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9 Best Free Proofreading Tools You Need in 2024

After writing an important essay, research document, or article for your client, you cannot afford to ignore proofreading. Proofreading involves checking and correcting grammatical mistakes such as spelling, punctuation, consistency, tone, and choice of words, among others. It enhances your work's quality and makes it look professional and presentable to the client.

While this is true, finding the right proofreading tools is important for better productivity. Scores of people get stuck looking for the best free proofreading software because they easily get confused. To avert this, we have curated a proofreading tools list for you.

Finding the best free proofreading software can be a sweaty assignment. However, the following proofreading tools list will make things easier for you.

PDFelement – More Than a Proofreading Software

proofreading tools

Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is a powerful top-rated free proofreading tool in the market. Millions of users use this tool to proofread all types and sizes of documents. PDFelement has an AI-powered free inbuilt feature called Lumi AI robot that proofreads content easily and quickly to give quality output.

Lumi AI robot gives you top suggestions to correct the errors in your document. You can correct spelling, grammar, and word choices just to mention a few. The good thing about this tool is that it gives you a better suggestion at the bottom. Your work is simple; you only copy the response or replace the original.

The proofreading process is super simple; anyone, including newbies, can do it without a steep learning curve. PDFelement AI feature is not just limited to proofreading. You can also summarize, rewrite, explain, chat with PDF, and easily detect target content.

Again, you can leverage other standard features of PDFelement to make your file more appealing, secure, organized and professional.

G2 Ratings: 4.5 out of 5 from 539 reviews.

Pricing: Free trial is available. Yearly Plan-$79.99/2-Year Plan-$109.99/Perpetual Plan-$129.99


It gives top-grade suggestions to improve your content spelling, grammar, style, and tone.

It provides fast and accurate proofreading.

It can handle all types and sizes of documents, including image-based content.

It offers more than proofreading. Users can summarize, rephrase, explain, chat with PDF, edit documents, and detect content.

It provides a free and affordable version.


Features are limited on free version

How to Proofread with Wondershare PDFelement

The following steps show how to proofread your document with PDFelement's AI robot seamlessly.

Step 1 Download the latest PDFelement for Windows and install it on your computer. Run it to access the main window. Click the "Lumi AI robot" icon and the bottom-right and choose the "Proofread" option.

proofreading software

Step 2 From the "Proofread" window, choose to use the current file, upload a new file, or paste the target content in the box.

proofread pdf

Step 3 Click the "Proofread" button and wait for the results. When they are ready, click the "Copy Response" or "Replace Original Text" option depending on your preferences.

proofread pdf files

ProWritingAid – An All-in-One Tool for Proofreading

proof reading tool

ProWritingAid is another wonderful free proofreading tool that hardly disappoints. This is an all-in-one tool that makes your writing look stylish and professional. It provides easy-to-use suggestions, advice, and suitable explanations for better stories and content. The automated suggestions give thousands of improvements in grammar and styles of writing.

The beauty of this tool is that you can deliver it directly across many apps, including Google Chrome, Slack, Facebook, WordPress, Mozilla, Salesforce, Twitter, and Word. The list is big. The writing steps are simple; users don't need to hire experts. The three steps include signing up, reviewing, and sharing the writing.

G2 Ratings: 4.5 out of 5 stars from 39 reviews.

Pricing: It offers a free version. The premium version goes for $10 per month or $120 billed annually.


It allows users to integrate with other apps for convenience and productivity.

It is easy to use.

It is fast and accurate.


Some users complain that it only displays very basic things to be corrected.

A times the widget on some text editors on websites fail to work.

ChatGPT - AI Tool for Proofreaders

proof reading software

The popularity of ChatGTP by OpenAI has skyrocketed over recent months like never before. This AI-powered platform offers several functions, including proofreading content. It is easy to use and brings fun because users can interact with it conversationally. You simply give it commands, and you get a respective response.

The beauty of this tool is that it handles many user needs and admits where it cannot manage. Although it is still a tool that is being fine-tuned, it is worth trying considering it is free. With this tool, you enter the command and follow it with the URL link of the document you want to proofread.

G2 Ratings: 4.7 out of 5 from 5 reviews.

Pricing: It is free.


It is easy to use because users interact with it conversationally.

It is fun to use.

It can paraphrase based on your desire and needs.

It is free.


Sometimes it can give biased corrections.

It is limited to events before 2022.

Grammarly – A Great Tool for Proofreaders and Writers

proofreading software

Grammarly cannot miss this list because it is one of the most highly-leveraged free proofreading tools across the globe. This tool gives you a good platform to check, clear, and easily create error-free content easily. Users can use it directly on the web, add extensions, or download and install it directly on their devices.

Grammarly is easy to use, and newbies won't struggle to navigate.it highlights errors in your texts and then gives proper suggestions. You can click and allow the program to make the respective replacements.

G2 Ratings: 4.5 out of 5 stars from 1240 reviews.

Pricing: It offers a limited free plan. The premium version goes for $25 per seat per month.


It provides proper suggestions to replace unfit words and phrases in the document.

It can be integrated into other applications for productivity and convenience.

It is easy to use.


The powerful premium plan is expensive.

Ginger Software for Proofreaders

proofreading software free

Ginger Software is a useful free AI-powered writing assistant that helps users create professional writing. This tool helps you correct your texts and boost your style and creativity. The beauty of this tool is that you can correct all the mistakes in one click. It simply goes beyond spelling and grammar.

This tool analyzes full sentences and does corrections based on the context. Ginger is also good at streamlining wordy sentences. Users can use a variety of synonyms and expressions to get the right match. This tool works across all websites, devices, and tools.

Ratings: 4.3 out of 5 from 30 reviews.

Pricing: It offers a free version. The premium version goes for $13.99 per month.


It works across many websites, tools, and devices.

It suggests context-based corrections.

It offers more functionalities, including translations and rephrases.

It supports app integration.


Users complain of poor reporting, translation inaccuracy, and no plagiarism detector.

The premium version is pricey.

Users complain of poor customer service.

Editage – An Excellent Tool for Proofreading and Editing

proofreading software free

Editage is another good proofreading software used by scores of people. This free proofreading tool gives you error-free documents in just four simple steps and incorporates up to thirty checks.

This tool checks language, structure, counts, figures, tables, and Metadata. The good thing with this tool is that it checks and finds suitable suggestions for fixes. Users will get a Word file that has tracked changes as suggestions. This way, you have the authority to control your texts.

Ratings: 4.8 out of 5 from 50 reviews

Pricing: It offers a free version. The premium version is available for $29.


Users can track changes and take control of their texts.

It passes the document through up to 30 check parameters to produce quality output.

It is easy to use.


The pricey premium versions are far better quality than the free version.

The steps are a bit lengthy.


best proofreading software

WhiteSmoke is one of the market's most popular and useful English writing tools. This tool can detect several errors that were previously undetected. It provides a fully integrated and redesigned layout that offers a unique user experience to improve user experience and efficiency. WhiteSmoke checks grammar, spelling, style and punctuation. It also lets you translate full texts and words to and from over 55 different languages.

G2 Ratings: 4.5 out of 5 stars from 10 reviews.

Pricing: It offers a free version. The web version goes at $5.0 per month. The premium version for Mac and Windows goes for 6.66


It can translate texts and words to and from over 55 languages.

It offers many features and updates.

It has a redesigned layout and user experience.


Other users complain of poor updates.

It saves the corrected version in plain text format. You lose the original formatting when you paste it to the correct document.


best free proofreading software

Antidote, as the name suggests, is a tool desired to cure writing problems. This tool aims to provide a good writing assistant platform for various types and sizes of work. Thanks to the multi-resource and one-stop capability. Antidote lets you correct your grammar, style, syntax, and lexicon. It identifies errors, identifies words, and effortlessly corrects these errors.

This tool also corrects errors like capitalization, style, typography, punctuation, verbal agreements, and redundancies. It consults a huge list of synonyms and antonyms to provide the right words and perfect content for your needs.

G2 Ratings: 4.5 stars out of 5 from 5 reviews.

Pricing: It has a free trial version. The premium version goes for $59.95 per year. The one-time purchase is available for $129.95


Its corrector has smart filters.

Its dictionary has powerful search tools.

It provides clear and detailed guides.

It is available for computers, web, and mobile devices.


Some users complain that this tool would correct where you left off the previous time.

Some suggestions are not always accurate.

The price is high.

Trinka – An AI-Powered Proofreading Tool

proofreading software list

Trinka is a powerful AI-based online proofreading tools worth trying. This tool is designed to simplify how you write error-free and professional content. The beauty of this tool is that it does various grammar checks for free. You can handle punctuation, spelling, sentence structure, tone, and consistency to meet your needs without a sweat.

Trinka highlights grammatical errors and gives you suitable suggestions for replacements. These suggestions are always on the spot and seamlessly transform your documents, including essays and thesis. Again, users can add desired words to their personal dictionary, and the program will remember them.

G2 Ratings: 5 out of 5 from 3 reviews

Pricing: It has a free basic plan. The premium plan goes for $6.67 per month or $80 billed annually.


It allows users to add personal words to the library.

It supports auto-file editing.

It allows users to register for free.

It gives suitable grammar suggestions.

It can track all the changes made to the document.


It only supports the English language.

The free basic plan is limited to only 10,000 words per month.


There are many free proofreading tools in the market. However, picking the right one may be the hardest decision. Various proofreading tools pretend to offer a lot but let you down when you try them. Therefore, you need to pick the tool that meets your proofreading needs without straining your financial resources. Fortunately, Wondershare PDFelement provides that all-in-one proofreading solution. You can download it for free and transform how you proofread your documents.

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