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Celebrate Earth Day With These Coloring Pages

Earth Day is something we celebrate every April 22. It is a day dedicated to demonstrating support for environmental protection. Since it's about our home planet, this is a very important day. But how to join the celebration? The good news is that it's not expensive. You can celebrate Earth Day through simple actions. For instance, you can print and color Earth Day coloring pages.

This is a low-cost to no-cost way of showing support for environmental protection. And after coloring the pages, you can use them as posters, which can raise awareness. If you have children, this activity is also a great way to teach them that caring for the environment is important.

celebrate earth day with coloring pages

Printable Earth Day Pages

Here are some great Earth Day coloring pages you can print.

Cute Earth and Heart Coloring Page

cute earth and heart coloring page

This one is a simple Earth Day poster. What we like about it is how cute it is. The illustration shows tree branches around the Earth. It easily tells the message: "Keep the Earth Green". Adults and children will enjoy coloring this cartoony illustration.

Abstract Earth Day Coloring Page

abstract earth day coloring page

This is an Earth Day poster that looks like someone made it for a poster-making contest. It features interesting patterns and details combing the earth with a tree. Indeed, this one will test your creativity. Personalize this piece of art using your color choices.

Printable Earth Coloring Page for Free

earth day coloring page with a face

The coloring page depicts a cheerful cartoon earth with a smiling face. The earth is depicted as a round sphere, with two large circular eyes and a wide, happy grin. Its surface is adorned with continents, oceans, and a smattering of clouds, all waiting to be colored in by the artist's hand. The simplicity of the page is captivating, and the playful nature of the earth is sure to inspire creativity and imagination.

Earth Day Doodle

earth day doodle coloring page

You will enjoy coloring this page. Right in the middle is a drawing of Earth and Earth Day lettering. Then, surrounding them are hearts, circles, flowers, stars, and more shapes. There is so much to color. Uncolored, it already looks good. Once you have brought it to life with colors, it will be eye candy.

Little Girl - Earth Day Coloring Page

little girl earth day coloring page

Here is an Earth Day coloring page for preschoolers. It shows a little girl watering the plants. Above her is the message: "Care for our planet." Thus, you can use this coloring page to teach children the importance of environmental protection. Furthermore, it shows them a simple way to do it, which is to care for the plants.

Coloring this page will also be enjoyable. The flowers and butterflies allow you to use as many colors as you want.

Cleaning - Earth Day Coloring Page

cleaning earth day coloring page

Similar to the last coloring sheet, this one teaches children how to care for our planet. It shows two kids cleaning the surrounding. You can use this to teach them how to be responsible while having fun and celebrating Earth Day. Also, you can use this coloring page to introduce children to the concept of recycling. The illustration shows the symbol "reuse, reduce, recycle."

Best Tool for Printing Earth Day Coloring Pages

These Earth Day pages are digital art. You first need to print them to color them. We recommend using Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor for printing. It is a fantastic tool for document and image management.

The best thing about it is that PDFelement doesn't just let you print Earth Day coloring pages. It also offers Earth Day coloring pages and card templates. You can send these to your friends or use them as posters to support the movement.

Here are 5 Earth Day card templates from PDFelement.

Simple Happy Earth Day

simple happy earth day card

This is a simple Earth Day card. It has the planet in the center, a tree above it, and a ribbon around it. The ribbon has text saying, Happy Earth Day. It conveys the message pretty well. There is also lots of space for you to write on.

April 22 - International Earth Day

international earth day card template

This illustration is a classic poster. It shows hands holding the planet. Then there is text displaying that April 22 is International Earth Day. Suppose you are holding an event, a clean-up drive, for example. This serves as a great invitation.

Happy Earth Day Poster

happy earth day poster template

This one is almost the same as the second one. There are hands holding the planet and text saying, "Happy Earth Day." You can see the upper part of the planet cut out and replaced by two people caring for a plant. It is a simple Earth Day card you can send to someone.

Mother Earth Day

mother earth day card template

Here's another illustration of cupped hands holding the planet Earth. That automatically makes it a good Earth Day card. What makes it even better is that it calls the planet "Mother Earth." It shows our affection for the planet. Also, there's a nice quote at the bottom.

Mother Earth Day - Call for Change

call for change card template

This template depicts the planet Earth cut in half, where mountains, hills, trees, and a river replace the top part. What makes this a great Earth Day card is the text at the bottom. It calls for a change. Therefore, you can use this for environmental protection campaigns.

Make Earth Day Coloring Books With PDFelement

Suppose you want to print several coloring pages. Maybe you are a teacher, and it is for your students to color. Printing them one by one can take a lot of time. Thankfully, PDFelement can expedite this process. PDFelement offers a Combine feature. It lets you merge multiple files into one PDF. Then, you can print that one PDF.

Here's how to use this feature of PDFelement:

Step 1 Launch Wondershare PDFelement on your computer.

Step 2 Drag and drop files to the left panel. Alternatively, click Add Files and import your coloring pages. PDFelement accepts different file types as input.

combining coloring pages with PDFelement

Step 3 Click Apply. PDFelement will combine the files into one PDF.

Convert the Coloring Pages With PDFelement

Do you need to convert your coloring sheets to PDF from JPG? Or do you need to convert them from images to PDFs? Either way, PDFelement can help you with that. Its convert feature allows you to convert files to PDF and vice versa.

Here's a quick guide on PDFelement's convert feature.

  • Open PDFelement.
  • Select Convert.
  • Import the file that you want to convert from/to PDF.
  • Select your desired file type under "Output format."
  • Name the file and select a destination folder.
  • Click OK.
converting pdf to jpg using PDFelement

Print Earth Day Coloring Pages With PDFelement

Let's go back to why we recommended PDFelement. As mentioned above, it makes printing Earth day cards and coloring pages easier. Here's how to use its amazing Print feature:

  • Open the document you want to print with PDFelement.
  • Click the Print icon at the top right or press CTRL + P.
  • Select how many copies you want to print, the paper size, orientation, etc.
  • Select which pages you want to print. PDFelement allows you to print all pages or only specific ones.
  • Click Print.
printing coloring page using pdfelement

Share Earth Day Coloring Sheets With PDFelement

You can let others print the coloring pages that you provided. You don't have to print them yourself. That is made possible by PDFelement's Share feature. It allows you to generate a shareable link to the PDF that you can send to other people. Here's how to use this feature:

  • Open the PDF with PDFelement.
  • Click the Share/airplane icon at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Wait for PDFelement to finish generating a link.
  • Click Copy Link.
  • Send the link to others. Please note that it expires after 30 days.
generated link to coloring page pdf


Earth Day coloring pages allow anyone to join the Earth Day celebration in a very simple way. The best part is that it will cost you almost close to nothing. And with the help of a tool like Wondershare PDFelement, printing and sharing these pages is super easy.

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