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How To Summarize News Articles: Traditional Methods and AI Tools

In today's fast-paced world, staying informed about the latest news is crucial. However, with the overwhelming amount of information available, it can take time to keep up with everything. This is where the art of summarizing news articles comes in. Summarizing news articles involves condensing the essential information of a news story into a shorter version that is easier to read and digest.

Traditionally, summarizing news articles has been done by journalists and editors who are trained to extract the most important details from a news story. However, with the rise of the internet and social media, anyone can now access news articles from around the world, and there is a growing need for new methods of summarization that are accessible to a wider audience. This has led to the development of AI tools and other technologies to help people quickly and efficiently summarize news articles.

using ai to summarize news article

Traditional Ways of Summarizing News Articles

Summarizing a news article means condensing the story's key points into a shorter version that conveys the most important information. This is a critical skill for anyone who wants to stay informed about current events but needs more time to read every news article. By summarizing news articles, readers can quickly get an overview of the main points of a story and decide whether it is worth reading the full article.

The traditional ways of summarizing news articles involve techniques such as skimming and scanning. Skimming involves quickly reviewing the text to identify the most important information, such as the headline, subheadings, and the first and last paragraphs. This technique is useful when trying to get a general understanding of a story. On the other hand, scanning involves looking for specific information within a text, such as names, dates, and statistics. This technique is useful when finding particular information within a story.

Tips for Summarizing News Articles

Following a systematic approach to capturing all the essential information is important when summarizing news articles. Here are some tips and techniques to help you summarize news articles effectively:

  • Identify the topic sentence: Look for the article's main idea or topic sentence, usually found in the first few sentences, and rewrite it in your own words to provide context.
  • Note the magnitude of the story: Identify relevant data points that give context to the impact of the event or issue discussed in the article.
  • Note the who and when: Document the audience and scope of whom the news impacted and when it happened.
  • Highlight why the news is important: Consider why this matters and how it alters the status quo for the audience.
  • Evaluate the source: Consider the credibility of the publishing source and potential motivations for a publisher.
  • Clear noisy quasi-data: Be wary of projections, estimates, and opinions and use your judgment to evaluate their credibility. Gather factual historical data to support the claims.
summarize news article tips

Common mistakes to avoid when summarizing news articles include paraphrasing the original article too closely, leaving out essential information, and failing to identify the article's main idea or topic sentence. Additionally, it is important to remain objective and avoid injecting personal biases or opinions into the summary.

The Rise of AI Tools for Summarizing News Articles

As the volume of news articles grows, more traditional methods of summarizing news articles may be required. Fortunately, the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) has opened up new possibilities for summarizing news articles more efficiently and accurately.

One of the challenges with summarizing news articles is the variety of formats in which they are available, including PDFs. PDFs are commonly used for publishing scientific research papers, and summarizing them can be particularly challenging due to their length and complexity. However, AI tools can help summarize PDF news articles using advanced algorithms to extract key information and provide concise summaries.

The Advantages of AI Tools for Summarizing News Articles

The benefits of using AI tools for summarizing news articles are numerous.

  • Time-saving: AI tools can summarize a news article in seconds, which would take significantly longer for a human to do.
  • Increased efficiency: With the ability to process and summarize large volumes of articles, AI tools allow for increased efficiency in news curation and research.
  • Consistency: AI tools produce consistent and unbiased summaries, eliminating the possibility of human error or personal bias.
  • Accessibility: AI tools are available 24/7 and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, making news summarization more accessible to a wider audience.
  • Customization: AI tools can be customized to cater to specific needs, such as summarizing news articles related to a particular industry or topic.
  • Improved comprehension: AI-generated summaries can help readers quickly grasp the main points of an article, which can improve overall comprehension and retention of information.

How AI Tools are Changing the Way We Consume News

AI tools are changing how we consume news by making it more accessible and convenient. With AI-generated summaries, readers can quickly and easily get the main points of a news story without reading the entire article. This is particularly useful for busy readers who need more time to read every news article in detail.

how to summarize news article using ai tools

Additionally, AI tools can help readers to filter out irrelevant or repetitive news stories. By summarizing multiple news articles on the same topic, AI algorithms can identify and highlight the key points, helping readers to stay informed without being overwhelmed by a flood of information.

The Future of Summarizing News Articles with AI Tools

The use of AI tools for summarizing news articles is still in its early stages but rapidly evolving. As AI algorithms become more sophisticated and accurate, they can provide more nuanced and detailed summaries of news articles. In the future, AI tools may be able to generate summaries tailored to individual readers, taking into account their interests and preferences.

AI tools are revolutionizing the way we summarize news articles. They can help us to quickly and accurately digest large amounts of information and provide more comprehensive and objective summaries. AI tools will likely become an increasingly important part of the news industry as technology improves, benefiting journalists and readers alike.

How to use PDFelement Summarize Tool to Summarize News Articles

Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is a versatile PDF editor that offers a wide range of features to simplify document processing. Among its many features is the PDFelement summarize tool, powered by Lumi, an AI robot trained by ChatGPT. This tool can help users quickly and accurately summarize news articles in PDF format, saving time and effort.

Here are the steps to use the PDFelement summarize tool to summarize news articles:

Step 1 Open the PDF file containing the news article in PDFelement.

Step 2 Click the "Lumi PDF AI robot" button at the software interface's bottom right corner. Alternatively, you can click the corresponding button in the floating toolbar.

lumi pdf ai summarizing tool

Step 3 From the pop-up menu, select "Summarize."

Step 4 Import the current file or browse your local drive to add another PDF into the Summarize window.

Step 5 Click "Analysis" to initiate the process.

Step 6 View the output under the Response box.

Step 7 Copy and paste the response into your file and edit it as needed.

lumi pdf ai summarizing process

The PDFelement summarize tool has several features and functionalities, including accuracy and speed. The tool can quickly and accurately analyze PDF content and comprehend the document, enabling it to easily summarize the key information. Users can also summarize the text rather than import a PDF file.

An example of how to use the PDFelement summarize tool to summarize a news article is as follows:

Suppose you have a 5-page news article in PDF format and need to summarize it for a presentation. Follow the steps above to use the PDFelement summarize tool, and in a matter of minutes, you will have a summarized version of the article. The output will contain the most critical points of the article, making it easier for you to present the information concisely and clearly.

Tips for Using PDFelement Summarize Tool

Here are some tips for using the PDFelement Summarize Tool effectively:

Choose the Appropriate Summarization Mode

Select the appropriate summarization mode (summary or content) based on your requirements.

Adjust the Summary Length

Customize the summary length to suit your needs. You can adjust the summary length by specifying the number of sentences or words you want in summary.

Edit the Summary

Even though the tool provides an automatic summary, it is essential to edit the summary to ensure its accuracy and completeness. Edit the summary to ensure it covers all the article's essential points.

Proofread the Summary

After editing the summary, it is essential to proofread it for grammatical errors, typos, and sentence structure.

Use the Highlight Feature

Use the highlight feature to identify the most critical sections of the article. This will help you focus on the article's essential parts and create a more accurate summary.

Some common mistakes to avoid when using the PDFelement Summarize Tool are:

  • Not proofreading the summary: Failing to proofread the summary can result in errors that may misrepresent the original article.
  • Relying solely on the tool: While the tool is useful in summarizing articles, it is essential to verify the accuracy and completeness of the summary by cross-checking it against the original article.
  • Using the tool on low-quality PDFs: The tool may need to be revised on low-quality PDFs, resulting in accurate or complete summaries. Use high-quality PDFs for better results.
proofreading the summarize news article

By following these tips and avoiding these common mistakes, you can use the PDFelement Summarize Tool effectively and create accurate and informative summaries of news articles.


AI tools for summarizing news articles have revolutionized how we consume and process information. With the PDFelement Summarize Tool, users can quickly and accurately summarize news articles in just a few clicks. Users can get the most out of its features and functionalities by customizing the tool's settings. This tool is an excellent addition to staying informed while saving time and effort.

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