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How to Set Up iCloud on macOS 10.15

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2024-05-22 10:38:25 • Filed to: macOS 10.15 • Proven solutions

In 2011, iCloud replaced MobileMe and has been useful ever since. If you would like to enjoy its services, you will have to set up iCloud on your mac in macOS 10.15. Users have personal accounts, so get yours too.

iCloud is a remote storage as well as cloud computing service provided by Apple. When online, it allows you to access email, contacts, photos, documents and bookmarks. Therefore, it is useful in the current digital times.

If you desire to use iCloud on macOS 10.15, you must set up iCloud on your mac in macOS 10.15. The process of setting up an iCloud account on macOS 10.15 is fast and easy.

This article contains information about how to do so step by step. It also has information on the requirements needed for you to successfully set up a functioning account.

How to Set Up iCloud on Your Mac in macOS 10.15

For you to set up and access iCloud drive on macOS 10.15, there are various requirements that you must meet. Some of these focus on improving your iCloud experience.

You Must Have an Apple ID

The Apple ID enables you to enjoy everything that the company has to offer. Therefore, it will be necessary when setting up an iCloud account on macOS 10.15. Without an Apple ID you can’t set up iCloud on macOS 10.15.

  • Visit Apple’s website; go to the ID section
  • Click on “Create Your Apple ID”
  • A new page for creating a new Apple ID will appear requiring the following details;

First and last name

Country or region


Your new Apple ID- form one in this section

Password- create a new password

Confirm password

3 security questions- these are useful in verifying your identity and help you recover your password in case you forget it.

Then you will be required to type some characters from a unique code displayed.

You Should Have the Latest OS

Updating your OS not only fixes bugs that could affect the functionality of your Mac, but also gives you the best experience while using applications. Therefore, Apple advises you to use the latest version of macOS before setting up an iCloud account on macOS 10.15.

To update your macOS;

  • Go to the screen top-left corner and click on the Apple icon
  • Choose “About This Mac”
  • Select “Software Update”
  • There will be several software updates. You have the liberty to select them all or simply focus on updating macOS alone.

Active Internet Connection

iCloud is based online. Therefore, you need to have a reliable internet connection to use iCloud on macOS 10.15. Consequently, setting up iCloud drive on your mac in macOS 10.15 relies on this connection.

With a stable internet connection, you can get the best overall experience by taking advantage of latest iCloud features.

The following is how to set up iCloud on your mac in macOS 10.15;

Update Your OS to the Latest Version

Before setting up iCloud drive on your mac in macOS 10.15, conduct a macOS update. Go to the Apple menu, select Apple Store and check for an update.

A brand new Mac may not necessarily need an OS update. However, it is still advisable to check if there are new bug fixes released after its packaging.

macos update

Sign in

After creating an Apple ID, sign in to activate iCloud and hence set up and access iCloud drive on macOS 10.15. If password is forgotten, recover.

  • Go to Apple menu
  • Select “System Preferences”
  • Click on “iCloud”
  • Put in your Apple ID
  • iCloud will turn on automatically

apple id signing in

Check the iCloud Settings

After activating the account, continue setting up iCloud drive on your mac in macOS 10.15 by specifying the apps that you desire to use with iCloud;

  • Go to “System Preferences”
  • Select “iCloud”
  • Choose apps like iCloud Drive, Photos, Notes, Contacts, Mail, internet bookmarks and Calendars, among others.

apple selection in icloud setting

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