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The Best Free Printable Easter Coloring Pages for Kids and Adults

Easter is yet another religious holiday where families come together to spend quality time and celebrate the death and resurrection of the Messiah. Most parents are off work during this holiday, and children get a reprieve from school. There is also plenty of food and drinks to go around and enjoy the next day.

You could take your Easter celebrations a notch higher by engaging the kids and adults in fun activities like filling out coloring pages. Not only does this exercise keep you off your gadgets, but you also engage the creative part of your mind. Keep reading this article to discover some fantastic ideas for printable Easter coloring pages.

easter coloring pages

Free Printable Easter Coloring Pages

Without further ado, let's get into the fun part of this article and introduce you to ten of the best free printable coloring pages.

1.Online Easter Coloring book

Perhaps you don't want the hassle of downloading and printing physical copies for your friends to fill in. An excellent alternative would be to use a happy easter coloring online tool where you can bring a bland page to life with color. You can choose your preferred brush size and choose the color from the vast options. The "Save" button prevents you from losing your progress, while the "Clear" button lets you remove any mistake you made along the way. Lastly, the "Quit" button lets you exit the coloring project and choose another one.

online easter coloring book

2.Easter Color By Number

It is not always easy to determine which color will go where in your coloring book. The easter color by number templates take the tedium out of determining a suitable color scheme for your coloring page and guides you on where to put each color. This coloring page idea is suitable for pre-schoolers and young adults who want to have some fun during the festive season. The platform also allows you to share on popular social media platforms like Facebook and Pinterest without clicking out of the page.

easter color by numbers

3.Preschool Easter Egg Coloring

A staple during the Easter holiday is the renowned Easter egg. They first started out as being stained red to symbolize the blood of the Messiah. Today, however, people partake in fun coloring activities where they color the eggs in an array of colors to match the joyous mood. There are numerous online platforms where you can fill in preschool easter egg coloring pages with any color you see fit. Depending on who will color the page, you can also choose a simple or complicated design.

preschool easter coloring

4.Easter Bunny Coloring Pages

Apart from colorful Easter eggs, the Easter bunny is one character you can hardly miss during this festive season. Surprisingly, the Easter Bunny has pagan origins and symbolizes rebirth and spring. Over the years, the tradition stuck, and the Easter Bunny became another holiday staple. Once you choose a couple of easter bunny coloring pages, you can download and print them or color them online. You truly are spoilt for choice with all the many bunny printable coloring pages you can find online.

easter bunny coloring pages

5.Religious Free Printable

Despite all the food and merry-making, Easter is a time to remember our Savior's colossal sacrifice for us. Therefore, it wouldn't be a good idea to forget the reason for the season. These religious free printable Easter coloring books contain many scriptural references with pictures of Jesus and the cross to remind fellow believers that the Lord conquered death. As you continue to have fun with your loved ones, you can use these religious-free printable coloring pages to spread the message of hope and love.

religious free printables

6.Religious Easter Coloring Pages

You can never get enough of religious Easter coloring pages. After all, the spiritual meaning is what brought the holiday into existence. What better way to convey the famous Easter story than with these holy week coloring pages? They come in various designs and difficulty levels to suit all ages. Once you find something you like, simply download it and grab your crayons!

religious easter coloring pages

7.Peeps Printable

Peeps is a cute cartoon character resembling the Easter bunny, which is probably why we associate Peeps with Easter. Nevertheless, the more, the merrier! If you have had your fair share of Easter bunnies but still want more easter pictures to color, you could search for these cute peeps printable templates to make your festive season more memorable. You can cut the bunny out once you are done coloring or make a cute card to send to your loved ones as long as Peeps remains front and center!

easter peeps printables

8.Easter Coloring Pages For Adults

Contrary to popular belief, happy easter coloring pages are not only reserved for children. Even the adults crave a little fun and excitement during the festivities. However, these easter coloring pages appear more intricate than what you would give a child. Therefore, you can give these pages a trial if you are up for a challenge and have no problem keeping the colors inside the designated lines. There are numerous designs and images, ranging from spring flowers, Easter bunnies, religious references, and patterned Easter eggs. You can stick to solid colors or go bold and see how complementary colors will work together to create the final masterpiece.

easter coloring for adults

9.Easter Chick Coloring Pages

We couldn't forget to bring up the cute Easter chick, who always seems to be emerging from an egg. Perhaps the young one was hatched from one of the Easter eggs we discussed above and is just in time to celebrate Easter with us. You can choose from numerous free easter coloring pages, some simple, others intricate.

Most of all, you can get these templates for free without parting with your precious pennies. The easter chick coloring pages are suitable for children of all ages and adults who are willing to indulge their inner child.

easter chick coloring pages

10.Easter Basket Coloring Pages

Easter eggs often come bundled up in a cute basket. These happy easter coloring pages also portray the Easter bunny snuggled up in the basket, perhaps seeking a comfortable place to lie down. Our best guess is these baskets were often used to transport foodstuff and baked goods from one family to another. You can use these easter basket coloring pages to help you convey the true spirit of Easter, which includes sharing with others and lending a helping hand where you can.

easter basket coloring pages

[Bonus] PDFelement – A Great Tool To Print Easter Coloring Pages

Having seen all the beautiful ideas in the section above, you might want to replicate a few of them. You might also want to add your own unique twist to the cute easter coloring pages to make them more exciting. PDFelement is an excellent editing tool that helps you achieve stunning printable coloring pages for kids and adults to enjoy filling in during the Easter holidays.

The Template feature has proven extremely useful and contains over 70 Easter templates. You can download and print these templates to distribute to your family, friends, and loved ones. Alternatively, the platform allows you to share the templates with other users who might be interested via a shareable link. Once the recipient opens the link, they will be directed to the template you intended to share.

PDFelement easter colouring templates

Convert feature of PDFelement

Another feature Wondershare PDFelement has to offer is the Convert feature. Suppose you downloaded the coloring page as a PDF and want to change it to a Word document before printing. The recipient might also lack an app or software to open a PDF on their device once you share it. This feature allows you to change formats to and from a PDF without breaking a sweat.

Combine PDF colorings using PDFelement

We couldn't forget to mention the Combine feature. Suppose you have downloaded numerous coloring pages and don't like the idea of sending them one by one to each recipient. This feature can put all your coloring pages into one PDF for easy access and convenient sharing. Gone are the days when you would sit in front of your laptop, waiting for each template to reach the recipient.

Print Easter Coloring PDF using PDFelement

The Print feature can also be helpful when using Wondershare PDFelement to create Easter coloring pages. You may have combined a few pages to form one PDF. However, it might not be ideal for printing the entire lot. This feature can select only the pages you want to print.

Once all is said and done, you may want to send the templates you chose to other users on the same platform or via other social media channels like email. The Share feature lets you show your loved ones the Easter templates that caught your eye without clicking out of the platform.


This is your sign to take the initiative and wow your loved ones with a fun Easter activity to pass the time. The kids will undoubtedly have a blast and will be eager to put their artistic skills to good use. However, even a novice can make a masterpiece from these coloring pages since drawing is unnecessary. We hope this article has provided valuable insights on fantastic coloring pages you could use and how Wondershare PDFelement will be helpful.

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