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Ways You Can Use AI Chatbot to Read and Understand PDFs

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ChatGPT is an AI-powered chatbot that has transformed how we interact with PDFs across legal, academic, and business fields. ChatGPT is a powerful tool that curates content from myriads of sources and presents it conversationally.

While ChatGPT is a powerful tool, many users want more, and it is no surprise that droves of users ask questions like "Can chatbot read pdfs?" there is pretty much a lot that users want to know about chatbot reading PDFs.

Fortunately, this article gives you a detailed guide on how to unlock hidden possibilities with AI chatbot for reading and understanding PDFs.

read pdf using ai chatbot

Can ChatGPT Read PDFs?

ChatGPT is undoubtedly one of the finest AI-powered tools that have revolutionized the way we interact with resources such as the internet conversationally. This tool lets you ask questions and solve myriads of tasks by simply throwing a query to the ChatGPT interface.

chatgpt homepage

While ChatGPT can do a lot for you, it, too, has some limitations. ChatGPT cannot read PDFs and is not the ideal AI-powered tool to read and analyze your PDF texts. However, this should not fix you between a rock and a hard place. New and better tools can easily read and analyze your PDF to meet your needs.

ChatPDF and Pdfgpt are two of the best Chatbot tools to read your PDFs. Scores of people across the globe have tested and seen their immense prowess. Therefore, if you want to chat with your PDFs, choose ChatPDF or Pdfgpt and get the best chatbot PDF reading experience.

Read PDF Using AI Robot in PDFelement

The current chatbot's PDF reading abilities are limited when handling image-based and large-sized PDF files. However, these issues can be overcome with a suitable PDF editor like Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor. PDFelement is equipped with an ChatGPT powered AI Robot, which can read PDF files and summarize, explain, rewrite, or proofread the content in the PDFs. 

read pdf

AI Reading Assistant of PDFelement

The latest version of PDFelement comes with an AI Reading Assistant feature. This powerful AI-based ChatGPT simplifies how users interact and query PDF files directly on PDFelement. It gives you a platform to interact with PDF files on PDFelement conversationally. This integration brings convenience to another level because you handle PDFs directly on PDFelement without switching between apps.

pdf ai reading assistant

You can use AI Reading Assistant in PDFelement in the following ways:

Rewrite or proofread sentences and paragraphs in a PDF file.

● Understand the PDF files better with the Explain feature.

Summarize a piece of text into brief.

Draft Materials and Edit Them in PDFs- You can ask PDFelement AI Reading Assistant to draft letters, emails, papers, contracts, etc. for you. Then you can copy those drafts to your current PDFs and edit the drafts with PDFelement as you like.

Translate PDFs- AI Reading Assistant can help you easily translate your PDF to and from other languages. So if you have your PDF in a language you don't understand, you can simply ask it to translate to the desired language.

Optimize and Review Texts in PDF- When editing your PDFs, you can ask the AI Reading Assistant to optimize some sentences and check the grammar.

Read Image-based PDF Files with AI Assistant

For image-based PDF files, Wondershare PDFelement has the OCR feature. This feature converts image/scanned PDF files into searchable and editable PDF files. It simply recognizes texts in images and converts the PDF into normal PDF files. With the PDF now converted into searchable and editable PDFs, you can use a PDF-reading chatbot to read your PDF file.

read scanned pdf

This OCR feature recognizes more than 20 different languages. It is fast, reliable, accurate, and accurate. The beauty of this feature is that it provides high-quality editable PDF files in one click. The OCR feature in PDFelement is easy to use and can process multiple files simultaneously.

The solution to Large PDF Files

Wondershare PDFelement lets you compress your PDF into the desired size for large PDF files. It allows you to compress any PDF file size without quality loss. PDFelement shrinks your PDF on the go, and you don't have to wait for long to get your file. You can automatically shrink your PDF file in one click or reduce its size manually on PDFelement.

read large files

Once the PDF file has been compressed into the desired size, you can upload it to chatbot. Chatbot can easily read this PDF file because it is smaller in size.

If you have multiple PDF files, PDFelement allows you to compress them simultaneously with the batch compress feature. This tool is a flexible PDF size reducer and works across nearly all devices and operating systems.

AI Chatbot to Read PDF Files

ChatGPT cannot read your PDF file. However, several other plausible chatbots can read your PDF file with ease. Some of these amazing chatbots include:


chatpdf read pdf

ChatPDF is one of the finest chatbots that enables you to extract information from PDF with ease and speed. It first analyzes PDF data and creates a semantic index for respective paragraphs. chatPDF is suitable for students, work, and curious minds.

This app keeps your PDF information in secure cloud storage for up to 7 days. Thereafter, this information is automatically deleted. It has the capability to answer any question from any PDF to satisfy your curiosity. The beauty of ChatPDF is that it understands any language, and you can let it reply in your desired language.

While this tool is great, it struggles with questions that need understanding multiple paragraphs simultaneously. Again, it cannot understand images in PDFs or simply image-based PDF files. However, many users feel like its ability to handle large PDF files such as manuals, books, legal contracts, and essays makes it a powerful chatbot.

In terms of pricing, ChatPDF offers free and Plus options. The free option is limited to 120 pages and 10MB per PDF. Also, you can up to 3 PDFs and 50 questions per day. On the other hand, the Plus option goes for $5 per month. This version allows a maximum of 2000 pages and 32 MB PDF. Users can process up to 50 PDFs and 1000 questions per day.


pdfgpt read pdf

Pfdgpt is another powerful chatbot allowing users to extract information from large volumes of PDFs. Its ability to extract key information from large PDFs enhances the quality of work. This tool is suitable for researchers, developers, businesses, and students.

Pfdgpt is easy to use, and you don't need expertise. The platform is simple and easily accessible. It makes it seamless to automate many processes for effective communication and workflow. This way, users can save more time and concentrate on higher-level tasks.

This chatbot lets you generate new ideas, enhance decision-making, automate processes, and create and get personalized learning. With Pfdgpt, you can upload single or multiple files for processing simultaneously.

Pfdgpt provides a free version that limits you to not more than 10 MB of files. Although it is useful, many users complain that it is slow, especially when handling large files. Pfdgpt is in the process of unleashing a premium plan that offers better speed and response.

Limitations of Current PDF-Reading Chatbots

PDF-reading chatbots are great because they allow you to interact with your PDF files and derive desired information easily. They give you the convenience and simplicity of the modern PDF-reading chatbot. Whether you want to use it for learning, business, or research, these chatbots make your life easier and full of fun.

However, they are not without flaws. Being in their early development stages, they still require more input to produce better results. Some of the significant flaws of current PDF-reading chatbots include:

1. Cannot read image-based PDF

Reading image-based PDF files is not a walk in the park. Only a handful of tools can unlock texts in scanned/image-based PDF files. The current PDF-reading chatbots can't unlock texts in scanned PDFs; hence, you cannot read image-based PDF files with these chatbots.

This means you have to first convert them into normal PDFs before tasking these chatbots to read them.

2. Upload file size limitation

While you may want to use these chatbots to read every type and size of your PDF file, the bad news is that they can't handle all PDF file sizes. Modern chatbots are effective for reading small or medium files. However, large files limit their processing capability, and they struggle to read them. Therefore, there are certain file size limits that PDF-reading chatbots fail to handle.


AI Chatbot for reading and understanding PDFs offers huge possibilities. While these tools still lack some capabilities, using them alongside suitable PDF editors takes the experience with PDFs to another level.

As you can see, Wondershare PDFelement and this chatbot are wonderful. It brings efficacy, reliability, and convenience in one pot. You can use PDFelement to compress and convert image-based PDFs for chatbots or use the integrated AI Reading Assistant. Download Wondershare PDFelement and unlock hidden possibilities with AI chatbot and understanding PDFs.

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