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6 Best Free AI Detector Tools Review

With AI tools booming in the market, it is becoming difficult to differentiate between the content written by AI and that by humans. While we might need AI to generate content for our tasks, sometimes we prefer it done by a human. This is common especially where we need to keep content integrity and attach real emotions, passion, awareness, and complex cognitive operations.

While this is true, finding the best tool to detect AI-written content is not an easy task. Fortunately, this article gives you a proper guide on the best free AI content detector tools review.

Top 6 Free AI Detection Tools

Here are free AI detections tools that you can use


free ai detection tool

Powered by ChatGTP, PDFelement is one of the best free AI detection tools and AI PDF editors you can bank on. This tool is designed with the user in mind and therefore suitable for all types and sizes of tasks. Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor's AI features referred to as Lumi can comprehend, analyze, and summarize key information from a document with ease.

This application lets you upload the document or copy the desired section for seamless processing. The beauty of the Lumi PDF AI robot is that it handles an array of tasks including summarizing, explaining, proofreading, rewriting, chatting, and detecting AI content in PDF.

This tool offers both free and affordable premium versions. You can sign-up for a free 14-day trial version and win 5,000 tokens for using the Lumi PDF AI robot.

G2 Ratings
4.5 out of 5 stars from 545 reviews.

●It offers a 14-day free trial version.

●The premium version starts from $79.99 per annum. You can also get a perpetual plan for $129.99.

●2,000,000 tokens - $9.9 per month


●The free registered version offers 5000 tokens for using the Lumi PDF AI robot.

●It detects content from all types and sizes of PDF files.

●It offers more reliability as users can chat with PDF to make AI content detection even easier and full of fun.

●It provides many other features like summarizing, rewriting, proofreading, and explaining PDF.

●It is super-fast and users can upload a document directly or copy and paste the desired texts.


●You need to download and install it on your device before using it.

How To Use PDFelement To Detect AI Written Content

Here is a guide on how to detect AI content using PDFelement

Step 1. Open the installed PDFelement and drag the target PDF file onto the interface. When the page is loaded, click the “Lumi AI robot” icon at the bottom left of the interface. From the options given, select the “AI-Written Detect” option.

free ai detection tool

Step 2. From the subsequent pop-up dialog box, choose how you want to upload the target content. You can select the “File” option and choose the current or browse the target file. Alternatively, choose the “Content” tab and paste the content you want to check.

Step 3. When you have uploaded the content, hit the “Detect” button to trigger the process.

Step 4. Once the process is completed, the results are displayed below it and the AI content is highlighted.

free ai detection tool

You can also watch the video to learn more about the AI feature of PDFelement.



free ai detection tool

If you are looking for a reliable AI-powered online platform to detect AI-written content, then HIPDF ticks the boxes. This tool is simple yet functionally exceptional. You can verify the originality of your content with ease and speed. HiPDF lets you input target content by either pasting into the content box or uploading it from the local device.

With HiPDF, free trial users can detect from 250-5000 characters for each PDF, while premium users can detect 50,000 characters for each PDF. This tool gives you a free trial plan and affordable subscriptions. The free plan provides a total of 10,000 free characters. You seamlessly switch to the affordable premium version when you hit the limit. The output is given in perplexity and burstiness scores.

G2 Ratings
5 out of 5 from 24 reviews

●It offers a free trial version.

●The premium version is available for $3.33 per month billed annually and $5.99 billed monthly.

●2,000,000 tokens - $9.9 per month


●The program can detect up to 50,000 characters for each PDF.

●It offers a free trial version with up to 10,000 free characters.

●It is simple and easy to use.

●It supports batch processing.


●The free version is limited to five batch files.

●The perplexity and burstiness scores can be difficult for newbies to understand.

How To Use HiPDF To Detect AI Witten Content

The following steps show how to detect AI-written content with HiPDF.

Step 1. Open the HiPDF AI detector on your device using a suitable browser. On the main page, select a suitable way to add the target content. You can select the “Text” or “File” option.

free ai detection tool

Step 2. Once you have pasted the content, click the “Get Results” button and wait.

free ai detection tool

Step 3. The results are displayed in terms of perplexity and burstiness scores. The more the score value the more likely it was written by a human.

free ai detection tool

3.Sapling AI Content Detector

free ai detection tool

Sapling AI content detector is a simple yet effective tool to check whether the content is generated by AI. This online free ai detector allows users to check full content or sentences depending on their needs. The program gives you a seamless platform and anybody can use it with ease.

Sapling AI content detector highlights the detected content and gives you an explanation at the bottom. This issue explanation makes it easy to understand. However, it is not advisable to use it alone as an AI content detector where accuracy is key.

G2 Ratings
3.8 out of 5 from 5 reviews.

●It is free.

●The pro version goes for $25 per month.

●It also has a negotiable enterprise version.


●It is easy to use.

●It can highlight issues and explain them for clarity.

●It provides free tokens, although limited.

●Users can detect full content or sentences depending on their preferences.


●It is not that accurate and is not advisable to use it alone. It is known to give false positives and false negatives.

●It is simple and doesn’t have other useful features.

●Users can only paste the desired texts. No option to upload a file.

4.Originality AI Content Detector

free ai detection tool

As the name suggests, the Originality AI content detector is designed to improve the originality of content. It is one of the most accurate AI content detectors suitable for diverse fields including SEO, content publishers, and marketers.

This tool seamlessly helps you understand the source of the content you receive. It is known to use a lot of computing power to check originality and seamlessly detect plagiarism in your content.

G2 Ratings
Not available.
Pricing It offers a free version.

●It is highly accurate.

●It provides a free version.

●It can also be used as a plagiarism checker.

●It can handle professional works.


●The premium version is expensive.

●Users must sign up before using it.

5.Content At Scale

free ai detection tool

Content At Scale is a good ai detector tool capable of checking up to 25, 000 characters per session. This tool leverages a mix of three AI engines and semantic analysis algorithms to detect content with ease and speed. It is trained on billions of individual pages of data to seamlessly detect AI generated content.

You only need at least 25 characters to reliably detect whether the content is AI-generated or not. The process is rather simple. You only paste the desired text in the content box then trigger the detection process. When the results are ready, you need to provide an email address to receive the notification and results link.

G2 Ratings
Not available.
Pricing It offers a free version.

●The interface is simple and easy to follow.

●It leverages several top algorithms to ensure higher reliability.

●It supports up to 25, 000 characters per session.


●The need to provide email address and other details makes the process lengthy and inconvenient.

●There is no option to upload files from your device.

●It doesn’t offer additional features.


free ai detection tool

Crossplag is a good free ai detector tool worth trying. This tool simplifies how users check ai-written content in their documents. The beauty of this program is that it gives the detection levels for the results. It also grades them in three areas namely human, mix, and AI regions.

Users can simply paste their texts into the content box and trigger the analysis. The accurate rating score bar will tell you the probability of your content being written by AI. This tool is trained and leverages a combination of learning algorithms to get accurate prediction.

G2 Ratings
4.6 out of 5 stars from 5 reviews.

●It has a free version that supports up to 1000 words.

●The pay-as-you-go version goes for $9.99 and supports up to 5,000 words.

●The bundle version goes for $149.99 and supports up to 100,000 words.


●It is fast.

●It is accurate and far from guesswork.

●Its ability to grade the output makes it easier for users to make their own judgements.

●It is easy to use. You only paste the text and trigger the process.


●To use this tool, you need to create an account.

●There is no option to upload a file from a local device or cloud sources.

●The paid versions are pricey.


You can now see that there are several free AI detector tools. However, they have different capabilities and are suitable for different situations. Therefore, you ought to choose a tool that meets your needs to avoid getting below-par services. PDFelement gives an all-in-one solution and is suitable for all circumstances. This tool is compatible with nearly all devices and can handle all types and sizes of tasks. Download PDFelement and get the best experience when detecting AI content in documents.

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