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How to Send PDF to Email

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Offices all around the world utilize the services of different mailing domains as a formal and efficient source of sending documents and other resources of information. If you are an employee within an office, you may feel the need to send your finalized document to the managing head or your department head before getting it posted across a certain platform. In such cases, you may need to send these documents efficiently and swiftly to avoid any latencies. For this, you may utilize different platforms such as Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor to understand the process of how to send PDF to email with ease.

How to Send PDF to Email within PDFelement

PDFelement is a platform that would easily take up the position of your primary choice in PDF editing platforms. This software offers unique and intuitive services in managing your PDF files. Such is the case when it comes to sending PDF through emails while staying within the platform. To understand the process of explaining how to attach a PDF to an email using PDFelement, you need to follow the steps as defined below.

Step 1. Open Your PDF File

Successfully download and install PDFelement across your computer and launch it. After launching it, you need to tap on the “Open Files” option on the Home window and browse the file present on your computer to open it on the software.

how to send pdf to email

Step 2. Edit the PDF (Optional)

You can edit the text, images, and links present within your PDF file if you find it necessary. To successfully execute this, tap on the "Edit" tab on the toolbar on the top. This would open a sub-menu displaying a series of different options that would allow you to edit your PDF file.

how to send pdf to email

Step 3. Send PDF to Email

With PDFelement opened, you can proceed towards sending the edited file easily across the email. For this, you need to navigate towards the top-most ribbon of the software and find the “Email” icon. Then, tap to proceed with sending the PDF file across the appropriate email address.

how to send pdf to email

The Best PDF Software

As it has been stated that Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor provides the perfect option in managing and editing PDF files, there are several factors and reasons that make this platform the best choice in PDF editing. PDFelement is a platform that has offered its users the best services all across the market. With expressive editing features, you can easily amend your PDF files by changing the text, images, and links present within the file, similar to what a word processing software would have provided. Furthermore, PDFelement has offered an extensive conversion toolkit for efficiently converting the PDF file into different file formats without undermining the original shape of the document. This makes PDFelement an exemplary choice in PDF editing.

Moreover, the platform offers the user a very diverse experience in managing PDF files. While overviewing the platform in-depth, it is discovered that it offers you to develop fillable forms under a single click. These forms can then be managed and controlled through the platform with ease. Furthermore, PDFelement offers an adequate set of annotation tools that allows you to comment and review PDF files with ease.

Conclusively, it also includes a protective layer of password protection and information redaction that keeps the document safe from all kinds of information thefts. The latest update that came under PDFelement 8 had a very extensive feature inclusion. While offering the users a better experience in managing PDF files with its interface, the platform offered a better processing speed and a platform to add in different electronic signatures within your PDF file.

Other Ways to Send PDF

While you understand the method defining how to send PDF files to email using PDFelement, there are several other methods that can come in handy while understanding an appropriate procedure of sending a file to your boss or any other individual. PDFelement not only allows you to send PDF through emails but provides various other sources of executing it.

If you wish to send your file through PDFelement, you need to access the 'File' tab present on the top of the toolbar to select the “Share” option from the drop-down menu. This option further displays three different and distinctive options of sharing the file across “Dropbox,” “Google Drive” or Wondershare's dedicated cloud storage - Wondershare Cloud. The cloud service makes it easier to send your PDF file and save it.

how to email a pdf file

These options can also be accessed from the top-most ribbon displaying the “Share” icon. However, apart from understanding the process of how to email a PDF file, you can also take up the services of these methods.

how to send pdf file to email

This article has defined appropriate procedures for sending PDF files across PDFelement along with a guide on how to send PDF via email, making you manage your PDF file in easier ways.

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Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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