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Happy Valentine's Day - 30 Funny Quotes

Roses are red; violets are blue; for some flowers won't do! Well, a Valentine is all about love and romance. But are you someone who prefers funny Valentine quotes? Then you are not alone.

After all, what is life without love and laughter? Whatever your status is single, married, or complicated, sharing a funny Valentine's card with the right sense of humor makes everything easy.

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30 Funny Valentine's Day Quotes

Here is the list of funny happy Valentine quotes that everyone can relate to, share these with your friends or your significant other, and laugh it out!

We list lots of Funny Valentine's Day Quotes for your reference. You can easily DIY and print out your Valentine's Day card using Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor

1. Love is priceless! But every time I pay for heavy shopping bills, I feel it!

2. Valentine's Day is another way to say you are trapped in the world of love and there is no way out!

3. Love is about losing your senses, your mind, and realizing it later.

4. Love changes everything. Since I met you my life has changed. Now I don't remember who I was, but not the one I am today.

5. Honey, I love Valentine's Day because that is the only day I don't have to do the dishes!

6. The moment when you realize Valentine's Day is approaching your heart beats faster not because you are in love but because it will cost you more!

7. Honey, you say I don't listen to you! But this Valentine I will listen to you and save money! Happy Valentine Day my love!

8. I love you so much, darling! But do we need a day for it? Can we just skip it?

9. Love is blind, marriage is eye-opening and Valentine's Day is a reminder.

10. Valentine's Day looks great in movies. In real life, it is awful and costly. Try buying the best gift and you'll get to know!

11. Love is an expression and Valentine feels like a recession.

12. After a marriage, February is the least favorite month.

13. On Valentine's, is it important to turn your bedroom into a rose garden.

14. Honey, I know you love me so much and do anything for me. This Valentine I bought the game ticket for us!

15. Initial few Valentine's a bunch of roses. And after 5 years - a rose from a garden will do great.

16. Love knows no boundaries and no condition, then why is the condition of roses and chocolates on Valentine!

17. Being single you give a piece of heart! And after marriage, you need peace of heart!

18. I love you more than pizza, but won't share it with you!

19. Why is it roses are red, violets are blue? Why not beer is chilled and it's in the fridge!

20. On Valentine, being single is so underrated. But being single is much better. You don't have to share your food.

21. Whatever your status may be but on Valentine, it should be single!

22. On Valentine, do give her a card. But not a credit card!

23. Valentine is just another holiday to complete my Netflix series!

24. Love is crazy! It's being stupid altogether!

25. Won't say love is beautiful, it is weird and annoying.

26. Valentine's is for her! All I get are bills to pay!

27. Being single you feel incomplete, and after marriage you are finished.

28. Marriage is a race to the grocery store till you get a divorce.

29. I love you as much as I love half-priced liquor.

30. I want someone to look at me the way I look at cheesecake.

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