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5 Best Free PDF Erasers Online

You have a PDF document in hand. It contains images, text, or pages that you deem unnecessary. Thus, you want to remove them. How can you do that? Most PDF editors are also PDF erasers. However, they require you to pay. If you're on a tight budget, using free online PDF erasers is a great alternative. What are the best ones in the market? Learn about them below.

HiPDF PDF Eraser Online

HiPDF, an online PDF solution from Wondershare, is free to use. You can use this tool to remove pages from PDF files. Here are the steps to do so.

Step 1 Launch a web browser. Visit the HiPDF website.

Step 2 Click More Tools > To all PDF and image tools.

Step 3 Scroll down to find the "Organize PDF" section. Select Delete Pages.

Step 4 Drag and drop the PDF file you want to edit into the given area. Alternatively, click Choose File to upload the file from your computer or upload it from OneDrive, Dropbox, or Box.

Step 5 In the "Enter page numbers" section, type the page number of the pages that you want to erase.

online pdf eraser

Step 6 Click Confirm once you are done. Click Download.


You can use HiPDF for free. But you can't process more than 1 document a day unless you register an account and log in. Also, the free version has a file size limit of 20 MB. Additionally, the PDF file should not have over 100 pages.

SmallPDF Online PDF Eraser

SmallPDF is an online tool that allows you to delete text, images, or entire pages from PDF files. Here's how to erase text and images using this PDF solution.

Step 1 Open a web browser and go to SmallPDF's website. Click Edit.

Step 2 Upload your PDF file from your computer by clicking the CHOOSE FILES button or doing a drag-and-drop action. You can also upload from Dropbox or Google Drive.

Step 3 Click the Square icon. Choose Rectangle.

Step 4 Draw a rectangle over the text or image that you want to erase.

pdf eraser online free

Step 5 Change the background color and outline color to white.


SmallPDF allows you to white out text and images from the PDF. But that does not move the other content of the PDF. Thus, there could be a huge white space in the middle of your PDF since you just covered the text or image.

You can use SmallPDF to actually delete the text/images in the PDF. However, that requires you to activate the 7-day free trial. Just don't forget to cancel because SmallPDF will start charging you after the free trial has expired.

pdfFiller PDF Editor with Eraser

pdfFiller offers a free PDF eraser that you can use to edit your PDF files. Follow this guide to use this tool.

Step 1 Go to pdfFiller Eraser using a web browser.

Step 2 Upload your PDF document by following the instructions on the screen. Select Erase.

Step 3 Draw a square over the image or text that you want to delete. Click OK.

Step 5 Alternatively, do this to erase the text in the PDF. Double-click the text you want to delete. Erase the text by pressing the Backspace key or the Delete key on your keyboard.

free pdf eraser

Step 6 Click Done once you are done. Select PDF under the "SAVE DOCUMENT AS" section to download it.


The eraser tool of pdfFiller is also just a whiteout tool. You can use it to cover the text or images in the PDF. But you are not actually removing them. So, you have to adjust the other content of the PDF to remove the blank spaces and make it look presentable.

iLovePDF PDF Eraser Free

The popular online PDf solution, iLovePDF, offers two features that let you remove PDF content.

How To Remove PDF Pages Using ilovePDF

Step 1 Open a web browser and go to PDF page eraser.

Step 2 Click Select PDF File to upload the PDF with the pages that you want to remove. You can also click the Google Drive or Dropbox icons to import the PDF file from those locations.

Step 3 Type the page numbers of the pages that you want to remove.

online pdf editor with eraser

Step 4 Click Remove Pages and click Download PDF.

How To Erase PDF Text/Images Using iLovePDF

Step 1 Use a web browser to go to PDF editor with eraser.

Step 2 Click Select PDF File to upload the PDF with the pages that you want to remove. You can also click the Google Drive or Dropbox icons to import the PDF file from those locations.

Step 3 Click Add Shape > Rectangle.

Step 4 Resize the shape to cover the text or image that you want to erase.

erase pdf online free

Step 5 Change the shape fill and border color to white.

Step 6 Click Edit PDF. Wait for ILovePDF to finish making a downloadable version of the file. Click Download PDF once it appears.


iLovePDF's free version allows you to edit only PDFs that are 100 MB in size or less.

Also, like the other PDF erasers above, erasing PDF content using this tool is not really erasing. You cover the content with white shapes to remove them from sight. That's fine if you are adding new text or images in their place. Otherwise, it will leave huge white spaces in your document.

PDFzorro - Erase PDF Online

PDFzorro is a completely free online PDF eraser. These are the steps for using its eraser feature.

Step 1 Open a web browser and go to PDFzorro.

Step 2 Click Upload File and select the PDF with the content you want to erase. Click Start PDF Editor.

Step 3 Select the page with the images or text that you want to erase. Click Erase.

online pdf editor with eraser

Step 4 Draw a rectangle on the text or image that you want to erase. Click Save.

Step 5 Click Finish / Download > Download to your PC.


PDFzorro's interface is a little outdated. So you may find it a little difficult to use. And that's not the only thing to worry about.

Erasing content from the PDF does not adjust the remaining content of the PDF. So, you'll need to format the PDF document. PDFzorro does not have a feature for formatting the document. So you may need to use another tool on top of it. However, if you're replacing the text and images with new ones, this should not be much of a problem.

What Is the Best PDF Eraser on Windows/Mac

Desktop tools are more powerful than online tools. Thus, we recommend using them if you can afford them. If you're looking for the best PDF eraser for Windows PC/Mac, you should check out Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor. Its toolset gives it an edge over the competition.

Here's a guide on how to use PDFelement to erase images, text, or pages in a PDF.

Step 1 Download, install, and launch Wondershare PDFelement.

Step 2 Click Edit > Edit All.

Step 3 Select the text or images that you want to erase.

pdf editor with eraser

Step 4 Press the Backspace key or the Delete key on your keyboard to erase the text or image.

Step 5 Adjust the other content of the PDF to fix the formatting.

Step 6 Click the Save button at the top left of the screen or press CTRL + S to save the changes in the PDF.

PDFelement's Advantages Over Other Tools

PDFelement is better than other PDF erasers because of many reasons. The main reason is PDFelement's robustness. PDFelement doesn't just let you cover text and images with white boxes. It actually lets you delete them. On top of that, PDFelement puts the text in text fields that you can easily move. Thus, it is easy to fix the formatting of the PDF.

Not only that. Wondershare PDFelement also has an OCR function. So you can make scanned documents editable.

People Also Ask

Here are some FAQs about PDF erasers/editors.

1. Why Can't I Remove the Existing Text in a PDF?

If you can't edit the existing text in a PDF, it is probably a scanned document. In other words, the PDF shows you a picture of a printed document. If you want to edit a PDF like that, you should first perform OCR on it. You can do that with PDFelement.

2. Can I Edit PDF online for free?

Yes, you can. You can always rely on HiPDF. Other online PDF editors limit how many documents you can process per day or hour. HiPDF does that too. But the difference is that HiPDF does not require you to pay to unlock unlimited processing. Just register an account, log in, and you're set!

3. How To Erase Text in PDF on a Mobile Phone?

You can use mobile PDF editors to erase PDF text on Android/iOS. Your best option is Wondershare PDFelement for mobile. It is as reliable as the PC and Mac versions.

Also, PDFelement for iOS has an OCR feature. Therefore, you can use it to scan printed documents to digitize them. Then, you can make them editable by performing OCR.


There are many online PDF erasers. The ones listed above are the best ones that you can use for free. But if you want a more reliable tool, you should try Wondershare PDFelement. It does not become unusable when you lose an internet connection. Also, PDFelement does not have a file size limit or daily task limit. So, you can always use it.

Additionally, PDFelement has an OCR feature. Thus, you can erase text and images from supposedly non-editable PDFs easily. It is convenient. And so, you should try PDFelement.

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