace original texts with revised content directly.

Once the revised version is ready, users can summarize, explain, chat with PDF, or rephrase the content to meet their needs.


Users need to upgrade to the premium version to unlock more proofreading features.

How to Use the Proofread Feature in Wondershare PDFelement

The proofread feature in PDFelement allows users to proofread their content as illustrated in the following steps easily.

Step 1 Download and install the latest version of PDFelement on your PC. Launch the program and upload the target PDF file. Once uploaded, hit the "Lumi AI robot" icon at the bottom-right of the window and select the "Proofread" option.

proofreading app

Step 2 The "Proofread" window should pop up. Paste the content you want to proofread into the box, then click the "Proofread" button.

proofreading app

Step 3 Wait for the revised version to appear underneath. Once it appears, click the "Replace Original Text" option to directly replace the original content with the revised version. Alternatively, select the "Copy Response" option to copy and paste the revised content into another document.

proofreading app


proofreading application

Grammarly is a popular free proofreading app worth trying. This tool helps you seamlessly identify and clear your document's writing mistakes. Grammarly can be installed on your desktop or used directly on a website.

The new desktop version is AI-powered and allows users to integrate with different apps such as Outlook, Slack, Chrome, Apple Mail, Word, Google Docs, and Salesforce. The good thing with Grammarly is that it can detect your content's spelling, style, and tone issues. It then gives comprehensive suggestions to fix these problems.


  • It has a free limited version.
  • The premium version goes for $25 per seat per month.

Operating Systems: Windows, Mac, Web


It gives suggestions for corrections.

It is easy to use.

It allows users to integrate with other apps for better productivity.

Its vocabulary and sentence structure are great.


The free version is so limited, while the premium version is expensive.

It cannot solve issues such as "verb tense." It just highlights the issue without providing suggestions.

The AI prompts are somehow slow.


proofreading application

Ginger is a good AI-powered proofreading app that boosts your writing quality. This tool is specially designed to help users correct texts, get the right style and boost creativity. It goes beyond spelling and grammar to giving context-based suggestions that drastically speed up your writing. With this tool, you can also rephrase and get AI-based synonyms for better writing needs.

Pricing: The monthly plan is available for $13.99

Operating Systems: Windows, Web


It provides ai-based synonyms.

It works across all websites and many devices.

It can give context-based suggestions.

Users can integrate into other apps for convenience.


It is not as much user friendly as other apps.

Users cannot upload a document for proofreading.

Free users have limited monthly corrections.

There is no free option for mobile devices.


proofreading app free

WhiteSmoke is another excellent free proofreading app for grabs. This wonderful tool lets you correct simple grammar mistakes as well as old-fashioned words. It can handle grammar, spelling, word choice, punctuations, and style mistakes.


  • Web version-$5.00 per month.
  • Premium version- $6.66 per month.
  • Business version- $11.50 per month.

Operating Systems: Windows, Web


It can handle several grammatical errors.

It is easy to use.

Users can integrate with many writing platforms.


Good features are available with the pricey premium versions.

Its interface is dull.

It checks only 10 000 characters at a time.

Some users complain of poor customer service.

Mike Docusieve

proofreading app free

This is a simple yet effective free proofreading tool designed by engineers and lawyers. This tool is designed to handle contracts and agreements to reduce the time spent proofreading them. It finds any inconsistencies such as numbering, dates, definitions, placeholders, and clause references.

Pricing: It is free.

Operating Systems: Web


It is ai-powered and thus fast.

It can easily find inconsistencies in the agreement and contract.

It provides a demo.


It is majorly useful for contracts and agreements.

The interface is not that user-friendly.

It lacks several other proofreading features.

It majors on consistencies.


proofreading app free

Outwrite is another good ai-based writing assistant that allows users to proofread their content easily. It helps you improve your writing style and structure for better content. Users can integrate with other apps to streamline communications and ensure consistency in the company. You can leverage advanced grammar, writing statistics, and style suggestions to fine-tune your output file.


  • Free version
  • Pro version- $9.95 per month.
  • Teams version- $7.95 per user per month.

Operating Systems: Web


It offers multilingual support.

Users can track content readability and grade levels with the writing statistics feature.

It gives style suggestions for better quality.


Users must sign in to use it.

It doesn't offer advanced features for better proofreading.

The free version is so limited.

Proofreader Grammar Checker

proofreading app free

This is a good free proofreading app for iOS devices. It is simple and lets users check punctuation and spelling. This tool also improves your writing style, readability, and vocabulary. It is guided by over a hundred AI rules to give error-free content.


  • Free limited trial.
  • Pro version with in-app purchases.

Operating Systems: iOS


It can handle multiple languages.

It supports easy and secure integrations.

It gives corrections with explanations.

It supports contextual synonyms.


It is only meant for iOS devices.

The premium version is pricey, while the free trial version is limited.

The free trial version automatically renews to paid version unless you cancel the subscription within 24 hours.


proofreading app free

Sapling is another popular and useful free proofreading app used by droves of users. It allows users to check grammar, spelling, punctuation, tone, readability, and style. Researchers developed this tool and support multilingual grammar and spell-checking.


  • Free trial version.
  • Pro version- $25 per month.

Operating Systems: Web, Windows


It supports multiple languages.

It is accurate and fast.

It checks several popular content checks.

It is easy to use.


The interface looks old-fashioned.

The free version is limited, while the premium versions are expensive.

Users cannot upload the document online. You only paste the target texts for proofreading.


proofreading app free

Scrivener is also one of the finest free proofreading apps worth trying. It is specially made for long writing requirements. This tool can highlight the phrases or texts that need to be fixed. It is suitable for writers, novelists, students, and researchers. Thanks to the templates, automated document listing, file importing, metatags, and corkboards.


  • Free trial
  • Pro version-$49 one-time.

Operating Systems: Mac, Windows, mobile


It supports reporting and statistics.

It allows users to check both grammar and spelling.

It supports text editing.

It is easy to use.


It is not a dedicated proofreading tool.

It does not support style checks.

There is no option for a punctuation check.


proofreading app free

Linguix is a popular online free proofreading tool used by many people across the globe. This online tool lets you check grammar and spelling with high efficiency. With the standard mode, you upload up to 300 characters at a time.


  • Free trial
  • Pro version-$5 per month.

Operating Systems: Web


It is easy to use.

It provides a free trial version.

It provides advanced writing recommendations such as cliché and overused words.


The standard mode is limited to 300 characters.

Good features are available in the premium version.


After reading this article, it is crystal clear that there are a bunch of good free proofreading tools in the market. Finding the best proofreading tool for your device is crucial, whether online or offline. Find a proofreading tool that gives you good proofreading features and experience within your budget.

Fortunately, PDFelement ticks nearly all boxes. This tool gives you a top-grade platform to proofread your document seamlessly. The output is eye catchy and of high quality. Download the latest version of Wondershare PDFelement and get started. You will definitely take your proofreading from zero to hero.

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