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How to Back Up Data on Mac before Updating into 10.14

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2024-05-22 10:38:25 • Filed to: Solutions of macOS 10.14 • Proven solutions

If you are ready to upgrade your Mac to MacOS Mojave, there are a few things you must learn for the process to be smooth. First, you must prepare your mac for MacOS Mojave. This means that you must backup your mac before upgrading to MacOS Mojave, which is to back up files before installing MacOS 10.14. This article contains a guide on how to carry out this back up process, so that you can prepare your mac to upgrade to MacOS Mojave. Backing up your system is always advisable since upgrading to a new OS involves a lot of re-arranging.

Backing Up Data on Mac before Upgrading to 10.14


MacOS 10.14 has great benefits that are attracting many users to update. They include an OS that is incredibly stable. It is also fast and has a familiar user interface so getting through tasks is an easy process. It has great features dark mode that enhances its look, among others. Additionally, MacOS 10.14 has significant improvements in some features like security and privacy, user consent and accessibility, among others. You can now use strong and unrepeated passwords as you evade rogue marketing firms.


Despite that MacOS 10.14 has great benefits, running the betas in your Mac is risky and causes data lose. It is possible that your Mac can crash and lose all information. It does not mean that you should not use it, it just means that you should backup your mac before upgrading to mac os Mojave so that you cannot lose it if something goes wrong. Whenever such a problems arises, you may have to format your Mac and thus erase everything.

How to Back Up Files before Installing MacOS 10.14

Any Mac OS X, which is version 10.5 and above, has a backup tool that is inbuilt, known as Time machine, which can back up files before installing MacOS 10.14. This tool works automatically in the background and saves copies of your applications, personals files and system files into a hard drive. If your disk space becomes insufficient, Time Machine erases old files automatically to make room for the new. Backup your mac before upgrading to MacOS Mojave in the following steps.

1. Connect your Mac to an external hard drive

You require an external hard drive to back up files before installing MacOS 10.14. It should either be the same size as the internal drive of your Mac or 2 to 4 times bigger. Plug it through USB or Thunderbolt, or FireWire.

By default, Time Machine can use up all the drives space. If you require some space for other purposes, it is advisable to partition the hard drive’s space into 2 volumes. Clearly indicate the one for Time Machine backup and the other for other purposes. To do so, go to OS X’s “Applications,” access “Utilities.” Go to ‘Disk Utility.’

2. Activate Time Machine; select the backup destination

Access the “System Preferences” to prepare your mac for MacOS Mojave. Go to Time Machine. Switch from ‘off’ to ‘on’ to activate Time Machine.

Click “Select Disk” button to direct the drive to back up data. Remember to choose the volume that you want for backups. Time Machine may offer you the option of encrypting with password.

3. Getting notifications regarding old backup deletions

The Time Machine button “Options” lets you exclude the volumes from backups. You can as well get notifications if old backup’s deletions are required to create more space.

4. Let Time Machine proceed

After selecting your options, backups take place hourly automatically thus prepare your mac to upgrade to MacOS Mojave. They may include;

Daily backups- past month

Hourly backups- past 24 hours

Weekly backups- previous months

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