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How to Change Your Mac Username on macOS 10.15

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2024-05-22 10:38:25 • Filed to: macOS 10.15 • Proven solutions

You are likely to change your username on macOS 10.15 when you change your name entirely or inherit a Mac. Also, if you happen to misspell your name, you will feel the need to change your username to avoid confusion.

When setting up a user account in a Mac, you are required to use your name. As a result, it will appear in the account name and Home folder. However, various factors may cause you to change the name of your macOS 10.15 user account.

You may get married or divorced, meaning there will be a change of names. If you acquire a Mac that has been used before, you may need to change macOS 10.15 user account and home directory name rather than create a new account.

This article has tips on how to carry out this change easily.

How to Change Your Mac Computer’s Username on macOS 10.15

To change the name of your macOS 10.15 user account, there are stages involved.

In the process to change the name of your macOS 10.15 user account, you will have to create a new administrator account. Use these steps;

  • Go to “System Preferences”
  • Select “Users $ Groups”
  • Choose the “Lock” icon; enter password
  • Click on “+” sign
  • Alter “New Account” to “Administrator”

creating new administrator account

Changing Mac Username

If you have administrator rights, you can change the name of your macOS 10.15 user account very easily. However, you must receive a warning about changing settings, since it has potential to damage the account, preventing you from logging in.

changing mac username

Nevertheless, use the following steps to change the name of your MacBook or iMac on macOS 10.15;

    • Access “System Preferences”
    • Go to “Users & Groups”
    • Select “Unlock” and put in your password
    • You can now right-click or “Control-click” he user that needs renaming
    • Select “Advanced”

changing mac username

  • In the full name field, change the name
  • For these changes to take effect, Restart the Mac

Note that this process only changes the username, but not the Home directory name. Leaving it at that is risky since it can cause account damage and prevent logging in.

Changing Home Folder Name

The next step in the process to change macOS 10.15 user account and home directory name is changing the name of your Home folder. Use the following procedure;

changing home folder name

    • Go to the menu and select Apple logo; in the account that needs name changing, “Log Out”
    • Use a different administrator account to Log in; create a new administrator account as shown above and Log in.
    • On the startup drive, access “Users” folder; Open “Finder”; click on “Go”; select “Computer”; choose “Macintosh HD”.

changing home folder name

  • Open Users folder and find Home directory inside, for the account being renamed (write it down for later use)
  • Select the folder and rename it (write down the old and new names for later use)
  • When prompted, Put in the admin account password you are using

Changing Your User Name

Changing the Home folder name goes hand in hand with changing your Username. This is important in the process to change macOS 10.15 user account and home directory name. If you fail to change your username on macOS 10.15, you will experience problems since the two must be the same.

Change the Home directory name by changing the name in the field showing Home directory location.

    • Open “System Preferences”
    • Go to “Users & Groups”
    • Click on “Unlock” then put in admin account password that you have used to log in with
    • From users list- Control-click on the user you wish to rename
    • Choose “Advanced Options”
    • Alter the “Account Name” field to the new, which is the same as the one you gave the Home folder for the same user

changing mac username

  • Change Home directory field and match it with the Home folder
  • Select “OK”
  • Close “System Preferences”
  • Restart the Mac
  • Log in to the account you have renamed.

In case you experience problems while logging in, confirm that account and directory names match.

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