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How to Share a PDF on Twitter

Although sharing PDFs is not the most common, it has become a practice that has gained followers day by day, and by having a character limit to be able to post a message on Twitter, being able to attach this type of document becomes an enormous advantage, since in this way the information can be shared in a total way and without eliminating a single character.


There are several ways to share PDFs with or on Twitter and each of them represents something practical and simple. It should be noted that on many occasions it is worth thinking about attracting the public, so using a PDF creator to make a vivid document with striking visual aspects will become an extra that can make a difference so that you get more followers and get your attention more.

Part 1. How to Share a PDF on Twitter

To share a PDF on Twitter, you need to share the PDF file as a link. PDFelement can help you quickly create, edit and share PDF files as links. Here are what you should do.

Share PDF on Twitter in Desktop

Open your PDF file on PDFelement, if you need to edit the PDF before sharing, click“Edit” tab on the toolbar to edit text, images or other element on the PDF. Now click the "Share" button on the top of the screen, on the pop-up window, select Link and copy the link. Now you can open Twitter and share the link of the PDF file.

share pdf on Twitter

Share PDF on Twitter in Mobile

If you are using an iPhone, here are how you can share PDF on Twitter with PDFelement for iOS.

Open your PDF file on PDFelement for iOS. Tap the three dot icon of the file and select Share > Share by Link. Then you have to sign in with an email or other account. After signing in, you can get a link of the PDF file. Now you can share the PDF file link on Twitter.

share pdf on Twitter mobile

To sum up, you can't directly share a PDF file via Twitter. You need to create a link of the PDF file and then tweet.

1. Store PDF online

It is now possible to store a huge number of PDF files online. There are many file hosting services that will allow you to do this in a few seconds. The most popular are Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive, but there is a wide range of alternatives that can help you host a lot of information, such as Wondershare Document Cloud. Hosting your PDF files on an online platform is the first step in the sharing process.

2. Shorten link and Tweet

Before sharing your PDF document, it is highly recommended to shorten the link to provide more security to users that it will direct them to a secure page and that Twitter accepts the posting, because the original link can contain more than 140 characters, which it would automatically prevent its publication.

There are various online platforms that will help you perform this task in a few seconds and there are even some that will allow you to customize your link so that you can memorize it and make it more practical to use it. Once you have finished with the process, you only have to copy and paste the link on your Twitter home page to later publish it.

Part 2. 5 Best Sites to Share Files on Twitter

There is another option to share your files on Twitter. These are web pages that do the job of automatically sharing what you post on Twitter, that is, the publications and files you upload to these sites will also be displayed on your profile. Most of them work in a similar way and the best alternatives are as follows:

1. FileSocial.com: It is a page based in Spain; it provides the multiplatform file exchange service for Twitter. After creating your profile and authenticating your Twitter account, you can add a message (up to 110 characters) and FileSocial will publish your tweet with the link to the file.

2. Filetwt.com: It is cataloged as a Twitter-based and personal file-sharing service. You will only have to enter your Twitter account data, write a message and upload your file that can occupy up to 20MB. This will be more than enough to share your PDF document. If you want to share your file with a Twitter user, you will need to register on the Filetwt.com website.

3. ShareTwitter.com: In addition to performing the task of sharing files, this page allows downloads of different types of applications.

4. TwitDoc.Com: Like the first two options, TwitDoc.com offers the ability to share all types of files, such as photos, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Open Office, text, and, of course, PDF files. You will only have to enter TwitDoc.com, log in through your Twitter account, choose the message, upload the file and confirm the publication. Immediately all the information will be reflected on your Twitter page through a tweet.

Part 3. How to Create Vivid PDF for Sharing

If you are going to publish a PDF file on Twitter, this means that you want it to be read by your followers. Several of them can be demanding or surely you want to surprise them, right? Then, surely you are going to require a PDF creator so that you can convert the content of your document into an attractive and interesting visual experience for your readers.

There is no better option than Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor, a software through which you can create and edit PDF files with total customization. Thanks to its multiple tools and simple interface, you can let your imagination fly and capture it easily and practically. To give you an idea, below you can see the main aspects to be able to create a vivid, colorful and interactive PDF:

1. Open/create PDF

If you already have an existing PDF, you can open it by dragging the document icon to the PDFelement application icon or window after running the software. If you are going to make a new document, click on “Create PDF” and you can start immediately.

create pdf

2. Annotate PDF

Once you have finished your writing, you can use the annotation tools. You can add comments in various ways such as stick notes, typewriter, text box, callout, and highlight area. You will also be able to make text markups using different alternatives, which are "Highlight", "Underline", "Squiggly", "Strikeout" and "Caret". There are drawing tools that allow you to add all kinds of graphics to your document, you can also create, customize and add stamps. All of this is going to give you a great visual addition, making your PDF look vivid and attractive to your followers.

highlight area

Do you need to sign your PDF? In PDFelement you can create and add your handwritten signature; You can also add attachments as comments and change their appearance using "Comments Properties." Each of the tools corresponding to annotations will allow you to make a total and complete customization.

add comments in pdf

3. Edit PDF

PDFelement allows you to edit the content of your document without any limitation. As for the text, you can choose between an online or paragraph distribution; You will also have the opportunity to add new words to your writing, replace the ones you want and, of course, change color, alignment, font, and font size.

edit pdf

This fabulous software will give you the freedom to edit objects. You can drag and change their position, rotate, overturn, extract the image and replace it. It is also possible to add new images and place them where you want.

insert image

As for the links within your document, you can add new ones and also edit them, in addition to editing the visual aspect of the link text however you want. Finally, you will be able to add and edit other elements such as watermark, background, header and footer as well as numbering the pages of your PDF file.

edit link

4. Organize PDF

I also recommend you to use the very diverse organization functions, and through them, you will be able to further customize your document. These tools will allow you to insert, replace, extract, delete, duplicate and rotate pages. In addition, you will be able to number the pages in groups, if you need to apply a different numbering from the conventional one, this can be achieved thanks to the "Page Labels" tool.

page labels

Do you see how easy it is to create and edit your PDF? After making use of and taking advantage of all the features that PDFelement offers you, you will surely not stop using it, in this way you will share PDFs that will become a visual attraction for your followers on Twitter.

Closing words

Sharing a PDF on Twitter is a fairly simple activity that can now be done in different ways. However, the users that stand out are those who do more than what is expected and if you share vivid PDF files you will have a huge advantage, so you will earn the recognition of your followers and you will surely make yourself known. Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is the best software to carry out the creation, editing, and transformation of these documents and you will adapt very quickly to it thanks to the fact that it is extremely easy to use.

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