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How to Rearrange Photos in iPhoto on macOS 10.15

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2024-05-22 10:38:25 • Filed to: macOS 10.15 • Proven solutions

It sometimes looks very frustrating when you need to find photos of an event or a slideshow but all of them are manipulated and their order is not sequential. It may give you a tough time while doing your routine tasks. If you are facing such an issue in iPhoto on macOS 10.15 and looking for a solution to rearrange photos in photo album on macOS 10.15, we are going to list some of the easiest methods for that.

How to Rearrange Pictures in the Album on macOS 10.15

Note: We’ll create some scenarios and provide solutions according to these scenarios.

rearrange pictures in the album on macos 10.15

1: Rearrange By Date

Let’s consider that you have to make a report or a slideshow of an event that took place on a specific date. Naturally, all the photos taken on that date should be in sequence. If not, it may really give you a headache while finding them one by one, especially, if you have thousands of photos in your iPhoto and you need to find hundreds of them. That is no big deal as you can rearrange pictures in the album on macOS 10.15 very easily.

To rearrange the photos of an event on a specific date, or simply to do a date-wise sorting of the pictures, follow the given steps.

  1. Launch iPhoto, click on "View" and then "Sort Photos".
  2. Now select "By Date" and also choose below whether you need these photos in ascending order or descending order. Now, all the images have been rearranged and you can do your work as needed.

Note: You can further manually sort these pictures if you move them into a separate album.

2: Rearrange By Keyword

If you have photos of a specific event or a product that were taken at different times then rearranging them by date would not work in that case. So, in this scenario, you need to reorder photos in iPhoto on macOS 10.15 by Keyword. How to do it? Let’s find it below.

  1. Launch iPhoto and move to your desired album for rearranging the photos. Once you are in the album, click on "View" and then "Sort Photos".
  2. Now, select "By Keyword" to sort your photos and choose the option to display the photos in ascending or descending order below.

You have just rearranged your photos by keyword. If you want to further rearrange them manually, you can simply do it by drag-and-drop but keep it in mind, it can only be done within a specific album. Also, it will rearrange all the photos which contain your specific keyword in the title or description.

3: Rearrange By Title

If you want to refine the sorting of your images, you can do it By Title. By rearranging your photos based on the title, you can get your photos rearranged alphabetically where the photos with the same title will come in a row. Let’s find it below.

  1. Launch iPhoto on macOS 10.15 and move to the album in which you need to rearrange your photos. In the album, click on "View" > "Sort Photos".
  2. Here you’ll have some sorting options to choose from, select "By Title" and Ascending or Descending order below. By doing this, your photos will be rearranged by their Title.

Expert Tips for Rearrange Photos in Photo Albums on macOS 10.15

If you want to use the same album for 2 or more different projects and need to rearrange them differently for each project, you can do it very easily. For that purpose, you will need to create a duplicate of the entire photo album. Once the duplicate is created, you can arrange the photos in the way you need it. To duplicate an album, follow the given below steps.

  1. In the Source pane, select your album, choose Photos and click Duplicate. A new album with the same photos will be created.
  2. Now, change its title and rearrange its photos as per your requirements.

So, friends, these were the three ways in which you can rearrange your photos in iPhoto. You might also be interested in learning about the best PDF editor for macOS 10.15 in 2024. So, let’s have a quick overview below.

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