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Business owners looking to expand their customer base or win the hearts of investors utilize descriptive business proposals to educate them about the product. However, not everyone has expertise in writing proposals to compel the target audience to utilize their services or products. In such cases, small businesses can get help from AI proposal writers to generate engaging proposals.

Many online and offline AI for proposal writing tools are available, which can make the choice of the best one difficult. So, we will compare some of the best tools in a detailed comparison table to help you choose the best AI proposal generator. Go through this table to get the basic information about these top tools before getting into their details.

Tool Pricing Other AI Features Content Quality Free to Use

Yearly: $79.99

Perpetual: $129.99

Summarize, Translate, Proofread, AI-check, and more. Highest 14-day Free Trial

Premium: $19.99 per month

Business: $199 per month

Email generation, Ad writing, Story writing, etc. Low Yes (500 Premium Tokens)

Starter: $40 per month

Pro: $60 per month

AI templates, Brochure maker, Presentation creator, etc. Medium 14-day Free Trial
Better Proposals

Starter: $19 per month

Premium: $29 per month

Enterprise: $49 per month

AI editor, Document management, etc. Medium 14-day Free Trial

Unlimited: $10 per month

Business: $19 per month

Business Plus: $29 per month

AI add-on: $5 per month

Project management, Writing with AI, Automation, etc. High Yes (Only 100MB storage)
Writecream Unlimited: $9 per month AI blog generator, Copywriter, Ads maker, etc. Low Yes (10000 Words)

Pro: $10 per month

Teams: $20 per month

Taskade AI agent, AI automation, chat with your docs, etc. Medium Yes (Only 1 Workspace)

Top 7 AI Proposal Writing Tools

Upon going through the comparison table, you have now gotten the general know-how about these top AI proposal writers. Now, let’s get into the details of the features and workings of these AI for proposal writing to choose the best one.

In this article
  1. Wondershare PDFelement
  2. LogicBalls
  3. Storydoc
  4. Better Proposals
  5. ClickUp
  6. Writecream
  7. Taskade

1. Wondershare PDFelement

Wondershare PDFelement helps young entrepreneurs win over potential investors and customers with its AI project proposal generation capabilities. It has a diverse library of business templates to assist you in creating AI proposals with minimal effort. Other than that, you can take advantage of its AI sidebar to generate content for proposals with simple prompts.

pdfelement ai proposal template mall

Using these AI features, users can summarize the business details and proofread the content to ensure the quality of the proposal content. Moreover, it has an advanced OCR feature to allow business owners to make any PDF template editable for proposal making. With the help of this AI proposal generator, you can also add or edit the text to the template after generating it with the AI sidebar.

In addition, you can improve the business proposals visually by adding images and optimizing their orientation to fit them in the template. Let’s go through the steps to create a compelling AI proposal using the features of PDFelement.

Step1Access Template Mall from PDFelement Main Interface

Begin the proposal generation process by launching PDFelement on your system to access its main interface. From here, click on the “Plus” icon to access a drop-down menu with various options to create PDFs. Afterward, you have to press the “PDF Template” option to open the Template Mall with different proposal templates.

access pdf template mall
Step2Open Your Desired Business Proposal Template for Editing

On this new window, press the “Business” tab to access several templates fit for business proposals. Next, click on the business proposal template you want to utilize to enter a new pop-up screen. Then, simply hit the “Edit Now” button to open this selected template and optimize it further according to your brand image.

select template and enter editing window
Step3Generate Proposal Content in the AI Sidebar

Upon accessing the editing interface, press the “AI” icon to enter the AI sidebar window. Here, you can switch to the “Chat with AI” tab and write a prompt to tell AI to generate proposal content for your business. You can also prompt AI to summarize or translate the AI-generated content to increase the accessibility of the proposal for a global audience.

generate ai content for proposal
Step4Add the AI-generated Content to the Template

Once the content is generated, access the “Edit” tab of this AI proposal writing tool. Next, click the “Add Text” button and click anywhere on the template where you want to insert the content. Now, simply copy and paste the AI-generated text in the newly added text box. After adding the text, you drag and drop the text box to adjust its position in the template.

add ai content to the template
Step5Make Visual Improvements with Image Addition

Moving forward, hit the “Add Image” button to insert the brand logo and other such images to apply the personalization effect. Finally, you can crop or rotate the added image to adjust its position on the AI proposal template.

insert images to the template

2. LogicBalls

Using this AI for proposal writing tool, owners can put in all the details of their business to get a fully personalized business proposal. Upon entering the information about your brand, you can optimize the language and tone of the AI proposal to get the desired output. The following steps will help you to generate a customized proposal in your preferred format using LogicBalls.

logicballs ai proposal generator

First, you have to access the “Proposal Generator” tool page from the official website of LogicBalls. Once you access this online AI proposal writer, select the desired format AI needs to follow to write this proposal. Now, enter the details about your company, including name, address, product description, and cost.

select format and fill in information

After filling in all the information, select the “Language” option in which you want AI to write the proposal. Next, set the tone for proposal writing before hitting the “Write” button to let AI generate a fully personalized business proposal for you.

adjust language and tone settings

3. Storydoc

Storydoc provides business owners with engaging AI business proposal templates to create and automate proposals that will win over the target audience. You can choose from different types of business proposals, including project, marketing, and sales, to optimize the proposal-making process. You can follow the instructions below to fill out business information and create proposals.

storydoc ai proposal generator

Once you enter the AI proposal tool page on Storydoc, press the “Generate My Proposal” button to reach the creation page. Upon reaching this new window, hit the “Proposal” option to access various types from which you can choose your desired one, such as “Sales Proposal.”

choose your desired proposal type

Now, fill in all the information about your brand and proposal by following the on-screen instructions. Moving forward, choose the design for your AI proposal from the given options. In the end, you will access the AI-generated proposal in the editor to apply changes.

select design for ai proposal

4. Better Proposals

With the help of this proposal writer AI tool, you can write and send better proposals to potential customers for increased sales. This proposal-making tool lets you start from scratch or choose from a customizable template to personalize it according to your brand. Take guidance from the following steps if you want to create a proposal with Better Proposals.

better proposals ai proposal generator

Upon logging into the Better Proposal website, access its dashboard and click the “New Document” button. Moving forward, you will reach the proposal creation screen, where you need to put in the company name and other details. Then, either choose to start from scratch or select a template for your AI proposal.

choose template and fill other info

Afterward, optimize the “Cover” page design for your proposal and then add content fields to the template. On this screen, you can add content to engage with the audience and even generate content with the help of AI. Once the content is finalized, hit the “Next” button to check and send this AI-generated proposal.

add content block and write with ai

5. ClickUp

ClickUp is an advanced AI document management tool that allows you to create business proposals with its AI writing feature. While using this tool for proposal generation, it lets you adjust the tone and creativity level of the writing according to the target audience. The following steps will help you grasp the general workings of this AI project proposal writer.

clickup ai proposal generator

First, log into your account after accessing the official ClickUp website to access its workspace. Once you enter the dashboard, hit the “New Doc” button on the top-left of your screen to access a new window. Now, click the “Write with AI” option to start creating content for your business proposal.

access write with ai feature

Upon reaching the “Write with AI” settings, type the things you want AI to discuss under the “Talking Points” section. Moving forward, adjust the “Tone of Voice” and “Creativity” settings to customize the output. Finally, hit the “Generate” button to let AI create a personalized business proposal for your potential customers.

optimize settings for ai proposal generation

6. Writecream

For users who want to utilize a simple-to-use AI proposal generator, Writecream will be a perfect option with its straightforward functionality. With the help of this tool, you simply need to tell AI what to write about and leave the rest to the advanced AI writer. You can follow the steps below to create business proposals in your desired language and tone.

writecream ai proposal generator

Start the process by accessing the “Free Business Proposal Generator” webpage on Writecream. Then, choose the language in which you want to create a proposal for your target audience. Next, type the prompt to tell what to write in the proposal to captivate the customers.

select language and write prompt

Now, click the “Advanced” button to access more settings and optimize the proposal output. Moving forward, choose the tone for the AI-generated proposal content and set the word count limit. Finally, hit the “Generate Output” button and let AI create a proposal for you, which you can further edit for personalization.

adjust tone and generate proposal

7. Taskade

Taskade can help business owners improve their project planning by providing an advanced AI for proposal writing. Using this AI tool, you can set the persona and tone for the writing process to generate proposal content in your desired language. Anyone can utilize this simple-to-use AI proposal generator using the guidance from these straightforward steps.

taskade ai proposal generator

After accessing the “AI Project Proposal Generator” on Taskade, log into your account to reach its workspace. Next, access the “Project” tab and press the “Create with AI” button to reach a new screen with multiple options to optimize AI proposal writing.

enter create with ai window

Upon reaching this new window, you can either choose from the pre-written prompts or write your prompt to create an AI proposal. Now, set the “Persona” and “Tone” settings for writing the business proposal in your desired “Language.” Finish the process by hitting the “Send” icon to optimize it according to the set parameters.

optimize ai proposal writing settings


After going through this article, you now understand the workings of multiple AI proposal writers to generate personalized business proposals. All these AI tools have advanced features to optimize the tone of your proposals according to the target audience. However, Wondershare PDFelement stands out as the best option with its ability to generate business proposals in multiple languages.

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