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How to Write a Book Summary and Save Time with AI

Book summaries allow you to get a quick overview of a book's content, themes, and key points without reading the entire text. This is particularly helpful when you need to study for exams, write a research paper, or simply want to save time.

In this article, we will show you how to write a book summary quickly using AI technology with the help of Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor and ChatGPT. We will cover the basics of book summaries, the benefits of using AI technology, and provide step-by-step instructions on creating a book summary quickly and efficiently. 

write a book summary

What is a Book Summary?

A book summary is a short and clear overview of a book, designed to give readers a quick understanding of its content without having to read the entire book. It extracts the main ideas of the book, and describes the key plot elements and characters concisely, providing a short version of the book. Books summaries offer a brief yet informative paragraph that captures not only the essence of the original work but also the writer's interpretation of the book.

How to Summarize a Book Chapter(Traditional Way)

Writing a book summary may seem daunting initially, but it can become a straightforward process with some practice and guidance. Here are the basic steps involved in writing a book summary:

 how to write a book summary

Step 1 Read the book thoroughly

To write an effective book summary, it is important to understand the book's content well. Take the time to read the book carefully, and take notes on the main characters, plot, setting, and themes. This will help you identify the most important points to include in your summary.

Step 2 Identify the key points

Once you have read the book, identify the key points you want to include in your summary. These could be major events, important ideas, or character traits. You can also note any quotes or passages you want to reference in your summary.

Step 3 Write the summary in chronological order

When writing the summary, start with the beginning of the book and summarize each chapter or section in order. Be sure to include the most important details and events. This will help ensure that your summary is easy to follow and that you capture all the essential points.

Step 4 Use your own words

When writing the summary, using your own words and avoiding copying from the original text is important. This will help you understand the book better and ensure you are not plagiarizing. You can also add your insights and analysis to make the summary more engaging and interesting.

Step 5 Revise and edit

After you have written the summary:

  • Read it carefully and make sure it is clear and concise.
  • Revise and edit as necessary to ensure that you have captured the most important points and maintained the integrity of the original story.
  • Pay attention to grammar and spelling, and ensure your summary is easy to read and understand.

Tips on Writing a Book Summary

Some tips for writing a good book summary include:

  • Focus on the main plot points: Your summary should give readers a clear idea of what the book is about without going into too much detail.
  • Avoid spoilers: Don't give away your summary's ending or any major plot twists.
  • Use concise language: Make sure your summary is easy to read and understand by using clear, concise language.
  • Include key themes: Include the themes or ideas the author tries to convey in your summary.

By following these steps and tips, you can write a strong and effective book summary that accurately represents the book's content while being concise and engaging. However, as discussed in the next section, AI technology can make the process easier and more efficient.

How to Summarize a Book using ChatGPT

How to summarize a book without reading it? The answer is using AI. In today's fast-paced world, time is a precious commodity, and people are always looking for ways to optimize their time and be more productive. This is particularly important in education and learning, where students and professionals must regularly read and summarize large volumes of information. This can be a time-consuming and tedious process, especially when summarizing books.

Fortunately, artificial intelligence (AI) advancements have made it possible to automate the summarization process using AI tools such as ChatGPT. These tools use natural language processing techniques to analyze text and generate summaries that capture the most important information and ideas in a fraction of the time it would take to read and summarize the entire text manually.

One of the most advanced AI tools for text summarization is ChatGPT, a language model trained by OpenAI that uses deep learning techniques to generate human-like responses.

ChatGPT analyzes a text and identifies the most important information and ideas. It then generates a summary based on this analysis, using natural language processing techniques to ensure it is readable and coherent.

Compared to other AI tools for text summarization, ChatGPT has several strengths, including its ability to understand the context and generate human-like responses. However, it also has areas for improvement, such as repeating information or including irrelevant details.

How to Summarize a Chapter using ChatGPT

To demonstrate how ChatGPT can be used to write a book summary, for Example: Let's say you want to summarize the first chapter of "The Great Gatsby" by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Step 1 Go to the ChatGPT website.

how to summary a book

Step 2 Input the text of the chapter. You can either type it manually or copy and paste it into the input field in ChatGPT.

how to summarize a chapter

Step 3 Choose the length of the summary. ChatGPT allows you to select the summary length in terms of the number of words or percentage of the original text. For this example, let's select a summary length of 150 words.

writing a book summary

Step 4 Type "Generate Summary" and click “Enter.” ChatGPT will analyze the text and generate a summary based on the selected length.

writing a book summary

Step 5 Review the summary. Review and revise the generated summary to capture the chapter's most important information and ideas accurately. You can also add your insights and analysis to make the summary more engaging and interesting.

Example of How to Summarize a Book

Here is an example of an AI-generated book summary.

"In the first chapter of The Great Gatsby, we are introduced to the narrator, Nick Carraway, and the mysterious figure of Jay Gatsby. Nick has just moved to New York and rents a small house next to Gatsby's grand mansion. He attends a party at Gatsby's house and is struck by the extravagance and opulence of the affair. He also learns that Gatsby is in love with Nick's cousin, Daisy, who is married to Tom Buchanan. The chapter sets up the themes of wealth, love, and secrecy that will be central to the novel."

By using AI tools to summarize books, students and professionals can save valuable time and effort that could be better spent on other tasks or activities. They can also better understand the key concepts and ideas presented in the book without reading hundreds of pages of text. Additionally, AI-generated summaries can be more objective and accurate than human-generated summaries, as they are based solely on the text itself rather than on the biases or interpretations of the summarizer.

How to Summarize a Book with PDFelement

Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is a comprehensive PDF editor offering various advanced features for PDF management, including a powerful AI tool called Lumi. With Lumi, users can easily summarize lengthy books and other text-based documents, saving time and effort while retaining key information.

The Summarize feature in PDFelement is designed to quickly generate an effective summary of any text. Users can access this tool by clicking on the Lumi PDF AI robot button in the bottom right corner of the software interface or the corresponding button in the floating toolbar. From there, they can select the Summarize option from the pop-up menu.

Lumi will then use its advanced algorithms to analyze the text and extract the most important information, generating a summary that can be viewed under the Response box. Users can copy and paste the response into their file and edit it as needed, creating a concise and effective book summary without spending hours reading and taking notes.

To write a book summary using PDFelement, users can use either the "Let's Chat" feature or summarize a PDF directly.

Method 1: Using the "Let's Chat" Feature

One way to utilize PDFelement's capabilities is through its "Let's Chat" feature, which introduces users to Lumi, a smart PDF AI robot powered by ChatGPT. Not only can Lumi analyze the content of a PDF document, but it can also provide answers to general questions.

For instance, users can simply type a question such as "Can you generate a book summary of "The Great Gatsby"?" into the "Let's Chat" box, and Lumi will promptly generate a summary.

Step 1 Open PDFelement and click on the "Let's Chat" button at the bottom right corner of the floating toolbar.

writing a book summary with ai

Step 2 Type your question or request into the chatbox to interact with Lumi.

Step 3 Wait for Lumi to generate a response, which will appear in the chatbox.

Step 4 Click "Copy" to copy the response to your clipboard.

Step 5 Paste the copied content into your desired file or document.

ai writing a book summary

That's it! With these simple steps, you can use PDFelement's "Let's Chat" feature to interact with Lumi and receive helpful responses for various purposes. But please note that this method may work better for more well-known books.

Method 2: Using the PDF "Summarize" Feature

PDFelement offers users an additional option to summarize PDF documents using its "Summarize" tool. By analyzing the text, this tool can extract the most crucial information and generate a summary that can be edited to meet the user's requirements.

Here's how it's done:

Step 1 Open the PDF file in PDFelement.

how to summary a book quickly

Step 2 Click on the "Page" > "Summarize."

Step 3 Choose the summary type you want to generate, either a general or keyword summary.

Step 4 Select the percentage of content you want to include in the summary.

Step 5 Click "Summarize" to generate the summary.

how to summary a book quickly

Step 6 View the summary in the new window that opens. Edit as needed.

For instance, if you want to summarize a book in PDF format, you can download the book and convert it to a PDF file before using the "Summarize PDF" feature of PDFelement to create a book summary. Please note that if the book is relatively unknown or has just been released, this method may be especially useful.

Using these methods, users can quickly and easily generate book summaries using PDFelement's AI-powered tools.


AI tools such as ChatGPT and PDFelement have made summarizing books easier and more efficient. While ChatGPT offers a conversational approach to summarizing book chapters, PDFelement's Lumi AI robot provides a more straightforward method. PDFelement's summarize tool is a powerful feature that highlights its ability to simplify complex tasks and enhance productivity.

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