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Reading PDFs on mobile always had problems. PDFs keep their layout regardless of the device you use to view them. But PDFs are optimized for viewing on computers since most of them are made on PC. So the reading experience on phones, which has smaller screens, was bad. You have to constantly zoom in, pan, and scroll horizontally. But thanks to Liquid mode, that is no longer a problem.

What is the liquid mode, and how does it solve the problem? And what are the best PDF tools on mobile that have this feature? Please continue reading to find out.

liquid mode

What Is Liquid Mode?

Liquid mode is a feature first introduced by Adobe in its Adobe Acrobat Reader mobile app. It uses AI and machine learning to automatically reflow and optimize PDF content for easy reading on mobile devices.

Liquid mode adapts the text, images, and formatting to fit the screen size and orientation of the phone. Thus, it provides a seamless reading experience without the need for excessive zooming or panning. It aims to enhance readability and accessibility, particularly for complex or text-heavy PDF documents. And Liquid mode accomplishes that by intelligently restructuring and adjusting the content layout.

Who Benefits From PDF Liquid Mode?

Here are the people who benefit most from Liquid mode:

Accessibility Users

The people who benefit the most from Liquid mode are the people with visual impairments or reading difficulty. It allows them to adjust the text size, spacing, and formatting to improve readability. Furthermore, Liquid mode lets them customize the reading experience according to their specific needs.

Mobile Users

Individuals who frequently read PDFs on their smartphones find liquid mode beneficial. It optimizes the content layout, making it easier to read without constantly zooming in, panning, or scrolling horizontally.

Professionals on the Go

Business professionals, researchers, or students do not always have access to their computers. Liquid mode allows them to access and read complex documents, such as reports and research papers, with ease.

Content Creators and Publishers

Liquid mode can benefit content creators and publishers. Before this mode was made, these people had to take extra steps to make mobile-friendly PDFs. Thanks to Liquid mode, they can now design PDFs as they usually do. Liquid mode automatically converts those PDFs to a more mobile-friendly layout.

Adobe Acrobat Liquid Mode Review

Adobe Acrobat Reader was the first PDF app to offer Liquid mode. It revolutionized how people view PDFs. And Adobe Acrobat Reader, even before this mode existed, was already an impressive mobile PDF solution.

Adobe Acrobat is a popular PDF software. You can rest assured that any variant of it is filled with advanced features you can use to read or edit PDFs.

But is Adobe Acrobat Reader's Liquid mode as great as it sounds? And what are its key features? Here is some information that can help you decide.

Key Features

  • Uses Adobe's AI, Sensei, and machine learning to study the PDF content and readjust it into a mobile responsive reading format.
  • It creates an outline with collapsible and expandable sections for easy navigation.
  • You can search text, expand images, alter the font size, and change the spacing between words.

How To Use Adobe Acrobat Reader's Liquid Mode

  1. Install the Adobe Acrobat Reader app on your mobile phone or Chromebook.
adobe acrobat reader on google play
  1. Open an PDF. Tap the Liquid Mode (water droplet over lines) button at the top toolbar.
adobe acrobat reader liquid mode button
  1. Wait for Adobe Acrobat Reader to finish reformatting headings, paragraphs, and images to create a better flow.
adobe acrobat reader liquid mode on
  1. And there you have it. Tap the Liquid Mode button again to exit the mode.

Adobe Acrobat Reader's Liquid mode creates collapsible and expandable sections.

The customization options it provides you are plentiful.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is a feature-rich mobile PDF app.


Not all features are available on the free version.

You need to register an account to use the app.

Wondershare PDFelement Liquid Mode Review

Another PDF app with Liquid mode is Wondershare PDFelement for Android. It is a 100% free, user-friendly tool, so anyone can use it.

Wondershare PDFelement's Liquid mode is amazing. Much like Adobe Acrobat Reader's Liquid mode, it creates a table of contents that allows easy navigation. Additionally, it lets you make adjustments to optimize readability without changing the actual layout in the PDF.

Key Features:

  • Allows you to change the font size.
  • You can select a background color from the four options.
  • You can change the direction.
  • The Liquid mode creates a table of contents that you can use for easy navigation.

How To Use Wondershare PDFelement Mobile's Liquid Mode

1. Install Wondershare PDF on your Android device.

wondershare pdfelement android on google play

2. Launch the app and open a PDF.

main user interface of pdfelement android

3. Tap the Liquid Mode button at the top toolbar.

wondershare pdfelement android liquid mode on

4. Tap the Pages button on the top right and select a page for easy navigation.

wondershare pdfelement android liquid page list

5. Select Settings to adjust the font size, change the direction, or change the background color.

wondershare pdfelement android liquid mode settings

6. Tap Back to exit Liquid mode.

back to normal mode on pdfelement


You have full access to all features because PDFelement for Android is 100% free.

There are many customization options.

It creates a table of contents that makes jumping from page to page easy.

PDFelement Android offers other PDF features.


You need to watch a 30-second video to access the Liquid mode.

Potential Advancements in Liquid Mode Technology

Liquid mode is one of the best updates mobile PDF viewers ever received. The good thing is that it is not in its final form yet. There is a lot of potential for this technology. Here are some ideas that could make the mode even more helpful

Intelligent Summarization

Liquid mode already uses AI to reconstruct the layout. And there are AI models that can quickly summarize a PDF's content. Imagine if these two combined. Liquid mode could incorporate advanced summarization algorithms to extract key information from lengthy documents. This would quickly provide users with important details about the topic.

Smart Recommendations

By leveraging machine learning, Liquid Mode could learn from user preferences and behavior. It will allow the PDF reader to offer personalized recommendations for related documents. This further enhances productivity and knowledge exploration.

Voice Command Integration

Liquid mode already helps people with vision impairments. But what about the people who also lost or can't use their hands? Voice command integration can help solve this. It allows users to navigate, search, and interact with PDF content hands-free.

Augmented Reality Integration

Many tech people's focus is now on augmented reality. This raises the question: what if Liquid mode also utilizes this technology? You can project PDF content to the physical environment. And users can interact with it. This will provide a more immersive and intuitive way of accessing PDFs. And it can open many possibilities.

Multilingual Content Support

Currently, Liquid mode supports a few languages aside from English. We can expect the technology to support more and more languages in the future. It will be tremendously helpful since not all are working with English-only documents.


Reading PDFs on mobile has definitely changed thanks to the inception of Liquid mode. It is a mode that makes PDF content reflowable, which effectively increases readability by tenfolds. The best thing is that this mode is available on some of the most reliable PDF solutions on mobile.

Wondershare PDFelement for Android is a solid choice if you want to see how useful Liquid mode is. You can download it and use all of its features without spending a dime! So download it now and experience a much better PDF viewing experience on mobile.

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