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Review of Prezi and PowerPoint

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2022-09-06 10:19:44 • Filed to: PowerPoint Tips and Tricks • Proven solutions

Wondering Prezi vs. PowerPoint, which is better? Today, PowerPoint is the most widely used software in its category, but there are other contenders for the top spot - at least in terms of functionality, if not by the user base. One such presentation software that has been making waves over the past decade and has a loyal following is Prezi, developed by a Hungarian company of the same name in April 2009. Let's learn more about both these presentation applications and make a comparison to match them feature for feature.

Comparison Chart between Prezi and PowerPoint

1. Prezi vs. PowerPoint - The Comparison Chart

Now, let's compare some of the key features of each product to see which one comes out on top: Prezi vs. PowerPoint.

Features Fully featured; non-linear slide progression; free version makes your presentations public unless you sign up for an account; downloadable desktop software is only available for paid plans Fully featured; linear slide progression; usually included with new PCs under an OEM license; easy to download a copy; online version available with Office 365
Price Freemium model: Tiered approach to premium features; free tier is fully functional, but the material is openly available Premium model: product requires a license to activate; upgrades are not free; included in MS Office and Office 365 packages
Effects (transitions, graphical elements, etc.) Relatively limited resources for graphic elements like charts and graphs Unlimited template options; endless choice of content formatting options
Privacy & Security Privacy options only PRO users; cloud-based security - hosted on on-site servers and AWS cloud storage Full privacy control; robust password protection and other security features
Ease-of-use Bit of a learning curve when switching from another platform Easy to learn; intuitive, since the control elements are similar to the ubiquitous MS Word and other Office tools
  • No local storage space is required - all ‘prezis' are stored on the cloud, except for the desktop version.
  • Easy to share with permission-based access for up to 10 collaborators
  • Keeps the audience more engaged than static presentations
  • Unlimited storage based purely on available local storage
  • Password encryption for increased security when sharing or distributing
  • Can get a little boring if the presenter doesn't engage the content - static presentations
  • Included in the price of MS Office or Office 365
  • Practically unlimited access to customization and templates
  • Security and privacy concerns around data being stored in the cloud
  • Can get expensive depending on the extent of usage
  • Limited design and graphics elements
  • File sizes can get quite large, making it difficult to share via many email services.
  • Staid and mundane; a lot of extra effort required to make your presentation stand out
  • Not suitable for widespread distribution since it requires the authoring software to access

2. More Introduction to Prezi and PowerPoint


Prezi, the product, is a versatile slide presentation preparation software with more than 100 million users around the world. The unique Zoom User Interface, or ZUI, that it utilizes makes for an engaging experience for any audience. Research shows that a Prezi presentation is more effective than PowerPoint or even an oral presentation. The non-linear design style of the platform allows the presenter to maintain the thread with planned digressions rather than have to drill down to each point and then circle back to the main bullet points.

prezi vs powerpoint


PowerPoint has long been the gold standard of presentation software ever since it was launched in 1987, but it wasn't developed by Microsoft at all. Did you know that the very first version of PowerPoint, called Presenter, was designed for Macintosh computers? Later that year, Microsoft saw its potential and was willing to pay a whopping $14 million to acquire the technology from Forethought, Inc., the company that created it.

In its defense, PowerPoint is no slacker when it comes to livening up your presentations. Over the years, millions of attractive templates - both free and premium - have been created to suit every niche possible. That's probably PPT's biggest advantage, though, but in terms of functionality, its timeline-like approach to presenting a topic can get weary, especially if the speaker drones on and on for 20 minutes per slide! From a performance angle, PowerPoint scores very high: it is easily accessible with the world's most popular suite of office tools - MS Office - and an ideal vehicle to deliver powerful presentations.

prezi or powerpoint

That last point in the Cons section for PowerPoint is an important one because there's an even more versatile document management system available, and it's called PDF.

Why PDF and What's the Best PDF Editor

There are at least three good reasons why the Portable Document Format is a much better way to disseminate information to and collaborate with a much larger audience than PowerPoint, or even Prezi can handle. And those reasons are: it is one of the most lightweight, most shareable, and most easily accessible document formats in the world.

And the ideal tool to help you create, convert, edit, manage, secure, and distribute the PDF format is Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor. With it, you can rest easy that all your PDF needs will be taken care of. Whether it's creating, reviewing, and commenting, converting to other formats, creating fillable forms, extracting data from scanned documents or forms, applying strong encryption security, or being able to easily apply a digital signature to an official document, it offers the full stack of features for PDF and other document management needs.

is prezi better than powerpoint

Annotate a PDF Document

  • 1. When a PDF document is open, click on the "Comment" tab at the very top of the software window.
  • 2. In the ribbon toolbar, you'll see all the available commenting and annotation tools. After a full review, simply re-save the file to its current location, after which it can be shared with your colleagues.
prezi vs powerpoint

Convert PDF to Word and Other Formats

  • 1. To take an output file in a different format, click the "Convert" tab, and look on the right side for conversion tools.
  • 2. The "To Word" and other options will appear by default, and you can pick your output file format.
  • 3. Specify the save location and hit "Save" to create the new file.
  • 4. Optionally, click "Batch Process" on the home page to convert files in bulk.
prezi or powerpoint

Edit PDF Files

  • 1. The "Edit" tab has everything you need to edit text, images, and other elements of your presentation.
  • 2. Select an element to see more granular editing options based on what element you're editing.
  • 3. Review all changes and save your file in the same format; you can add a version suffix to the file name to keep it more organized.

is prezi better than powerpoint

Create a PDF Form

  • 1. If you have a digital form that is not interactive, you can convert it by dragging the file into the software window.
  • 2. To create a form from scratch, use the "Form" tab at the top to view the form fields tab.
  • 3. Select a type of field or interactive element, then edit it to add text or change its parameters. Don't forget to save the form. You can also convert it into another format if you prefer.
prezi vs powerpoint

Choosing between Prezi and PowerPoint requires a lot of thought because you can't keep migrating from one platform to another. Carefully consider the points we've outlined in this article and identify the best one for you - not necessarily the most popular or most affordable option. Is Prezi better than PowerPoint? Many would say yes, while others might disagree. The only thing that matters is that you get the features and the flexibility you need to get the job done right.

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