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Quick Tips for Desktop Stacks for macOS 10.14

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2024-05-22 10:38:25 • Filed to: Solutions of macOS 10.14 • Proven solutions

From digital invoices to screenshots and movie clips, a Macbook's desktop serves as a go-to place to save files for quick retrieval. But this end is usually defeated when Mac users over depend on the storage facility of the desktop. The Mac OS 10.14 mojave desktop stacks is Apple's ingenious response to the need for splendid organizing functions for desktop storage. Interested in how to quickly set up and customize stacks in OS 10.14? This article is a quick-guide on how to explore the nitty-gritties of desktop stacks in order to increase the access efficiency of the desktop storage.

What Is Desktop Stacks

The desktop Stack feature is a spick-and-spank feature of the new Mac OS designed to impose orderliness on your desktop screen. The desktop stack does bear a semblance to the OS X Dock Stack feature that already exists in older models. The modus-operandi of both features revolve round organizing desktop files into 'stacks' to minimize the amount of files splashed randomly over the desktop. However, the new feature operates with greater automation. The user only need select the preferred categorization option, and the feature arranges files automatically in line with the categorization settings. Users need only click on the stacks once to reveal their contents. To enhance access efficiency even further, the new Desktop Stack features a 'scrub' function to help users locate files in the stacks more easily.

macos 10.14 mojave desktop stacks

The Desktop Stack feature operates with a streamlined algorithm which automatically categorizes files according to their formats, contents, and time-related parameters. The app does not falter in operations, stacking files ranging from movies to documents and everything in between in the right order. When you organize your desktop with stacks on macos Mojave, you can be rest assured that everything will be moved to the right categories efficiently, including new files that are subsequently tossed on the desktop. New files saved on the desktop make their way automatically to the right stacks without any mix ups. If there are no stacks that match the new file, the feature creates a new stack for the new file.

How to Use Stacks on Your macOS 10.14

1. How to Enable or Create macOS 10.14 Mojave Desktop Stacks

You need to set up and customize stacks in mac OS 10.14 manually after installing the OS update. Note that macOS Mojave still retains the Dock Stack feature, which is an entirely different functionality than the new Destktop Stack feature. To assess the Desktop stack settings, "Ctrl" + click or right-click on the desktop to open the desktop context menu. Do the two-finger click to open the context menu in a MacBook with a touchpad. This brings up a menu with the option to enable Desktop Stacks. You can disable Stacks by opening the desktop context menu, and then selecting "Group Stacks By > None". This disables the function and reshuffles files back to their original locations.

To organize your macOS 10.14 Desktop with Stacks, you can create desktop stacks by opening Finder to run in the background, while you click on "View" on the menu bar. This brings up a menu with an option "Use Stacks". Once you select this option, every file on your desktop is automatically sorted into stacks of various categories.

set up and customize stacks in os 10.14

2. How to Change Stacks Sorting on macOS Mojave

Once the Desktop Stack becomes active, you can then proceed to further customize the operations of the function. You can set the feature to sort items according to any of your preferred methods. To organize your desktop with stacks on macos Mojave, you need to set your preferred stacking sort option. Open the desktop context menu, and then select "Group Stacks By". This draws down a menu of categorization options.

To stack files by type, choose "Kind". To categorize stacks by time-related matrices, choose "Date Last Opened", or "Date Modified" or "Date Created". To view the most recently added files when stacks are opened, choose "Date Added".

use stacks on your macos 10.14

3. How to Open A File Using Stacks

Once you click on any stack, it opens automatically and bares all the files it contains. Recall that these stacks bear files according the preferred categorization option you selected. To open chosen file in any particular app, double-click the file, or right-click the file, then select "Open With" and then choose the app to open the file with. The opened stack doesn't close automatically after you're selected a file. To close an opened Stack, simply click on the wispy Stack icon of the open stack.

4. How to Scrub A Stack and Open A File

Hover your cursor over the Stack you want to search. For MacBooks with a Trackpad, slide two fingers to the left or right, for Macs with Magic Mouse, slide one finger, in order to scrub around the contents of the Stack.

Best Free Desktop PDF Editor for macOS 10.14

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You need to ensure not only that your files are stacked away nicely on your desktop, but that they're also well-protected. You can deploy PDFelement's password and signature protection for files to keep files from unauthorized prying eyes. The signature function also serves in the creation of digital signatures.

organize your desktop with stacks on macos mojave

Key features:

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