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How to Change Default Apps on macOS 10.15

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2024-05-22 10:38:25 • Filed to: macOS 10.15 • Proven solutions

MacOS comes with default applications that enable you to do various activities automatically, such as open emails, browse and listen to audio files. You can change all your macOS 10.15 default apps, if there are others that you like more.

Mac is ready for use due to its pre-installed applications, like Safari, iTunes and Mail. These set default apps on macOS 10.15 are meant to automatically open web links, audio files and emails respectively, when need arises.

However, it is not a must that you use these applications when you have other alternatives. So, Apple allows you to change the default apps used to open files in macOS 10.15. This alteration is meant to give these duties to other Mac apps of your liking.

This article shows how to change the default apps used to open files in macOS 10.15.

How to Set Default Apps on macOS 10.15

You must have used default apps after purchasing your Mac. These are the applications that automatically open files upon selecting them and allow you to view, interact and edit their content.

However, some do not give the best experience. In such a case, you can opt to set default apps on macOS 10.15 by your own terms by changing them.

Change the Default Drowser

MacOS uses Safari as its browser by default and hence it opens web links automatically through it. When installing others such as Opera, Chrome and Firefox, you must have received a notification requesting you to make each your only choice, and thus set default apps on macOS 10.15.

You may have resisted these requests then but wish to do so now, which is still possible. So, proceed to change the default app for a file on macOS 10.15 by following the following procedure:

  • Access “System Preferences”
  • Choose “General”
  • The setting with the “Default web browser” is halfway downwards.
  • So, click the dropdown menu
  • You will view all the installed browsers.; note that the default “Safari” is at the top
  • To change the default app for a file on macOS 10.15 and set a new one, click on the browser of your choice from the list.

Change the Default Email Application

In the email department, Mail is the default application that macOS uses when opening emails. Despite being an old stalwart, Mail does not have cooler features of the modern email clients. This makes other email applications like Gmail better for use.

So, if you would like to change the default apps used to open files in macOS 10.15 such as Mail, use the following guide;

  • Go to the “Mail” app
  • Select “Preferences”
  • Beside the “Default email reader,” you will find a dropdown menu
  • Open it up
  • You will see a list of the email clients installed in your Mac, including Mail.
  • To set default apps on macOS 10.15 in this section, choose the one you like more.
  • From now onwards, the new selection will automatically open whenever you click on an email address and begin composing messages.

Change the Default Apps for Certain File Types

Browser and email client are not the only apps that you can change from default. You can actually change all your macOS 10.15 default apps if you wish and thus overcome the default apps tyranny. You just have to use the following steps to forge a new existence that is on your own terms:

  • Open “Finder”
  • Ensure you navigate the file you want to change
  • Right-click on it; bring up the contextual menu.
  • Choose “Get Info”
  • A box will appear. About half way downwards, find the heading “Open with:” click it
  • The default app associated with your file will be visible. Since you want to change the default app for a file on macOS 10.15, click on dropdown menu.
  • Choose the new default
  • Click on the “Choose All” button.
  • Now expect this type of files to open using the default app you have selected.

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