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10 Free Printable Easter Worksheets

Easter holiday is here with us, but do you have a plan for your kids or family? You probably want a low-cost means to get fun and enjoy the holiday. Perhaps you also want to keep your kids active and busy as you celebrate the Easter holiday.

While there are many activities you could do, free printable Easter worksheets are proving the deal. Plenty of free Easter activity sheets can transform your Easter holiday and leave you and your family with amazing memories. This article guides you through some of the best free printable Easter worksheets.

10 Printable Easter worksheets

Attractive printable Easter worksheets can spark fun during your Easter holiday like never before. However, finding the best Easter worksheets is not always a walk in the park. Fortunately, we furnish you with a list of eye-catchy and top-rated free printable Easter worksheets.

1.Free Printable Easter Scavenger Hunt

The name alone speaks volumes about the fun waiting to unleash during Easter. This Easter scavenger hunt is pure joy for kids of all ages. The worksheet comes in different ways, and you can trim it to get perfect sizes.

Depending on the type of scavenging hunt card, your objective could be to find a checklist of items or locate a place that leads you to the next place. Every time you unlock an item or cross into the desired location, you feel the joy and the urge to continue without a halt.

free printable easter scavenger hunt

2.Easter Bingo Printable

Bingo for Easter is never disappointing. Calling out cards and marking them until you get a winner with designated consecutive rows is amazing! It is fun; you won't hesitate to put it into your Easter moments. While this game is often seen as a kid's game, don't be surprised when adults get glued and decide to do multiple rounds.

Find suitable fun makers and let someone call out the cards. The players draw the cards from the pile and mark them depending on what was called. Anyone who obtains five correct draws in a row wins that round.

easter bingo card

3.Easter Bingo for Kids

Easter Bingo for kids is another amazing free printable Easter worksheet worth trying. As the name suggests, it is no different from the normal Easter Bingo printable. However, it is specially designed for kids, and you can see that from the choice of drawings and markers.

The bingo fun in a kids environment makes the kids understand the game and effortlessly grab the fun. Kids can play this game longer without boredom. Download and print for Easter to fill the air with fun and excitement.

easter bingo for kids

4.Easter Math Worksheets

Math lovers won't miss something to spark fun for Easter in our free printable Easter worksheet list. Yes, there is a handful of amazing Easter math worksheets to light your Easter experience with your family, friends, and colleagues.

These worksheets are available in different designs, including Easter missing digits, Easter eggs in a basket, Easter bunny, Easter word problems, Easter counting worksheets, and Easter patterning worksheets. The list is long, and you won't get bored. Pick and download the Easter math worksheet that brings your more fun.

easter math worksheet

5.Printable Easter Worksheets for Kids

The unending options for kids make you feel like Easter is theirs. However, making them busy and happy during the Easter holiday is a great joy to parents. If you want the kids to have fun and improve their basic problem-solving skills, try this printable Easter worksheet for kids.

This package gives you a suitable range of Easter worksheets, including sheet coloring, word searches, code-breaking sheets, and coordinate sheets. These worksheets are played differently depending on the type of sheet. Nevertheless, every sheet is fun, and the kids will want more of the same.

printable easter worksheets for kids

6.Easter Basket Printable

Easter basket printable is another great Easter worksheet for different categories. This worksheet tests your speed and creativity. It involves making structures from cards to create a basket. The players cut out parts from templates and then assemble them to create a basket.

As far as Easter fun, this worksheet is designed to help players, especially children, improve their knowledge and skills in design and technology. It builds the foundation for design, especially in 3D design. That's a perfect worksheet to mix learning and fun.

easter basket printable

7.Easter Story Worksheets

Easter story worksheets offer a different type of activity and fun for Easter. It is often suitable for kids and helps improve their communication, creativity, and memory. The printable Easter story card comes with an unorganized story piece.

The player organizes the story pieces until they create a story that flows. Different sheets can have different stories. You can cut out the story pieces and let the players organize them until they create the story.

easter story worksheets

8.Easter Activity Packet

Easter activity packet is always great for kids, especially when you want to keep them busy as you perform other duties. There are many exciting Easter activity worksheets worth printing for your kids. Some of these packets include an Easter crossword puzzle, Easter word search puzzle, Easter egg hunt, Easter basket coloring, and Easter word scramble.

easter activity packet

9.Printable Bunny Template

There are tons of ways bunny templates can bring fun during Easter. With creativity, you can seamlessly design amazing Easter items from a bunny template. One way of using bunny templates is to cut them out and trace the shape on a piece of paper.

Color the shape to create an eye-catchy item. You can set up craft supplies for great-looking bunnies. Some of the fun craft supplies include crayons, markers, feathers, pom poms, and glitter.

printable bunny template

10. Easter Reading Comprehension Worksheet

Easter reading comprehension is one of the best ways to keep your pupils active during Easter. Each sheet has a different passage, and you are supposed to read it. The questions of the respective passage are available below it. Questions can come in different ways, making them engaging and fun.

easter reading comprehension worksheet

Best Way to Print Easter Worksheets

While there are many sites where you can find and print Easter worksheets, none beats PDFelement. Wondershare PDFelement is a powerful PDF software that seamlessly transforms how you interact with PDFs and worksheets. This program has a template-rich template mall for all cards, including happy Easter card templates.

This template mall is well-organized, and you can find all categories of cards for the Easter holiday. You can select the desired Easter card template, then edit and download it for printing. This tool never limits creativity. You can combine various designs and contents to create an amazing Easter holiday card for you and your family.

The beauty of using PDFelement's card templates is its speed, ease of use, and compatibility with nearly all devices. You can download as many Easter holiday templates as possible, edit them, and share them directly with others.

pdfelement template mall

Some of the PDFelement features that let you effortlessly create amazing Easter worksheets include:

Combine PDF- This feature allows you to combine multiple activity sheets into a single PDF file. This makes printing the different sheets easier, faster, and more convenient. The good thing is that you can combine as many PDF files as you can. The program will process the large file without a noticeable speed drop.

Crop Page- PDFelement provides an effective page crop feature that transforms how you resize images. With Easter card templates, it is fun to adjust the size of worksheets to meet your needs. Fortunately, the cop feature on PDFelement lets you crop the pages to desired sizes. Furthermore, you can crop the margins for easy printing.

Convert PDF- Wondershare PDFelement lets you convert your activity sheet from other formats to PDF or other formats. The good thing is that this program supports nearly all file formats, including the latest ones.

Print PDF- The print feature of PDFelement is outstanding. The unmatchable flexibility and effectiveness make it a must-have printing tool. With your Easter templates, you can choose to print selected pages without printing the entire document.

Edit and share- This program lets you edit your templates to meet your needs. Several editing options on the toolbar can seamlessly make the card look attractive and exciting. You can edit font, style, add images, or adjust pages. Furthermore, you can share the output card directly with other people, like friends and family.

Protect- With PDFelement, you can protect your output file with passwords and digital signatures to prevent unauthorized access or editing. The person viewing your printable easter worksheets will just view them without editing unless you grant them access.


Easter worksheets provide fun and memories during Easter. As you look forward to Easter holiday, consider getting a collection of attractive and exciting free Easter worksheets. However, collecting these worksheets from different sites is time-consuming and draining.

To make things easier and more effective, get tons of amazing Easter worksheet templates from the PDFelement template library. Download PDFelement, access the template library, and print Easter worksheets directly. Try it now and get the free Easter experience you always wanted.

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