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Is Smallseotools Article Rewriter Worth It?

Smallseotools is a feature-rich online utility tool. It offers functions that webmasters and SEO professionals can use. Because plagiarism plays a big part in SEO, Smallseotools offers two tools related to it. One is the plagiarism checker, and the other is the Smallseotools article rewriter. In this article, we will focus on the latter.

How much can you rely on this paraphrasing tool? Is it worth upgrading to the paid version? Or would using an alternative be a better option? We can't give you a definitive answer. But here's a review of the tool and its number 1 alternative. This should help you make informed decisions.

A Detailed Review of Smallseotools Article Rewriter

Smallseotools Article Rewriter is an online paraphrasing tool designed for SEO specialists and webmasters. The program changes the wording in your article without changing its meaning. You can use it for free, but there are limitations. You need to upgrade to the Pro version to remove these limitations.

smallseotools article rewriter
Starts at $12 per week
Main features

●Accepts text and files as input.

●Integration with Dropbox and Google Drive.

●Supports many languages.

●Different spinning modes.


●The different paraphrasing modes make Smallseotools Article Rewriter very flexible.

●Because it accepts files and text as input, plus you can upload from Google Drive or Dropbox, Smallseotools offers convenience.

●The tool is not only for English text and articles, as it supports different languages.


●Only one spinning mode is available in the free version.

●The free version has a word limit set to 2000.

●It requires at least 15 words to function.

How To Paraphrase Using Article Rewriter by Small Seo Tools

Step 1 Open a web browser> navigate to Smallseotools Article Rewriter.

Step 2 Scroll down to find the input box. Paste the content or click the Google Drive / Dropbox button to import files from your cloud storage or articles from the internet. Alternatively, click the Paper Clip button to upload a file from your computer.

smallseotools article rewriter

Step 3 Select the language the text is written in.

smallseotools article rewriter

Step 4 Select your preferred paraphrasing mode.

smallseotools article rewriter

Step 5 Click Rewrite Article. Review the output. If you want to make more changes, click the underlined words. Choose one of its synonyms to replace it.

smallseotools article rewriter

Step 6 Copy the paraphrased version and paste it into your file.


The free version of the tool is good enough. It does what a basic spinner does. The tool changes the words with their synonyms. Also, it highlights other words you can replace. You click these words to view their synonyms. Then, choose one with the appropriate meaning.

Of course, the paid version is better. The AI Rewrite mode paraphrases a passage like a human. It changes the words and phrases and even changes the sentence composition if necessary. All the while, Smallseotools AI Rewrite preserves the text's meaning.

Who Uses Smallseotools and When?

The primary users of Smallseotools are webmasters, SEO professionals, and bloggers. They use the website's Article Rewriter often in tandem with the Plagiarism Checker.

Search engines check articles for plagiarism to rank them. The more plagiarized it looks, the less likely it is to appear at the top of search results.

To avoid this, people use article rewriters, like the one Smallseotools provides, to spin their articles.

User Reviews

A user wrote a review on Trustpilot. They said Smallseotools don't always work well. Still, they consider it a valuable tool for them. Presumably, they were a free user.

Smallseotools Article Rewriter Free VS Paid

There is a big difference between Smallseotools Article Rewriter's free and paid versions. Let's take a look at them.


In the free version, the only mode available is the Smart Spin mode. It is a word-level rewriter. In other words, this mode replaces the words in the original text with their synonyms.

On the other hand, the Ultra Spin, Manual Spin, and AI Rewrite modes are also available in the paid version. These use different paraphrasing techniques.

Word Count Limit

The word count limit is the main reason you would want to upgrade to the Pro version of Smallseotools. You only have up to 2000 words to work with in the free version. Meanwhile, the Basic version allows you to use 10,000 words per input, and for the Premium, it is 30,000.

Please note that there is another limit aside from this. For instance, the Basic Weekly plan includes 20,000 words in the package. If you paraphrased two 10,000-word articles, you have consumed it all. You then need to buy another package if you want to use the Pro features to paraphrase another article. It is different for each plan, so be sure to check it.

What’s the Best Alternative to Smallseotools Article Rewriter?

If you are looking for another amazing article rewriter, you should try Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor. This desktop PDF solution recently launched an array of AI tools.

smallseotools article rewriter
Starts at $79.99 per year
Main features

●The Rewrite tool uses the ChatGPT API.

●One-click button for replacing the original text.


●This Smallseotools Article Rewriter alternative also offers many PDF tools.

●PDFelement writes sentences that look like humans wrote them.

●PDFelement provides a fluid workflow.


●Wondershare PDFelement's Rewrite tool is only available in PDFelement for Windows version 9.5.0 and above.

●The free trial has limited capabilities and lasts only 14 days.


Wondershare PDFelement's performance is phenomenal. It offers an impressive processing speed. Additionally, it is easy to understand the sentences it writes. That is because it does not simply use synonyms to paraphrase text. PDFelement reads and understands the original text's meaning. Then, it writes a different sentence with the same meaning. You can say it is "true article rewriting."

How To Use PDFelement’s Rewrite Feature

Step 1 Open Wondershare PDFelement and open the document you want to rewrite.

Step 2 Select the text that you want PDFelement to rewrite.

Step 3 Click Lumi PDF AI robot. Select Rewrite.

Step 4 Paste the article into the input box if it is not already there.

smallseotools article rewriter

Step 5 Click Rewrite. Read PDFelement's output. If you're satisfied, click Copy Response and paste it into your file. Alternatively, select Replace Original Text to replace the text in the active file with one click.

smallseotools article rewriter

Bonus: How To Use PDFelement’s Let’s Chat Feature

Wondershare PDFelement is a good alternative to Smallseotools because it also offers some tools for SEO. For starters, Wondershare PDFelement offers a Let's Chat feature. You can use this to generate meta descriptions of blog tiles.

Step 1 Open Wondershare PDFelement.

Step 2 Open a PDF. Click Lumi PDF AI robot > Let's Chat.

smallseotools article rewriter

Step 3 Ask Lumi to write a meta description or blog title for you using natural language. For example, type: Please write a meta description for an article about online paraphrasers.

Step 4 Review the output, then copy, paste, and edit as needed.

Bonus II: How To Use PDFelement To Generate an Abstract and Extract Keywords

Articles also need abstracts. Furthermore, keywords are important for SEO. Wondershare PDFelement can also provide you with these through the Summarize feature.

Step 1 Open your article document with PDFelement.

Step 2 Click Lumi PDF AI robot > Summarize.

Step 3 Click Content. Paste the article into the input box.

Step 4 Click Analysis. PDFelement will generate an abstract and will extract the keywords and key points from the article.

smallseotools article rewriter

Step 5 Click Copy Response. Paste it into your article.


Smallseotools Article Rewriter is a very helpful tool for SEO. But what if you can't use S? Don't worry. There are other tools that can do what it does. For example, you can use Wondershare PDFelement. It is the number 1 alternative to this tool.

Wondershare PDFelement can paraphrase articles for you. Besides that, it can also generate abstracts, create meta descriptions, extract keywords and key points, and more. Indeed, it is a wonderful tool. Wondershare PDFelement is not only effective but is also cost-effective.

Wondershare PDFelement offers a free trial, so you can test how much value it can give you now.

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