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In recent years, the market has seen a dramatic upsurge regarding AI text generators. However, the number of AI content detectors has increased with the emergence of automated content creators. On the one hand, where AI-generated text reduces effort, it also creates originality issues. To escape the hassles of getting detected by AI text detectors, you must humanize it. 

The real struggle is when you sit modifying each line to avoid machine detection. However, worry not since AI has introduced innovative solutions to humanize content. These tools make content undetectable by making them human-like. In this guide, we are going to review such a valuable tool, Undetectable AI, a brilliant & well-performing AI text humanizer.

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Part 1. Basics of Undetectable AI Writer

Undetectable AI is a cutting-edge tool that offers a suite of features to facilitate users. However, its most noticeable feature is AI content humanization. Positioned as a solution to circumvent the challenges posed by detection tools, Undetectable AI humanizes machine-generated content. The primary feature of the tool is to make the text indistinguishable from the text crafted by humans.

Undetectable AI employs algorithms and NLP techniques to enhance AI-generated text fluency, coherence, and authenticity. The tool, with its smart engines, mimics human behavior. Thus, it makes it challenging for systems to recognize the text's artificial nature.

Other features of Undetectable AI include AI content detection, human typing, and more.

undetectable ai rewriter

How Does it Work?

Undetectable AI is trained on multiple language models to infuse generated content with a natural, human-like touch. By introducing variations in vocabulary, sentence structure, and style, it creates content that not only serves its functional purpose but also evades automated detectors. The underlying mechanism involves the analysis of typical patterns and structures identified by AI detectors. Undetectable AI strategically introduces deviations from these patterns. It makes the text appear more organic and less susceptible to detection.

To use Undetectable AI for content humanization, you must first copy the intended AI-generated text. Then, paste that text into the given panel. Undetectable AI will ask for different configurations, such as tone, purpose, readability, and more. Also, you will have to choose whether you want to detect or humanize this content. After humanization, Undetectable AI will allow you to copy the output text.

Is Undetectable AI free?

When it comes to pricing, Undetectable AI offers budget-friendly plans. Though the AI detection feature is free to try and does not require any signup, but its humanization feature necessitates the signup process. Also, the tool allows limited words to be humanized for free. The cost-effective pricing of Undetectable AI is what attracts users of all species. The greatest benefit is that businesses can avail of custom pricing. Here is the detailed pricing information for Undetectable AI:




$9.99/month (10,000 words per month)


$5/month (10,000 words per month)


Custom Pricing

Undetectable AI Reddit Users’ Reviews

Exploring the users' positive reviews on a particular tool is considered a way to legitimate its effectiveness since users share their experiences regarding the functioning of the tool. So, here we have extracted a few users' comments from the Undetectable AI Reddit forum. Check it out!

Users Reviews

“It does work and it should be banned. Do you even know what your dealing with?? The guy who made it is literally a military AI researcher and just providing highlevel text deep faking sofrware to people. The fact that it is legal for people to use it is crazy” (Fair_Average_3461)

“People can use whatever they like. Many people like undetectable.ai, but they're free to choose” (TheDevanLeos)

“Yea I have it’s really good. The website isn’t very flashy but it’s affordable and his made my outputs human and concise. Love it so far, conch sucks and so does wordly but undetable is pretty good” (dddx187)

“We used Undetectable for some SEO work and it wasnt really great. Instead it kind of just added grammar errors or reworded sentences so they're basically unreadable.

Hidemy.ai and Sealthwriter are some alternatives that we're experimenting with. hmai is very human and so far is passing even originality.ai. they also have a bulk document upload and pay as you go credits which we've been using for a content run” (Solid5023)

Is Undetectable AI Legit?

Undetectable AI has proven to be a commendable tool, showcasing notable performance in various aspects. Users have reported positive experiences with the tool, rendering it a legitimate solution for content humanization.

One of the noteworthy aspects is its speed; the tool took just a few seconds to rewrite the text. The generated content exhibits a remarkable level of undetectability, effectively bypassing AI detection tools. Additionally, the tool offers custom tones, readability levels, and purpose to tailor your text. This feature makes the content not only indistinguishable but also customized.

Part 2. Best Undetectable AI Free Alternatives

Doubtlessly, Undetectable AI is a highly productive tool that is capable of humanizing the AI-written content in a flash, but its limitation on words in the free version can't be denied. Therefore, here we have also suggested a few other undetectable content generators so that you can make the most optimum selection given your requirements.


undetectable ai free alternative

Stealthwriter is a remarkable tool that can best serve as an alternative to Undetectable AI. The tool mainly excels in humanizing and text-generating. If you intend to make your AI-generated text human-like, it allows you to do so in its Ninja model free of cost. However, the text Generator function is available only in the premium plan.


undetectable ai free alternative

AISEO is a versatile tool that can transform machine-written content into humanized form within seconds. Being an excellent writing assistant, it helps you bypass AI text detection significantly. Though it is a paid tool, you can still humanize up to 1000 words free of charge with just prior signup.

Bypass GPT

undetectable ai alternative

If you’re striving to produce 100% human-like content without compromising the quality then you can confidently go for Bypass GPT which automates your writing tasks with the utmost efficiency. The tool is globally recognised for its top-notch performance in humanising AI-written content. You can even try a sample to test its functionality first.

Part 3. Detect The AI-Written Content Conveniently With PDFelement!

AI-generated text can deform the integrity of your content. Thus, it is essential to ensure the originality of textual content and humanize it to avoid authenticity issues. You can use a PDF editor equipped with AI detection technology to check whether your PDF document contains AI-generated text. In this regard, PDFelement is our recommended choice.

The software boasts powerful detection engines to trace machine-written text. Within a few seconds, you can identify whether the writing is composed by a human or AI. Whether you want to scan a single page or an entire file, PDFelement proves to be a reliable AI writing detector.

pdfelement ai content detector

How To Detect AI-Generated Content Using PDFelement?

Employing the element to detect AI-written content is pretty simple. It offers a dedicated PDF AI-written Detect feature that lets you detect the machine-written text instantly. All you need to do is insert your text in a blank PDF file or directly open your PDF file and perform the detection process. Here is how it works:

  • Step 1:Launch the PDEelement application and go to the “+” > “Blank PDF”
create a blank pdf file
  • Step 2:Paste the AI-generated content on Blank PDF by clicking the “Add Text”
paste the ai written text
  • Step 3: Select the pasted content, and click “Tools” > “AI Tools” > “PDF AI-Written Detect.”
choose pdf ai written detect function
  • Step 4:PDFelement instantly performs the detection process and shows that your content is AI-written.
ai written content detected

Make The Detected AI-Written Content Undetectable Via UNDETECTABLE AI

Now that your content is detected as AI-written, you can also attempt to make it undetectable by AI. In this connection, we have illustrated how you can make your content undetectable using the UNDETECTABLE AI tool.

  • Step 1:Access the “Undetectable AI” official site and select the “Paste Text”
access the undetectable ai
  • Step 2: Checkmark the box to Agree to the terms of service after pasting the AI-written content here and click on the “Humanize”
choose the humanize option
  • Step 3:Once the content is successfully Hamanized, click the “Copy Output” option to save it.
copy the humanized content
  • Step 4:To humanize it again, choose the “Humanize Again”


It is a fact that with the evolution of AI-powered writing assistants, writing jobs have been greatly simplified. Generating a detailed article or even a book takes seconds with AI-powered tools. Despite that, you can’t completely rely on these AI content generators since the machine-generated content can be detected quite easily.

So, you may need to give a human touch to your AI-generated work. You can also go for the Undetectable AI- a time-saving approach in this connection. It lets you Humanize your AI-generated content with a click. Therefore, in this guide, we have illustrated how you can productively exploit the Humanize function of the Undetectable AI Tool to produce human-like content.

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