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Top 12 Remote Work From Home Jobs

remote work from home jobs

Expert or novice, these jobs are for you!

Did you know that 22 million people have lost their jobs since the COVID-19 wave hit us? Although many did get their jobs back as businesses started to reopen, there are plenty who are still jobless.

So, what should the affectees do?

Sitting and hoping for their previous employers to hire them back once things get stable is not a wise option. And since the hiring process has slowed down a bit, looking for a new job altogether is also not viable.

Therefore, during these testing times, the only feasible option is to go for remote work from home jobs.

So, whether you’re a professional in your field, or a novice, or someone who’s in the midst of learning new skills, or even if you’re an older adult close to the age of retirement, we have put together a list of 12 remote working jobs paying as much or a lot more than an average salary.

But what does it mean to work remotely? Let’s have a look.

What Does Working Remotely Mean?

what does working remotely mean

For many, working remotely means sleeping in, lazing around all day, working with a movie running in the background, and shoveling down a pizza, all while lying comfortably on the bed with your laptop.

You wish!

While working from home does ease up your regular job schedule, it doesn’t mean you become sloppy.

To put it simply, working remotely means doing whatever you did at your office, but from the comfort of your home. This means you can lose your tie, socks, and those uncomfortable oxford shoes!

But for those who didn’t have an office job to start with or were laid off due to the pandemic, working remotely means doing a job that requires a computer, an internet connection, and a couple of online software specific to the nature of work.

This brings us to the main topic of concern: Which remote working jobs can people take up for a living?

Remote Work From Home Jobs

Here’s a list of the 12 best jobs to work remotely, even for people with little to no experience.

1. Micro Jobs

As the name suggests, micro jobs are small online tasks that you can do for a small fee. Such jobs can be found on online job portals, where you search up a task, contact the client, and complete the task within the given time. Also known as short tasks, these jobs involve data entry, filling up surveys or forms, and even crowdsourcing projects.

The upside of micro-jobs is that you can choose clients and tasks as per your liking.

So if you’re up for making some money remotely, here’s a list of platforms to get you started:

Top 5 Places to Find Micro Jobs
1 ClickWorker
2 GigBucks
3 CrowdSource
4 Amazon Mechanical Turk
5 Branded Surveys

2. Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing, also known as referral marketing, is a popular remote work-from-home job. It involves including links to products on other high-authority websites on your website. For instance, if you link a product mentioned on your website to Amazon, every time a visitor clicks that link and purchases the product, Amazon will pay you a small percentage.

You can try your luck as an affiliate marketer and start making passive income in a matter of days, without any experience, as such!

Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Companies
1 Amazon Associates
2 eBay Partner Network
3 ShareASale
4 SkimLinks
5 ClickBank

3. Blogging


If you’re looking for a remote work-from-home job that is inexpensive and easy to start, you could become a blogger! This job also doesn’t require any experience, but it’s a plus if you have a knack for writing in a friendly and compelling way. You could write about anything that interests you, from music to food to travel.

You can take inspiration from Lindsay, an elementary school teacher, who pursues her love for different foods and recipes through her blog Pinch of Yum.

However, starting a blog requires a lot of patience for the money to start coming in.

4. Website or App Testing

If you have an idea, to some extent, of how websites and apps work and whether they will be successful or not, you could easily take up the job of a website or app reviewer, or tester.

This job involves developers testing their website or app by asking people to use them and give their viewpoints. You could point out loopholes or bugs that came in the way of a smooth user experience and write honest reviews. The whole process takes 20 to 30 minutes max, and you could easily earn $10 or more.

Not bad for some fast cash!

5. Customer Service Representative

Another good option for a remote work-from-home job is to become a customer service representative. But, you will have to undergo extensive training to give your best for this job. Usually, the company that hires you will give you this training to prepare you to deal with all sorts of customers and their issues. Also, having good communication and problem-solving skills will act as a cherry on top.

The good part about working as a CSR is that you will be able to work remotely and respond to people’s requests by phone, email, or chat.

6. Online Tutions

online tutions

The pandemic has driven everyone into their homes, and with institutions being closed, kids’ education is suffering big time. To help their children stay up-to-date with their coursework, many parents are opting for online tuition services.

This has opened up job opportunities for individuals who have been associated with the field of education. All you have to do is register yourself with an online tuition platform to provide round-the-clock help to students all over the globe.

Here’s a list of some of the most renowned online tutoring platforms:

Online Tutoring Services
1 Chegg
2 Skooli
3 Tutor
4 Smart Thinking
5 Revolution Prep

7. Virtual Assistant

virtual assistant

Ever heard of a personal assistant? Well, a virtual assistant is the same thing, but they work from home instead of working in an office.

For this job, you need to be highly efficient and organized. You also need to have some knowledge related to document management, maintaining records, scheduling meetings and appointments, taking calls, and collaborating with clients.

To make your work easier, you can opt for a cloud-based document management tool like Wondershare Document Cloud to simplify your workflow with utmost security.

recommend document cloud

Wondershare Document Cloud

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8. Copywriting


One of the most sought out remote working jobs is copywriting, but it requires a lot of skills, courses, and of course, hard work! The main idea is to come up with promotional marketing material that persuades people to take some action like click on a link or, even better, purchase something.

You can find plenty of copywriting jobs on online job platforms like Upwork and Fiverr, and if you get lucky, you can easily make up to six figures a month.

9. eCommerce


Another popular remote work-from-home job is launching your very own eCommerce store. For this particular job, you need to come up with a product or service with high global demand. A good example would be Pop It Fidget Toys or the magical Green Stick Mask that are trending nowadays.

Next, you have to choose a name for your business, make a marketing plan, develop your website, arrange manufacturing and shipping options, and you’re good to go!

How to Launch an eCommerce Store?
1 Identify a product with high global demand
2 Choose a brand name
3 Make a marketing plan
4 Develop your website
5 Arrange manufacturing and shipping options

10. Proofreading


Proofreading is all about going through a write-up and spot spelling or grammatical errors. However, this remote work-from-home job requires you to take some courses or have significant experience in this department.

So, if you’re a beginner, you could start by taking some proofreading courses on Udemy or other similar platforms and improve your skills before applying for this job.

11. Animator


If you have a creative spirit and some reasonable animation skills, you can easily get a job as an animator. For this, you will need some know-how about using animation software like AutoDesk Maya and Adobe Animate.

With this fun and illustrative job, creating visuals and animations for movies and videogames, you can make up to $100/hour.

12. Home-Based Meals

home-based meals

One of the most successful businesses out there is food catering. So, if you enjoy cooking and baking and can make customized cakes, cookies, or other edibles, you should definitely try your luck at making home-based meals and delivering them across the city.

Most people opt for home-based cooks and bakers, given the hygiene issues at local restaurants. You can start small from your kitchen, and a few good reviews later, you can expand your business and move it to a bigger place.

But remember! Don’t let your quality falter as your business grows!

Final Words

The list of remote work-from-home jobs could go on and on, but we have narrowed it down to 12 best jobs to work remotely. Even if you’re a novice, you can easily try your luck at some of the options discussed; however, improving your skills and learning new things is always beneficial.

So, take up some courses, watch a couple of tutorials, follow influencers, read success stories, and do whatever it takes to get a dose of inspiration and work your way up to be successful from the comfort of your home!