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Suppose you need to submit your academic assignment urgently. However, after passing from Turnitin, it displays significant plagiarism or AI-generated content. In this state of hurry, what will you do? Although you can remove plagiarism via manual rephrasing, it might be hard and time-consuming. Machine paraphrasing is another option to consider, but note that the paraphrased text often shows up as AI-generated.

Out of unlimited options, Quillbot is considered a robust paraphraser. Yet, can Turnitin detect Quillbotparaphrasing is the real question. If you are curious to know whether Quillbot can deceive Turnitin, this thorough guide is for you. The article will uncover the dynamic interplay of Quillbot and Turnitin. Also, it will answer questions like "Does Quillbot get detected on Turnitin?"

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Part 1. Insights Into QuillBot's Paraphrasing Feature

Quillbot, a robust rephrasing tool, enables the rewriting of text to modify it. Harnessing the power of AI, Quillbot deeply understands language nuances. The tool generates variant versions to make content undetectable by different plagiarism detectors. Unlike basic rephrasing tools, QuillBot offers word-to-word substitution to alter the text altogether. But does Quillbot work for Turnitin? Let's find out!

QuillBot's paraphrasing tool is considered best for academic rephrasing. It is because it suggests alternative phrases while preserving the original idea. The clever algorithm recognizes synonyms and reconstructs clauses. Also, it offers several tones to tailor your content, such as standard, fluent, friendly, formal, and more.

It is important to note here that Turnitin might or might not detect plagiarism in Quillbot's paraphrased content. However, it may declare the text as AI-generated due to its intelligent AI detection functionality. The simple reason is that Quillbot, too uses AI technology to paraphrase content. Thus, it is obvious that any content generated or processed by AI will be flagged by Turnitin.

Part 2. Overview of Turnitin and Its AI Plagiarism Detection Abilities

Can Quillbot be detected in Turnitin? To resolve this mystery, let's know first what Turnitin actually is and what it does. Turnitin is a web-based plagiarism detection tool and academic integrity platform used by educational institutions globally. Developed by iParadigms, its primary function is to aid educators in identifying and preventing plagiarism within students' academic submissions. Turnitin generates an "Originality Report," highlighting any matching or similar text found within its database.

How Turnitin Detects Plagiarism Within Content?

The plagiarism detection procedure is strategic. The tool compares the uploaded files against its extensive database. It is fed by a huge collection of documents, including academic content, publications, and material from the internet. When you submit your document, Turnitin breaks it down into small segments. It then juxtaposes each segment with its vast database. The engines analyze the text, identifying matches or overlaps with existing content.

Part 3. Can Turnitin Detect AI Paraphrasing From Quillbot?

Turnitin has recently introduced its AI writing detection feature in 2023 to trace AI-generated content. The feature was formerly not available on the platform, but now it is. Although Turnitin was tricked by the rephrased content, now Turnitin's AI text detection engines identify AI-written text. Thus, Turnitin can now easily determine the AI-rephrased or generated content, whether it's done through Quillbot or some other paraphrasing platform.

How Can Turnitin Detect Quillbot With its 2023 Version?

The tool recognizes and flags the unique patterns & structures commonly present in AI-rewritten content. This proficiency in AI writing recognition enables the identification of linguistic patterns and structures that are indicative of text generated by artificial intelligence.

The paraphrasing done by Quillbot often feels mechanical because of irrelevant replacements. The tool uses a default strategy for finding synonyms that are now outdated and detectable. If you do not refine the rephrased content with manual endeavors, the resulting content may end up displaying as AI-generated in Turnitin. It is because complete reliance on the tool will produce non-human text, which will be easily flagged by the AI writing detection engines of Turnitin.

Part 4. Does Quillbot Pass Turnitin or Not? Proved with Experiment

As we previously discussed, the degree of detection depends on the extent of content modification. However, when the content is completely mechanical and AI-generated, it may be flagged with originality issues. To prove whether does Quillbot show up on Turnitin or not, we have conducted a practical experiment. Here is the detailed procedure and the outcomes of that experiment conducted on Quillbot-paraphrased text. Let’s explore together:

  • Step 1: Register your account or log in to Quillbot to use it for paraphrasing.
quillbot login
  • Step 2: Now, copy your intended text. Paste that text into Quillbot. Choose your preferred tone.
rephrase text quillbot
  • Step 3: Log in to your Turnitin account for AI detection.
turnitin login
  • Step 4: Click the "Quick Submit" button to enable file uploading.
quick submit turnitin
  • Step 5: Click the "Submit" button to upload your file.
submit file turnitin
  • Step 6: Select the information database you want to include in the search. Click "Submit."
search database turnitin
  • Step 7: Rename the file and click the "Upload" button below.
file renaming turnitin
  • Step 8: Turnitin will detect all the content generated by AI.
Turnitin detection results

As you can see, the entire content was flagged as AI-written. Thus, the process proves that Turnitin instantly identifies the text paraphrased by Quillbot.

Part 5. Tips To Evade AI Detection From Turnitin

From the above experiment, it is clear that Quillbot can no longer deceive Turnitin. Now, you might be thinking about how to evade AI detection. Avoiding AI text detection from Turnitin requires careful consideration and adherence to ethical writing practices. Here are some tips to circumvent AI detection via Turnitin:

Make Passages Longer

Turnitin easily identifies AI text when the content contains short sentences and paragraphs. Longer passages are more challenging for Turnitin to detect. Opt for longer paragraphs. Increased length will make it more difficult for the software to identify AI patterns.

Focus on Your Own Ideas

Instead of paraphrasing others' ideas, it is better to add your personalized thoughts. It not only maintains the uniqueness of the work but also makes your content plagiarism-free. Also, humanized writing is quite different from patterned machine writing. You can avoid AI detection by incorporating your unique thoughts.

Combine Different Paraphrasing Techniques

Quillbot can produce text somewhat similar to web sources. Thus, instead of relying on Quillbot, use manual approaches. For example, you can use word substitution, tense replacement, voice & tone changing, and more. Using these techniques will add an extra layer of originality to your work. Also, utilizing manual techniques will make the content humanized and, thus, difficult to be flagged as AI-written.

Use Sophisticated AI Content Humanizers

Consider using advanced AI text humanization tools with anti-detection features. These tools integrate AI capabilities to help make your content more human-like. Research to find such valuable solutions and incorporate them into your academic routine.

The above-provided tips are undoubtedly useful in making your content unique and undetectable. However, these tips may prove to be a double-edged sword for evaluating a text's originality, especially if you are a course instructor. Students are increasingly using AI tools for their assignments and thesis works. Also, they employ AI humanizers to mask the AI rephrasing. Thus, if you want to ensure content's originality and are unsure whether Turnitin will detect Quillbot or not, you can go for a dependable alternative.

Several options are available in the market that can flag AI-generated text. Out of so many options, we recommend using Wondershare PDFelement.

Part 6. PDFelement – An Excellent Alternative to Turnitin

PDFelement, an all-in-one PDF editor, equips itself with powerful AI technology. The tool is charged by robust AI detection engines that can flag AI-generated or rewritten content. With a single click, you can identify whether the provided text is human or machine-generated. The tool has a straightforward interface that enables effortless detection.

Besides checking your content for originality, you can use its Proofread feature to make your content flawless. Hence, PDFelement is a complete package to make your content refined and flawless.

How To Use PDFelement To Detect AI-paraphrased Text?

To detect the content paraphrased using QuillBot, you can go for the PDF AI-Written Detect feature of PDFelement that generates instant detection results. To assist you in this regard, here we explained the entire process of employing PDFelement for the detection of QuillBot rephrased text:

  • Step 1: Access the “Create” function of PDFelement and choose “Blank PDF.”
create a blank pdf
  • Step 2:Click on the “Add Text” option and paste the QuillBot-rephrased content here.
add quillbot content in file
  • Step 3: Go to “Tools” > “AI Tools” > “PDF AI- Written Detect” to initiate the detection process.
access pdf ai written detect feature
  • Step 4:Once the AI-written detection process is completed, PDFelement displays the report stating your content is AI-written. Click “OK” to exit the result box.
ai generated content detected


Being ethical and original is the requisite of consummate writing. But sometimes, students use AI paraphrasers like Quillbot to cheat Turnitin. However, this is no longer the case because Turnitin has incorporated the AI detection feature in its system. Thus, it is recommended to be original and authentic instead of paraphrasing others' ideas.

This article addressed the question "Does Quillbot work for Turnitin?" for your understanding. From the above results, we can clearly conclude that the content paraphrased with such tools is easily detectable. However, this situation can be avoided by adopting a vigilant strategy like manual editing.

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