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An AI Chat App uses artificial intelligence to answer your questions, generate text, or perform other tasks. It is a very versatile tool that can streamline many operations. Thus, everybody wants to use one. Because of this, the number of AI Chat Apps has increased in recent years. The number of options can be overwhelming. Which one should you choose?

This article will help you identify the AI Chat App that's best for you. It could be Wondershare PDFelement, which is also a sophisticated PDF solution. Or, it could be something else. Continue reading to find the answer.

In this article
  1. Wondershare PDFelement - The Most Powerful AI Chat App and PDF Solution
  2. ChatAI - AI Chat App With 6 Different AI Models
  3. DeepAI - Most Advanced AI Chat App
  4. PDFgear - Free AI Chat App With PDF Management Tools
  5. ChatGPT - Best AI Chatbot App for Android
  6. Ask AI - AI Chat App for Android with Voice Input Support
  7. Bing Chat - AI Chat App Integrated With Microsoft Edge
  8. ChatBox - Multiplatform AI Chat App for Desktop
  9. Google Bard - Most Promising AI Chat App
  10. You - AI Chat App for Students and Researchers

Tool 1. Wondershare PDFelement - The Most Powerful AI Chat App and PDF Solution

wondershare pdfelement chat with ai feature


Annual Plan - $79.99

Perpetual Plan - $129.99

  • Wondershare PDFelement is the best PDF solution with an AI Chat feature.
  • It has two modes: Chat with AI and Chat with PDF.
  • There are pre-configured prompts, and you can add your custom prompts for easy typing.
  • You need to pay after the free trial to access all tools.

Wondershare PDFelement, the robust yet affordable PDF software, has an AI Sidebar. From this sidebar, you can access tools like Chat with AI and Chat with PDF. These are two AI-powered features that are extremely useful.

You can use the Chat with AI feature to generate poems, articles, or anything you want it to write. Likewise, you can use it for research; ask any question, and it will give you an answer. There are also pre-built prompts that let you rewrite, proofread, explain, and summarize text.

On the other hand, the Chat with PDF lets you ask questions about the PDF. It will answer your question and show you a link to the page where that information is found.

Overall, Wondershare PDFelement is the best AI Chat App for document management.

Tool 2. ChatAI - AI Chat App With 6 Different AI Models

chatai free version



Pro Plan - $90/year

Plus Plan - $9/month

  • ChatAI is integrated with 6 different AI Chat Apps.
  • You can use it to generate text, find answers, and even generate art/images.
  • ChatAI gives you only 10 free prompts.

ChatAI is an AI Chat App that puts 6 different AI models in one place. This tool is integrated with ChatGPT 3.5, ChatGPT 4.0, Stable Diffusion, AI 21 Labs, Cohere, and Hugging Face. Pay for this tool and gain access to all of these. Aside from being an exceptional money saver, this property also means ChatAI does not lack versatility. It's an AI Chat App that can do different things. So, indeed, it is one app you should try.

Tool 3. DeepAI - Most Advanced AI Chat App

deepai user interface

Price: Monthly Pro - $4.99

  • DeepAI has a Genius Mode, which is essentially an AI Chat App with superior performance.
  • DeepAI also has an Online Mode connecting it to the web. This allows the tool to access real-time information.
  • Only the Online Mode is free.

The free version of DeepAI is reliable. Like other AI Chat Apps, you can use it to write articles, essays, poems, and others. Furthermore, you can use it for research. What makes it special is the Genius Mode and Online Mode. Genius Mode is a more advanced version of AI Chat, which uses a larger AI model. This mode produces fewer errors, boasts better verbal fluidity, and can reason better than regular AI Chat Apps. Meanwhile, the Online Mode connects DeepAI to the web, enabling it to access real-time information.

Tool 4. PDFgear - Free AI Chat App With PDF Management Tools

pdfgear ai copilot

Price: Free

  • PDFgear is a 100% free PDFgear that you can use as an AI Chat App.
  • It requires product installation, unlike other AI Chat Apps.

Suppose you have a tight budget but need a PDF solution for your work, project, or studies. You should check PDFgear - a full-featured PDF tool with an AI Copilot. PDFgear's AI Copilot, powered by ChatGPT, is very reliable. You can ask it questions, make it perform tasks like summarizing text, or write sentences. Furthermore, you can use this tool to open PDFgear's other features.

Tool 5. ChatGPT - Best AI Chatbot App for Android

chatgpt for android

Price: ChatGPT Plus - $20/month

  • ChatGPT for Android accepts voice input.
  • Even the free version is very reliable.
  • GPT-4, the more up-to-date AI model, is locked behind a paywall.

ChatGPT does not need an introduction. It is the AI Chatbot that popularized AI Chat Apps. ChatGPT would not be able to achieve that if it is not reliable. In case you didn't know, ChatGPT is available as an app for Android phones. The app inherits all the properties of the web version. In addition to that, ChatGPT for Android accepts voice inputs. Thus, you don't need to type your prompts.

Tool 6. Ask AI - AI Chat App for Android with Voice Input Support

ask ai free trial


Weekly - $4.99

Lifetime - $39.99

  • Ask AI accepts text, audio, images, and URLs as input.
  • It can perform different tasks - Ask AI is not limited to answering questions and generating text.
  • The free trial lasts only 3 days.

Ask AI is an impressive AI Chatbot for Android. Expectedly, it can write for you, solve math problems for you, and find the information that you need. What makes it one of the best is its support for various input methods. You can send prompts using your voice. Likewise, you can snap a photo and use the image as the input. You can even enter a video URL, and Ask AI will summarize it for you. For Ask AI's versatility, it deserves praise.

Tool 7. Bing Chat - AI Chat App Integrated With Microsoft Edge

bing chat in microsoft edge

Price: Free

  • Bing Chat is already installed on your Windows 10 or Windows 11 device.
  • It has 3 conversation styles.
  • You can use Bing Cha to generate images.
  • Bing Chat has a daily conversation limit set to 300.
  • Input can't be longer than 2,000 words.

Are you a Windows 10 or Windows 11 user? If so, there is already an AI Chat App installed on your computer. Microsoft Edge is integrated with Microsoft's Bing Chat. This tool can do the things ChatGPT can do. On top of that, it can generate images. The tool also has 3 different conversation styles, allowing you to get answers in the Creative, Balanced, or Precise writing style.

Tool 8. ChatBox - Multiplatform AI Chat App for Desktop

chatbox user interface


Monthly Subscription - $3.99

Annual Subscription - $42.00

3-Month Pass - $11.00

36-Month Pass - $36.00

  • ChatBox has pre-configured Copilots, each dedicated to a certain task.
  • The free version has monthly limits.

ChatBox is an AI Chatbot for desktop. It is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux. What we like about this tool is the different tabs ready at launch. Each tab is dedicated to the tasks ChatBox can perform. There is a tab for image generation, text translation, programming, social media content, markup, and for just chatting. These tabs are called Copilots, and you can add more. With these tabs, you can stay very organized.

Tool 9. Google Bard - Most Promising AI Chat App

google bard web app

Price: Free

  • Google Bard is a free tool.
  • Google used its vast amount of data to train this AI Chatbot, ensuring Bard is reliable.
  • Bard is still under development. Human reviewers will review your conversations to improve the tool.

Google has hopped on the AI Chatbot bandwagon and made its own, which it branded Bard. The tool accepts text, images, and audio as input. You can use it for text generation, research, problem-solving, or just to have conversations. It is no secret that Google has access to a vast amount of text and code. Google used this to train this AI Chat App. Therefore, you can rest assured that it is reliable.

However, bear in mind that Bard is still in development. It has not reached its final form, but it already looks promising.

Tool 10. You - AI Chat App for Students and Researchers

you ai chat app


YouPro - $9.99/month

Organizations - Please contact You.com for a custom quote.

  • YouPro gives you access to 3 Premium modes for free.
  • The design is ergonomic.
  • You can use the Premium modes only 5 times for free.
  • Two of the three Premium modes are still in beta.

You.com has an impressive online AI chatbot. Just by signing in, you get free access to GPT-4, Genius Mode, and Research Mode. If you don't want to register an account, you can still use its Smart Chat. It can generate news and answer your questions by accessing news and the live web. So, what reason is there for you to register? The three modes have superior performance. However, you only get 5 free uses for each.


AI Chat Apps have given every person who can use computers and smartphones an incredible assistant. Why browse numerous websites for information when you can simply inquire with an AI Chat App and get the answers you need? You can also make these apps write sentences to full articles in seconds. Some of the other tasks they streamline are summarizing, proofreading, writing code, and generating images.

If you are not using an AI Chat App already, this is your call to start doing so. Suppose you also need a PDF solution; choose Wondershare PDFelement. Its AI Chat feature is user-friendly and even allows you to save custom prompts to maximize ease of use. It is a good tool that fills two roles at once.

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Audrey Goodwin Apr 24, 24
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